Apple holding March 2 media event (updated)

Apple holding March 2 media event (updated)

Summary: Apple's expected to announce a lighter iPad 2, with dual-cameras and better screen at a media event in San Francisco on March 2.


WSJ and NYT report that Apple will hold a media event on March 2 to announce the iPad 2.

The successor to the wildly-popular first-gen iPad is rumored to be thinner, have a better screen, dual cameras with FaceTime support and a Qualcomm dual-mode GSM/CDMA chip -- possibly the same MDM6600 (a.k.a. “Gobi”) chip spotted in the Verizon iPhone 4.

Kara Swisher notes that since Apple has sold 15 million iPads in less than a year, the event is a "very big deal."

If things pan out, we could see a new MacBook Pro this week, and iPad 2 next week. Good times!

Update: It's confirmed and the usual media outlet have received a less-than-subtle invite, pictured above. The invite itself is obvious and kind of un-Appley, but whatevs. A new iPad is coming, so we're good.

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  • RE: Apple invites media to March 2 event (consensus: iPad 2)

    As Kara had stated in that article, the invite above is from earlier event and they haven't got the invites yet :)
  • RE: Apple invites media to March 2 event (consensus: iPad 2)

    Yeah, it was reported only today that there were no invites yet. But anyway, i think that Steve Jobs being there after his medical leave plus the unveiling of the ipad 2 coupled together would really drop a bomb on consumers. A bomb that I expect Apple hopes to use to contend with the growing competition.
    • Apple

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  • RE: Apple invites media to March 2 event (consensus: iPad 2)

    Stop spamming my message, jeez. Anyway, as I said in my "spammed" comment, I don't think the invites have actually been sent out yet. But Steve's possible appearance plus the announcement of the ipad 2 would certainly draw huge amounts of attention away from the growing competition, at least press-wise.
  • The problem with inverters...

    I updated to post to reflect the fact that it's just a rumor and that no actual invitations have been sent out yet.
    - Jason
    Jason D. O'Grady
  • Maybe something else too???

    With the Intel chip problem announced recently, is there any chance that the iMac series may also be in line for an upgrade. It is about 7 or 8 months since the last iMac models came out. Could Apple have "found" a source for chips that would allow an upgrade to be released just about the time colleges end the semester?
  • I'm buying both...

    ... and so are millions of other people. (get more AAPL stock?)

    It seems everyone I talk to about getting an iPad says: "wait till the next gen" Well, here comes the next gen!

    Whether the iPad2 actually happens or not, I think the mbPro is right around the corner.. great news.
  • Does this mean the Rim vaporbook will get pushed back again???

    So all the vaporpads are about to get pushed back even further (when they can't compete with the iPad2 on any level)??? Perhaps those morons should take a page from Apple and not release any information until they have already made a tablet and are ready to ship it... Oh wait.. They are all morons...
  • RE: Apple invites media to March 2 event (consensus: iPad 2)

    Don't know ... but I heard Steve Ballmer is in his office gluing together a balsa 'Tablet 2'.
  • RE: Apple invites media to March 2 event (consensus: iPad 2)

    Visited that announcement...nothing special. As always Steve told many good words about iPad..
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