Apple on pace to sell 9 million iPads in 2010

Apple on pace to sell 9 million iPads in 2010

Summary: iPad sales top 1,000,000 according to an ad network tracking iPad cookies.


Special Report: Apple iPad

Over 1,000,000 iPads have been sold according to Chitika Labs, an online advertising network serving over 2 billion monthly impressions. Its methodology:

- We count how many new, unique iPads we see coming through the Chitika advertising network - We multiply that by how much of the Internet we see at any given time to figure out how many iPads in total are out there - We  look at where iPad traffic is coming from by state

While far from perfect, its cookie approach actually serves as a pretty decent barometer of iPad sales. Apple sold 500,000 iPads in its first week, so that would mean that its pace has slowed to roughly half that, or 250,000 per week in weeks two and three.

If Apple's indeed already sold 1 million iPads in a scant three weeks, it could close out the year with around 9 million iPads sold (assuming a pace of 1M units per month) or even as many as 10 million with a big holiday surge. Not bad for a product that it was only available for three quarters of the year.


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  • Wow, that tells me that buyers could care less about Win32 on the tablet

    form factor. Bodes very well for Android too.

    What matters here is thin, lightweight, battery
    life, cool to touch, price, design, and user
    interface designed for the form factor.

    All things working against Windows 7.
    • Haha. LoL.

      DB, you got me with this. You look more like LATW and LG day by day.
      Have you seen Microsoft earning reports? Nothing is stopping Windows 7
      and I think even your dreams will oppose you.
      Now back to my 8.5x11 formatting and printing.
      Ram U
      • Are those profits from Win 7 tablet/slate sales?

        Guess not. HP Slate would do much better with a real OS designed for touch
        and not one crippled for it.
        • Did you really try HP TouchSmart PC with Windows 7?

          if you, you wouldn't say that. Windows 7 is made for Capacitive Touch
          Screens. The multi-touch, pinch and zoom etc are perfect there. Even the
          Start button, Ribbon UI and control center are perfect. Try one before
          Ram U
          • Do you really think the HP Slate is the only touch Windows 7 device?

            All you have to do is use the HP Touch Smart to realize it is orders of
            magnitude worse than a Touch based OS.

            I have tried one. It bites. Windows does OK (not great, but OK), once
            you get out of Windows, it is a major FAIL.
      • Win7 will NOT do well on Tablets. OSX and Android will be the leaders.

        Maybe in general Win7 will do OK, but NOT on
        • Wrong.

          Try HP TouchSmart with Windows 7 and you will realize that Windows 7
          is made for Touch.
          Ram U
          • i did

            and while windows 7 itself worked ok (though i sometimes had to touch
            a few times before it responded) the applications worked horrible and
            none of them was optimized for touch screen input. not a good
            experience imho.

            microsoft has to start from scratch here as they did with windows phone
            series. an os built from the ground up for a touchscreen device + the
            ecosystem that you need around it (apps built solely for touch).
            banned from zdnet again and again
          • Third party problem, not directly MS's problem

            It is not Microsoft that needs to start from scratch they just need to build the foundation for third part software, which they did with Windows 7.
          • Microsoft hasn't even done a decent job yet.

            All you have to do is use Viso or Outlook on a Win 7 touch device and see
            it is not JUST 3rd party software.

            This is the same reason the Slates on a desktop OS will fail. No good
            software optimized for their use.
          • Windows 7 tablet...

            Windows tablets will never match the iPad because Apple
            hardware and software are optimized for each other. In
            Apple products, there is a very tight integration between
            hardware and software, it is almost like one entity. Since
            Apple is the only company which builds both hardware
            and software, nobody can touch them...
          • Win7 isn't made for touch...

            ...a third party UI from HP is made for touch. So the underlying OS
            supports it, big deal. This, my friend, is all about UI.

            In terms of the UI, HP can port it from Windows to WebOS. Then you have
            a much, much more efficient OS with a decent UI running on a device
            that can last all day long with little or no bogging down. Kind of like an
            iPad or Android device.
    • Only downside to Android will be software

      Google needs start allowing large screen devices itno the Market Place.
      • Good point, Google could create the category in preparation. Or, maybe add

        an attribute to each application to specify the
        minimum screen size required. Some applications
        will have versions for large and small screens
        of course.
        • It is current downside of existing Android tablets

          It is that they are excluded from the Market Place. Google needs to start
          thinking about all the pieces of the puzzle or Android will loose out.
          • Google needs to start pushing for different resolution apps

            for every android device. Eventually, you'll have 4 primary screen sizes -
            480x320, 848x480, 1024x600, and 1280x720 (give or take a few
            pixels). You start selling apps with the ability to better use all four
            standard resolutions, and the users will come. If you also have a
            computer-based app manager that installs what part of a multi-res app
            goes onto a device (848x480 on your Droid, 1024x600 on your
            GoogleSlab), then you won't tie up memory on your devices.
          • Pixels are not screen sizes.

            Layout does not concern pixels as much as screen size. The base layout
            on a 3.1" 320X480 pixel screen would be about the same as a 3.1"
            640X960 pixel screen. However, if you had a 3.1" 320X480 screen and a
            6.2" 640X960 screen, your app would (or at least should) have
            fundamentally different layouts, controls and UI.
  • RE: Apple on pace to sell 9,000,000 iPads in 2010

    Right, we will see when there is competition in the market. Some of the upcoming devices, like the HP Slate are far superior.
    • Just you wait...

      Yeah, just you wait 'til my big brother gets here. He's knock the crap
      out of you. LOL!

      I seem to have heard that refrain before:

      Just you wait 'til the other, better smartphones hit the market.

      Just you wait 'til Zune gets going.

      Just you wait. Vista will be the best OS ever introduced by Microsoft.

      Just you wait everybody will be using DOS. Nobody will be using a silly

      Just you wait 'til Apple dies, Zeen ve vill take over ze vorld! Ya!

      I'm still here. I'm still waiting. And in the meantime you may not have
      noticed that Apple is swiftly creeping up on Microsoft and will soon
      surpass them as the second largest company in the country.
      • Apple did surpass MS on 4-23-2010

        Apple is now #2 and MS is #3 and Exxon is still