Apple iPad: Cue the haters (updated 4x)

Apple iPad: Cue the haters (updated 4x)

Summary: In less than 12 hours after being announced some nay-sayers have already proven their skills as judge, jury and executioner. Here are the top 15 thing people hate about the iPad.

TOPICS: Apple, Security

Well that didn't take long.

In less than 12 hours after being announced some nay-sayers have already proven their skills as judge, jury and executioner. The assault on iPad has begun and pundits are already reeling off lists of flaws or features that are missing from the new iPad. Is this the fastest backlash in history for a consumer product?

Here are the main problems that are being raised about the iPad:

  • The name, weak
  • The bezel is fugly
  • No widescreen. Yep it's craptastic 4:3 screen, Hello 1999!
  • No GPS. Apple does include A-GPS (Assisted GPS) via Wi-Fi and 3G, but that's lame.
  • No AMOLED. iPad uses old-school LCD tech
  • No HDMI out. Wait, what?!
  • No cameras. As in zero. This means no Skype/iChat video conferencing. Really?!
  • No multitasking. Android anyone?
  • No Flash support. Coming to Android by June
  • No USB, (see adapters, above)
  • Adapters, you need all sorts of ugly ones to get things like USB, SD
  • AT&T! (no Verizon)
  • No T-Mobile 3G. Again AT&T only!
  • $500 price. Netbooks can be found for around $200 less.
  • The keyboard. Many don't like it, I don't think I'll mind.
  • Walled garden/iTunes lock-in. Yawn. Get over it.
  • DRM. Many hate it, but it's a necessary evil, textbook piracy will be a huge concern with iPad
  • VoIP? It's audio only and you better get the unlimited data plan, buddy.
  • iPhone OS, not real Mac OS X - kind of unrealistic, no?
  • No voice calling/not a phone - no one wants another cell phone bill, that's what Google Voice is for :)
  • 10 hour battery. People are actually complaining about this? Please...

There are a lot of things that irritate people about the iPad. But what do you expect for a 1.0 product? Oh yeah, a Jesus tablet. For the record, I'm a lover of this device, but many of the complaints have merit. Just imagine what v.2 will look like.

What's your iPad dealbreaker?

Update: I just added the iPad's lack of GPS to the #4 position, it's a huge omission.

Sources: Gizmodo's 8 Things That Suck About the iPad (for the art too!) and MacLife's 7 Essential Features Left Off of the iPad.

Topics: Apple, Security

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  • I already have... iPhone and a PC. I don't see a use case for an iPad.
    • I Second This

      I have a ZuneHD for music and podcasts, Netbook for taking notes in class + quick web bits, and a decent PC for all the rest. Where do I need this again?
      • Why did you get a netbook?

        answer that, and you'll answer why you might want an iPad.
        • So I could

          put Linux on it, view the contents of my SD cards from my digital camera, run desktop software, run a server, take notes in class, program in C++, store more than 32GB of files locally, and type responses to iSheeple while laying in bed looking at a screen that doesn't need a prop because the keyboard has a hinge. All for less than $400.

          Anymore silly questions?
    • I have a touchbook from Gigabyte

      And it's actually widescreen - so it does everything the iPad does - but better.
      • I would guess that in many a case subtlety is lost on you.

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
    • I already have .....

      Suggest you don't buy one ..
    • I to have an iPhone.....

      That is why "IF" I get an iPad I won't be getting the 3G ones. However
      what my iPhone can not do is offer me iWorks. I am presently writing a
      book/story and while i"m at the local coffee shop it might be real nice to
      have such a device along with me to do some editing or writing. I don't
      think the virtual keyboard that comes with the iPod will give me any
      trouble since I"m very good with the one on my iPhone. IWorks and I'm
      sure in the near future other Apps that come for the iPad will further
      separate it from the iTouch or iPhone.

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
  • RE: Apple iPad: Cue the haters

    This negative critic is very good sign! Exactly the same
    happened when iPod and iPhone were published. Everyone
    knew that there was no use for these device and they don't
    fly. Well, what happened...
    • Precisely...........

      The iPhone with its on-screen keyboard should be dead by now if we were to listen to critics. Even the Mac should be dead by now, I mean who want to buy a computer you couldn't build yourself, and spend all your time tweaking?
  • No dealbreaker

    Please don't be so apprehensive. There is no clear single dealbreaker. People will buy iPad because of lack of competition.

    Not that they are not trying, but it is really hard to produce such extremely beautiful, well designed and balanced-for-the-purpose piece of hardware.

    I already replied to another blog what I think the competition will be:
    • Purpose?

      But what, exactly, is the purpose?
      • Purpose for $500 Alex

        Purpose is to rape our wallets once again with a "miracle" product hyped to the max by marketing.
        • Typical idiocy

          The only organization that can rape your wallet is the government.

          Apple can attempt to seduce you. Nothing more.

          So dump the childish corporate hatred and understand the real threat to
          your freedom. Hint: it's not a company's marketing campaign.
          • Evidently....

            You do not understand the humor. Rape your wallet is an expression of what many companies attempt to do with their glitzy marketing campaings & poor to mediocer products.

            The Government does not commit rape on my wallet, at least with rape, you get to struggle a bit. When did we go from iPads to iBama anyway? I think there are other forums for that.
          • democracy

            The real threat is the mindless idiots who think that government is free and do not understand government ( think conservatives)
          • Actually it is

            Only marketing indoctrinates people shaping their values, perceptions of need, and belief that someone seeking advancement and profit for themselves actually cares about your needs.

            The only freedom exists in independent thinking. Which is the very anti-thesis of political allegiance or brand loyalty.

            Do you have freedom?
      • Ah, purpose...

        The purpose is to sit comfortably in a shadow in the garden and read a book, enjoy photographs, read a newspaper, browse ZNDet talkbacks or watch an occasional movie. :-)

        It is fit for this purpose better than the rest, because:
        - the screen is of high quality, and good size
        - the interface is nimble, you don't need to watch that horrible page refresh of current e-book readers, and it can do the movies
        - there is no unnecessary attachments in form of keyboards which are not neccessary for [i]reading[/i] or additional color screens at the bottom which have no purpose whatsoever.

        We can argue that the price is high and that the OS is not what we expected to be, but from my perspective, the hardware is simply gorgeous. Nobody will match it in the nearest future because competitors will:
        - try to make it cheap, compromising quality of important components, such as the screen
        - add competely unnecessary attachments that will be of very questionable usability anyway (like netbook keyboards), will be used 1% of the time only, but will add to price, manufaturing costs and defect rates.

        If you need a phone, have a phone, if you need a computer, make sure that you can comfortably use it. In the middle there is a book and a newspaper, which Jobs tries to replace with e-books and the Internet. I think he will succeed. It is a device very well designed for the above purpose, IMO.
  • The price is a big issue IMO

    I've got a $300 netbook that does almost everything this device does, except the touch screen. I'm not certain it's worth an extra $200 to add touch support and throw away the keyboard.
    • ummm

      and throwaway multitasking, open application support, flash, firefox or chrome or IE or whatever browser you can download... There are whole lots of throwaways in comparison to a netbook...including storage space!