Apple releases iPhone 2.0.1 software (updated 4x)

Apple releases iPhone 2.0.1 software (updated 4x)

Summary: Apple this evening posted updated iPhone 2.0.1 software (249MB, build 5B108) via the Update feature in iTunes  (iPhone > Summary > Version).


Apple drops iPhone 2.0.1 update

Apple this evening posted updated iPhone 2.0.1 software (249MB, build 5B108) via the Update feature in iTunes  (iPhone > Summary > Version). Not much information is offered beyond Apple's ridiculously lame "bug fixes" description but I'm sure that details will start to trickle out soon.

Hopefully 2.0.1 addresses some of the many iPhone ills that have been plaguing users of 2.0.0 and that it's not just a cat-and-mouse release to foil the unlockers and jailbreakers.

I will update the story as details flow in. If you've installed it, please post your observations in the TalkBack below.

Update: Twitter-ers are reporting that 2.0.1 appear to be faster than 2.0.0 (my iPhone is still backing up). John Gruber notes that "the UI, system-wide, is snappier — typing, animations, launching apps."

Update 2: The Pwnage Tool doesn't work with 2.0.1.

Update 3: Flipping between applications on the home screen is much faster and smoother, Contacts appears to be much faster, especially when clicking on the alphabet bookmarks. Sync is definitely faster, but Backup doesn't appear to be any faster.

Update 4: Headline changed from "dropped" to "released" due to the minor panic/misunderstanding that ensued in the TalkBack.

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  • RE: Apple drops iPhone 2.0.1 update

    Since when has "Drop" meant "Release?"

    My dictionary and I were under the impression that "Drop" meant
    "abandon or discontinue"
    • your dictonary...

      is abridged - again back to the point of this. I am experiencing
      something wierd here as I type. the page scrolls very quickly to the
      top of the page and back between each letter. It only bothers me if
      I look while typing but then it is disconcerting. I am in landscape
      mode - was currious if it would behave in portrait but alas it won't
      rotate while in a field. Another observation my battery is going
      down fast - very fast. ( this strange "flipping" makes it challenging
      positioning the cursor within existing text for editing)
  • RE: Apple drops iPhone 2.0.1 update

    There's no "iPhone -> Summary -> Version" buttons
    on my iTunes v7.7.1.11

    Where (and why) does Apple hide this update????
  • RE: Apple drops iPhone 2.0.1 update

    I know you mean "drops" in the what-all-the-cool-kids-are-saying sense of "releases". But to those who've never even heard of Urban Dictionary, and this is still a great many people, it may appear as if you're saying Apple has really dropped (canceled?) the update. That is, if they take this blog post as gospel.
  • RE: Has Apple started hating its customers?

    I started migrating to MAC from PC (bought a Power MAC and a Powerbook) but the way they're handling this whole iPhone thing is really making me rethink the move. This whole iPhone thing is really making it look like Apple considers its customers the 'enemy'. I'll take 'uncool' over 'cool hostility' any day of the week. Oh, well, 'hello Vistaaaaaarggghhhh'
    • Hating

      First of all it is a mac pro and macbook pro not a power mac
      and powerbook. If you are rethinking the thing go back to
      wintel, I am sure you can be happy with VISTA!!!!
      • G4 and G5

        No, I know what I've got. I got the last of the G5 series in 2006 and the Power book G4 as a gift from a friend oddly enough to try out Virtual PC. I've got 2 unlocked 8GB iPhones and was looking forward to the new 16GB until I got wind of the new 'contract' rules in the Apple stores. Perhaps time to go back to my iPaq's
      • Huh?!?

        I have a Power Mac and I just want to say: Stop hating on us Power Mac users!!!

        Also, I know lots of people who are actually happy with VISTA so stop hating on them as well.
    • It's not what you think.

      It's not what you think. I used to think the same way before. However, once i did some research on this i found that what Apple does is reasonable.
      It's all due to Apple business model. Apple does not want to just sell their phone (Like what Nokia, Motorola does).However, they have a very long term plann to earn a lot more and stable money by forming a big community and then get money from service, softwares, royalty from the service provider, and also the Ads. To achieve that, Apple need to be able to control what is on the customer's phone. If the majority of customers can fully customize what was in their own phone. Their plan will inevitably be doom.
      • I agree but....

        I see what you're saying and in fact one thing I did like was that Apple had largely locked down the code (Bluetooth for example) at least to a large extent (e.g. unlocking). But the b-model they've chosen has gone awry and they are alienating customers and hurting their image. No one likes to be dictated to no matter how well intended the dictating (Apple sort of had that 'rebel' and 'non conformist' cache going in the 70's, 80's and 90's. They're going from 'rebel' to 'police state', fast)and what are they going to do? My U.S. carrier is T-mobile and in Germany T-mobile has the iPhone gig. Are they now going to start 'policing' T-Mobile customers? It's not going to work.

        Apple can take on AT&T anytime they want. They're going to part ways eventually, might as well be now. They do when they want to, for example, the iPhone was actualy trademarked by another company and Apple 'arrived at an arrangement' so when Apple wants to, they do.
  • RE: Apple drops iPhone 2.0.1 update

    A very poor choice of words for the headline. You are writing to a wide audience. I doubt a CEO of a major corporation, and an iPhone user, is going to get the slang.

    iPhones are not just for the hip and trendy for whom the term "Drops" means releases (That word has never, in the history of IT been used in place of 'releases'). Most of us don't live in a druggie-related world and street terms are usually left on the street by the vast majority of us.

    As a writer, and a journalist, you have a responsibility to accommodate all readers, and not just the hip, trendy few who happen to own an iPhone, inhabit the druggie/slang/street world and who have half a chance of not misunderstanding your headline. To accomplish this, in the future, I suggest you use words whose meanings are unambiguous.
    • Not even good slang

      O'Grady isn't even using the word properly. In this context,
      the release should be the subject, so it should read
      [b]iPhone Update 2.01 Drops[/b].

      I'm not sure where you get the idea it's a druggie term, but
      whatever. It's a business term, from the music industry.
      See my other comment above for a more detailed

      I still agree with you. O'Grady is supposedly writing a tech
      blog, not a music blog. His attempt to be hip and trendy
      only makes him look ridiculous to BOTH the hipsters and
      the more straight laced. It's like Borat using "NOT!!",
      except I don't think O'Grady is trying to be funny.
      Marcos El Malo
    • Druggies?

      Wow. Really?

      This specific usage of the term "drops" (as others have pointed out, it's not correctly used, it should be at the end of the phrase, as Apple did not throw the update to the floor) is not a "street term." The term is a recording industry term refering to the release of a recording, specifically an album or single. The term is tantamount to any other professional lingo, and does not indicate an uneducated or drugged-up individual. I would be extremely surprised if a CEO had not heard the term and was aware of what it meant, as it is extremely common. I would be even more surprised if your standard iPhone user did not know what it meant. I am particularly surprised that you did not.

      It has absolutely nothing to do with drugs. It's an update, not acid.
  • RE: Apple drops iPhone 2.0.1 update

    Mispost, my bad.
  • RE: Apple drops iPhone 2.0.1 update

    that makes no sense at all. You cannot erode something which
    does not exist.
  • RE: Apple drops iPhone 2.0.1 update

    You are an idiot. If you don't like the writer's jargon - read
    something else.
    • Correct usage

      Sorry, the correct usage is "your a idiot". Please be more careful next time. :)
      Ed Burnette
      • Careful There

        You stick your tongue any further in "you're" cheek, "your" going to bruise something there. ;)
  • RE: Apple drops iPhone 2.0.1 update

    His title actually made me read the article, thinking apple was not going to release the newest update. maybe the intention was to get people to read the article, just to be disappointed to find out they released a very minor update with "bug fixes". Anyone see cut and paste on this one? :P
  • No apparent changes. Contacts faster.

    No apparent changes. Contacts faster.