Apple ranks 3rd in smartphones, nipping at RIMs heels

Apple ranks 3rd in smartphones, nipping at RIMs heels

Summary: Apple came in third in worldwide smartphone sales in Q309 with 17% of the market. The real takeaway is that Apple is just four points behind RIM, which it could surpass in the upcoming holiday shopping quarter.


A new report out from Gartner indicates that Apple Inc. ranked third in worldwide smartphone sales in Q3 2009.

Worldwide Smartphone Sales to End Users in 3Q09 (Thousands of Units)

Apple's 3Q09 smartphone sales totaled just over 7 million units, commanding 17.1 percent of the market.

What's more surprising is that Apple is just 1.5 million sales (about 21 percent) behind Research In Motion (RIM). The second place Blackberry weighed in at 8.5 million units sold and almost 21 percent of the market. Nokia continued to dominate the smartphone market in the third quarter with over 16 million units and a commanding 39.3 percent of the market.

I'd be worried if I were RIM. The Cupertino Kids could pass RIM in sales during the key Q4 holiday shopping quarter. Especially if the rumor of a $99 8GB iPhone 3GS pans out.

Table: MacRumors

Topics: Hardware, Apple, Enterprise Software, Mobility, BlackBerry, Smartphones

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  • What's more surprising... Apple failed to dislodge RIM in the quarter the 3GS was launched whilst RIM launched nothing new of note (a new Curve and... err... hmm).

    Why don't we see what happens over the year and then form an opinion?
    Sleeper Service
    • You tried this one last year and were wrong then

      Going for two in a row?
      • So they failed twice then?

        Sleeper Service
  • RE: Apple ranks 3rd in smartphones, nipping at RIMs heels

    I doubt RIM is worried. As more and more reports come in about what the iPhone doesn't do more people are moving away from it. The iPhone reached its peak now watch it decline.
    Loverock Davidson
    • hmmm.

      RIM is worried. Look at the ongoing buy one get one free offers kicking
      off with RIM - the only thing that is keeping them ahead. Not seen Apple
      do any of that.

      "The iPhone reached its peak now watch it decline."
      Deathwatch counter started.
    • Which is why Apple increased production orders?

      Orders up 20% on the manufacturing side for the Holiday quarter.
      Doesn't sound like a "decline" to me.
      • It will be

        Anyone who wanted an iPhone has one already. 20% increase in production is from bad business logic thinking they will continue to increase their sales.
        Loverock Davidson
        • Let's see where they are next quarter.

          Good thing you don't run a company, sure wouldn't be around long.
          • Says you

            I have no interest in running a company.
            Loverock Davidson
        • I guess you have no friends

          If you knew anyone you would know that lots of people want one, but are waiting for prices to go down, or get a referbed model if possible.
          I want one. My wife wants one. My brother and his three kids want one each. All of my friends who don't have one talk about getting one, eventually. I can think of 10 people at work right now that approached me asking where they can get one cheaply. If they were to sell the 8 GB iPhone for $200 without locked-in contract I would bet they see 1.5 million orders in no time.

          See, this is the kind of irrational thinking that skews the hater's view on anything. you think no one else in the world would want one because you really want Apple to fail. Well, you're wrong.
          Rude Union
          • Maybe I do

            and they said they have no interest. In fact one went with the Droid instead, the others just don't want to go to AT&T's network.

            <i>If they were to sell the 8 GB iPhone for $200 without locked-in contract I would bet they see 1.5 million orders in no time.</i>

            But they won't, so those 1.5million will not be sold.
            Loverock Davidson
          • Ahhh.

            so HE was the bloke who bought one.
          • I know

            I tried to stop him but he wouldn't listen.
            Loverock Davidson
        • I know lots of people thinking of moving up...

          from Windows Mobile or feature phones to the iPhone. Most are waiting
          for contracts to expire or hoping (maybe someday) for Verizon to pick up
          the iPhone.
          • I don't

            If they wanted the iphone they would have it already, its been out long enough to where their current contracts were up and they chose to renew them. Verizon will not get the iPhone, they have the Droid.
            Loverock Davidson
          • Most people have 6 month contracts???

            Or are you confused. I am thinking you are confused.

            The 3G S stepped it up a bit both in hardware and software. What makes
            you think that everyone that wants one already has one. The numbers
            simply do not support your conjecture. That seems only true of Windows
            Mobile. The only smartphone OS where the volume is going DOWN and
            not up. The others are just a mater of how fast they go up.
          • No

            I think you are confused because I never said anyone had a 6 month contract. Most people have 2 year contracts, the iPhone has been out for longer than 2 years. So anyone that wanted an iPhone would have switched to it already because they would not be held back by the phone carrier's contract.
            Loverock Davidson
          • Sure you did.

            [i]"If they wanted the iphone they would have it already"[/i]

            The iPhone was out for 2 years when the 3G S came out and they still
            sold 7+million units in 3 months. From your logic, they should have sold

            No, I think you are very very confused.
    • The anti-predictor strikes again, now RIM is doomed!

      I wonder if anyone at RIM knows you, and wants you to stop hammering those nails into their coffin.
      • I wonder if you actually have a clue?


        Who sold more smartphones in 2008 - Apple or RIM?

        Who is selling more smartphones in 2009 - Apple or RIM?
        Sleeper Service