Apple products banned from the Gates household

Apple products banned from the Gates household

Summary: Vogue magazine this month features an interview with philanthropist Melinda Gates.When the topic of their children comes up, Mrs.


Vogue magazine this month features an interview with philanthropist Melinda Gates.

When the topic of their children comes up, Mrs. Gates admits that world richest parents have banned iPods from their home, giving this irresistible quote:

There are very few things that are on the banned list in our household. But iPods and iPhones are two things we don't get for our kids.

When pressed on the topic Mrs. Gates admits that she's been tempted by the iPhone, saying:

Every now and then I look at my friends and say 'Ooh, I wouldn't mind having that iPhone'.

But think about it, would you bring home an iPod or iPhone if you were married to (or the kids of) Bill Gates? Probably not. And the kids, I'm sure that they're not terribly broken up about it. Besides, they probably leave their iPods in their lockers at school.

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  • iPod Nano $ 149.00, iPod Touch $ 229.00, 16GB iPhone $ 299.00

    "Mrs. Gates admits that she?s been tempted by the iPhone" - PRICELESS!!!
    No More Microsoft Software Ever!
    • And I am confindent there is an

      XBox360 at the Jobs residence... :)
    • Well, maybe we should follow her lead

      They are all made in China. Apple products are premium priced with premium profits and they should be a little more patriotic and build some of that stuff in America.

      • Please name some phones...

        MP3 players, game consoles, DVDs, CDs, keyboards or mice made in the

        Microsoft keyboards, mice and XBox are all made in China.

        Should we boycott all Microsoft products, too?
        • So what is your point?

          The US has millions of unemployed willing to work, and certain things could be made here instead of China.

          If the item is cheap both in price or quality, I'm willing to forgive it being made overseas. But if the item is premium priced and reasonably easy to assemble, American labor costs woulnd't add much to the total price and there is no excuse not to make it here other than greed.

          I'm sure an iPod could be assembled in the USA without adding more than $5 to to cost of the item.

          I'd be willing to pay that extra $5 if it meant my street wouldn't be filled with abandoned foreclosed houses that drive down everyone's property values.
          • Agreed (nt)

          • My point? My point was...

            to ask you what your point was.

            You suggested that we not buy Apple products because they're made in
            China. If that's the way you want to go, no problem. Give me an
            alternative. A Zune made in China? A Motorola RAZR made in China? A
            Dell made in China?

            You singled out one company, as all good trolls do, and implied that that
            one company was the sole offender.

            So, what's your point?
          • LOL

            [i]American labor costs woulnd't add much to the total price and there is no excuse not to make it here other than greed[/i]


            The main reason why so many companies assemble products outside the US is precisely minimization of labor costs.
            Just because it's assembled in China doesn't mean it's low-quality.
          • And it's not to say that Microsoft electronics aren't overpriced...

            While the 360 is a loss leader (at least for the arcade model), you need to
            remember that the Zune, keyboards, mice, and gaming peripherals aren't
            all that expensive to make and lead to a tidy profit for Microsoft per unit

            Also, keep in mind that while some computers are assembled stateside,
            every single one of their parts were made in China, Taiwan, Singapore, or
            some other Asian country that pays its factory workers about $5 a day.
      • Capitalism

        Almost all electronics were made in China, etc. before the economy collapsed, and I have no problem with them made there now. It's called capitalism, and it works.
        • Yeah it works

          ...for China...
        • capitalism is overrated

          Could you specify what precisely leads you to claim under current conditions that capitalism is working?
          • Here we go:

            As soon as capitalism started being killed in
            the U.S., i.e. the gov't starts making all of
            the people's decisions such as with FDR's
            ABC's, and everyone else's 'let's give money to
            everyone and bail out the companies that
            weren't working in hopes that they will learn'
            the economy tanks. Why? You can't throw money
            into a closed system and know what's going to
            happen. The system is too complicated.

            The bailouts are ridiculous. Daimler-Chrysler
            bought up all the companies that were dying,
            and now they are dying. Gasp?
            GM did the same thing. Gasp?
            Ford's doing the best of any of them. Why? They
            had better practices, and they evolved when
            they needed to. Am I Ford fan? nope. But they
            are doing a better job than the other two.

            When a company begins to die, it's because that
            company didn't do a good enough job. The only
            way to fix that is to take the heads of the
            company out, and completely restructure. It's
            expensive and puts them behind, but then they
            become the current company. If they don't, they
            die. The people working for the company can
            either find a new job, or try to survive their
            current one. If the company ceases to exist...
            then they have to find something else to do.
            That is an awful experience. But they were with
            a tanking company.

            What system do you propose? What system is
            better? Perhaps communism? So we can be tanking
            like China? Perhaps socialism, so we can have
            doctor visits that take days, even for the

            There is no perfect system. But if you pony up
            and choose one, you have to try to either fix
            it or switch it. Since we aren't trying to
            switch it, we need to fix it. Which doesn't
            mean the bologna of pretend socialism that we
            are trying to implement.

            Good day.
          • Exactly

            Kill the zombie banks, don't feed the living dead banks. Don't feed the greedy importers. Encourage the local manufacturers. Split them into banks or corporations. Be tough to mergers. As the size of the infrastructure grows foundation needs to be adjusted. This is parallel to building construction or bridge constructions. If you increase the load or encourage the size of the construction, you need to revisit the structure and foundation. Same holds true for any corporation. If the corporation starts buying competitors, it will be for sale at one point or become zombie.
            My 2cents.
            Ram U
          • Interesting Take

            What you're suggesting works on the micro-economic level, i.e., when one is talking about a single company in an otherwise healthy economy.

            However, we are no longer in that situation. Even relatively healthy companies are no tanking because there is nobody buying their products anymore. This is a bit like a good worker, who gets laid off because the company he works for just can't afford to employ him anymore. The worker doesn't necessarily need to be better than he is.

            Furthermore, when a lot of companies, good and bad, start tanking, it can give rise to an implosion of demand, which can further accelerate the implosion. This is the exact opposite of the economic explosion that occurred after WWII.

            It might help to keep in mind that all the companies tanking aren't badly run companies. A lot of them are innocent-bystanders.
          • The Alternative to Capitalism is Really Over Rated

            I am not sure what conditions you are talking about. Are you suggesting
            that from China down to the democratic socialist states of Europe are
            working better. What a truly silly comment but typical of our times.
          • says the spoiled american

            85% of the world would give anything to have a capitlist goverment in charge that allows you to make money and advance in an economic climate the rewards hard work and diligence. People sit around and complaine about america while they get up out of there air conditioned lazy boy and drive there car to the store to buy a iphone because it is the lastest got to have. Sorry you meant the frenchses system where people riet in the streets at the thought of a 40 hour work week. Get off your fat lazy *ss and do somthing you might learn to like america.
          • capitalism is overrated?

            what alternative do you like?
  • Stealth iPhone

    Someone should come out with a protective skin for the iPhone
    that would make it look like a Windows Mobile device. That way:

    1) Nobody would want to steal it.

    2) Melinda could have one without Bill knowing.
    • If Apple allowed screensavers on the iPhone

      You could have one what would look like the Windows Mobile main screen.