Apple offering Snow Leopard for free to MobileMe subscribers

Apple offering Snow Leopard for free to MobileMe subscribers

Summary: Apple's trying to get users to upgrade to Lion (which costs $30) and in the big picture iCloud, because MobileMe is riding off into the sunset in June.


Apple offering Snow Leopard for free to MobileMe subscribers - Jason O'Grady

Macgasm first noticed that Apple has begun offering free copies of Mac OS 10.6 ("Snow Leopard") to paid MobileMe subscribers. The free Snow Leopard offer was presumably initiated to encourage people to upgrade to iCloud before MobileMe is shut down on June 30th, 2012.

Neither my wife nor I -- both long time MobileMe/ subscribers -- received the invitation. But we've both already made the switch to iCloud, so my working theory is that only MobileMe laggards who haven't yet made the switch to iCloud are getting the invitations.

Regardless of being invited or not, any active MobileMe subscriber can still obtain the offer by going to Curiously, Apple is fulfilling the offer on old-school boxed DVD media and not digitally via the Mac App Store.

In order to fully switch to iCloud, you'll need to upgrade from OS X 10.6 ("Snow Leopard") to OS X 10.7 ("Lion") by purchasing a digital download for $29.99 from the Mac App Store.

The free cat offer expires on June 15th, 2012.

Apple offering Snow Leopard for free to MobileMe subscribers - Jason O'Grady

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  • Things aren't looking good

    when you have to start giving stuff like OS's away for free.
    William Farrel
    • Good thing mobileme was a huge failure

      Apple isn't at risk of having to give away many copies.
      • Mobile Me is a raging success

        Compared to Microsoft "successes" like the Zune, Kin and WP 7, Mobile Me was a huge success.
        Jumpin Jack Flash
    • You mean like Nokia?

      Having to pay customer $50 to take Lumia phones? Selling the phone for $50, and giving $100 credit (for service). For a hot phone being throw in the bargain bin at launch. It is not the best way to launch a flagship device.
      Jumpin Jack Flash
      • No, I mean like iCloud

        Ok, so since Nokia has absolutelly nothing to do with this story, why would you bring them into unless you don't want to answer the question, or have no thoughts as to why iCloud isn't doing so well?

        At $30 for an upgrade that will let you connect to iCloud, it should have been a no brainer for people to take advantage of.

        Instead they're giving away an OS X upgrade. Why's that?

        (Hint - It has nothing to do with Nokia)
        William Farrel
      • William Farrel

        Besides being an Apple hating Microsoft troll. What point do you have? You complain about the company you hate giving away an old version of their OS, complaining they are failing. Yet you dismiss when I point out your favorite companies (Microsoft, and Nokia) are in an even worse position. Giving away a discontinued OS for free is nowhere near as bad as paying people to take a flagship phone. But you can't see that, as you're blinded by your Love for Microsoft.
        Jumpin Jack Flash
      • Right, Jumpin Jack Flash

        I Hate Apple. So much so that I specificly bought the iPhone for my wife, even though she wasn't sure, as I knew it would be perfect for her.
        I even asked her if she wanted an iPad (for Christmas 2011), but she said she had no use for it, so I didn't buy her one.

        Yeah, I sure hate Apple alright.

        Sure, I like to have some fun with the Apple [b]Zealot[/b]s, and it's usually using the exact same reasoning, many time the same words, as the ABMer's used. (just to let them know how "silly" they sound)

        Many times I have legitimate complaints about Apple's business practices, like how it treated their partners years ago when they just ditched them all once Apple became successful. Other times it's for their treatment of end users of their products so as to not tarnish their image.

        I side with Apple when I believe they're in the right, (though that seems to be less time then when they're in the wrong, IMO).

        But it's a valid question, isn't it - in the sense that if people where really excited about the concept of the iCloud, they would upgrade their OS for a measley $30 (which is nothing considering their Mac and iPhones cost well over $30) for the opportunity to take advantage of it, right?

        So, it doesn't matter at all what they're giving away, it's [b]why[/b] are they giving it away?
        William Farrel
      • William Farrel any proof?

        You sure like to make claims, but never offer proof. Microsoft has done everything you claim Apple has done. The only difference if it has been proven Microsoft has engaged in these activities. Microsoft threatened HP, Apple didn't, to cancel theit OEM contract foe Windows, If HP dared to install anything but what Microsoft dictated. Microsoft threatened IBM, if they didn't cease development of OS 2 Microsoft would triple the cost of IBM's OEM license. Later Microsoft introduced Windows NT, which contains code fro OS 2. These are things that came to light durring the Anti-Trust Trial. So these are facts, unlike your desperate lies to make Apple look worse than Microsoft.
        Jumpin Jack Flash
      • Jumpin Jack Flash, could you please add links

        to your claims that [i]Microsoft threatened HP, to cancel theit OEM contract for Windows, If HP dared to install anything but what Microsoft dictated.[/i]

        Could you also add the links to the IBM claim, sir? And we do need the entire article, as two sentences from an entire article can easilly be taken out of context to imply something that is not.

        As for William Farrel's claim fort and against Apple, much of it was discussed right here.

        And I noticed that you did not answer his iCloud question.
        Tim Cook
      • Mister Spock

        Being a logical creature, you must realize if I am referring to the Microsoft Anti-Trust trial, and evidence submitted to such trial. Then any reasonable person could simply Google the relevant information. This is a good place to start:
        Here's another source:
        Jumpin Jack Flash
    • You mean like XP on netbooks?

      Like that killed Microsoft. What a plonker.
    • It's a three-year-old OS..

      that was superseded 8 months ago.

      What's your point?
      • Read my response to JJF

        for an answer to that. I'm curious as to the why, not that "it's OK because so and so gave this away" answer, which really isn't an answer.
        William Farrel
      • William Farrel

        Your response makes no sense, other that it's true purpose, which it to make a disparaging remark about a company you hate! You are nothing but a Windows Zealot, that relies on emotional reasosn to make decisions. First you claimed to have a 13" MacBook Pro, for which you deleted OSX to install Vista, then upgraded to Windows 7. You then claimed to own n iPhone, only to be disappointed with it because in your own words your HTC touch Pro 2 was worlds better. And were dumping it for the first WP7 phone you could get you hands on. Then later you complained that you had to reinstall OS X, just to pay for updated "Boot camp Windows drivers". So spare me the outlandish horse crap you're pushing. If it's bad that Apple is trying to help their customers upgrade, then it's even worse that Nokia has to pay people to use their phones. Nokia has lost money the lat three quarters, including nearly $2 billion last quarter. It seems that Windows Phone may just kill Nokia after all.
        Jumpin Jack Flash
      • Here's why:

        @william farrel

        There is no upgrade from Leopard to Lion except through Snow Leopard. Rather than making Leopard users pay twice to upgrade to Lion, Apple is smoothing the upgrade path, and saving users $29.
      • msalzberg

        Don't bother, William Farrell, NonZealot, etc. will not listen to facts. Their sole purpose it ti troll and use disparaging remarks, because his Mommy would never buy him an Apple computer. Microsoft is claiming you need Windows 7 to get to Window 8, So Apple is giving mobile Me users a free upgrade SL to get to Lion, rather than making peole pay to get there, like Microsoft is proposing. Evn if the user can do a clean install. the Full retail version of Window 8 is more expensive than several copies of Lion.
        Jumpin Jack Flash
      • One of the interesting side effects of the rating system...

        is seeing statements of fact downgraded.
      • LOL! JJF, you're a mess

        [i]Don't bother, William Farrell, NonZealot, etc. will not listen to facts. Their sole purpose it ti troll and use disparaging remarks, because his Mommy would never buy him an Apple computer.[/i]

        A self assesment JJF?

        I'm asking why Apple feels the need to do this, and you bring up Nokia giving 100 back to some phone users?

        (But when Apple gives consumers of their iPhone 100 gift card to their own stores for a problem, or rubber bumpers you'll laud it as "look at how great Apple is, whoo-wee! it's not any acknowledgement of an issue, you're a troll")

        I never claimed to own a MacBook Pro, nor did I ever say I owned owned an iPhone (My wife does, at my suggestion). I never said I owned an HTC touch Pro 2 (I owne the HTC Trophy, the only WP7 phone that Verzion carried)

        So spare me you made up stories and what not, OK? I am always forthright about what I own, and why I own it.

        Maybe I didn't get the memo about never critisizing Apple or something, I asked a question in relation to iCloud, and I haven't gotten many an answer, just accusations. If you don't want to answer, just plead the 5th.

        But it's typical. One day I noticed that Apple quit reporting activations by end users , instead quoting sales figures (to retail partners?) and I was hit by the same thing from the same people.

        Guess it's better to to not answer the questions, just point out the issue with Apple's competitors.
        William Farrel
    • Using the flawed logic in this statement,

      one can come to the conclusion that Microsoft is failing miserably in the phone market, XBox isn't doing as well as Wii did since each system is still sold with a narrow margin or a loss, and other "gadgets" that Microsoft made over the years never belonged on the market. We all know this isn't the case.

      This isn't Apple failing with Mac users, this is a case of Mac users that didn't originally want to upgrade from Leopard (or possibly Tiger) to Snow Leopard. and has now turned into a chance to get those people to spend the $30 through MAS to upgrade their systems to Lion. Had Microsoft been in the same situation, you'd be seeing heavily discounted copies of Windows 7.