Apple releases iPhone 2.0.2, as usual, sans changelog

Apple releases iPhone 2.0.2, as usual, sans changelog

Summary: Apple today release firmware 2.0.2 for iPhone and the iPod touch.


Apple today release firmware 2.0.2 for iPhone and the iPod touch. Yipee.

Apple releases iPhone 2.0.2 firmware sans changelog

But, once again, Apple is completely lame in the software update department. This screen is a perfect example:

Apple releases iPhone 2.0.2 firmware sans changelog

Apple needs to begin implementing a real changelog with its software updates. It's pretty arrogant to expect customers to blindly download and install their software updates because they offer "bug fixes."

Like what?

I bet 2.0.2 kills PwnageTool, Cydia and What about new beaconware and remote kill backdoors? Granted, Apple will never give us that level of detail, but what about starting slowly. For example:

  • Speed improvements when flipping pages on home screen
  • Better support for partial downloads from the App Store
  • Fixed a bug in the calendar that ...
  • Fixed a bug in mail that ...

Personally, I'm boycotting this update until I find out what it really "fixes" and I suggest that you do the same thing. Word is that it doesn't do anything to fix the 3G data reception issue anyway.

I'm interested in your thoughts on Apple's lack of a changelog. If you've found any changes in the 2.0.2 firmware post them in TalkBack.

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  • Just do it!

    Come on, you bought the iPhone because Brother Steve knows what's cool. And what's good for you. He wants you to update your phone, so just do it! You'll thank him later.
  • The morgue called.

    They said they found the nose you cut off to spite your face.
    • Bang on!

      My thoughts exactly.

      I understand the "wanting to know more" symptom.

      However, your boycotting is just plain stupid. So you are choosing to have more bugs on your phone rather than less? You are choosing to have less stability rather than more?

      Do you think Apple gives a crap whether you install the update or not? I'll give you a hint - they don't. And your little tantrum won't accomplish a thing. With the exception from keeping your phone from working as well as it could.

      Does it suck that they don't provide more info. Yes. But don't try and turn yourself into some type of journalistic martyr. It's a pretty lame cause.
      • If it is currently working OK...

        If it is currently working OK, I wouldn't risk doing any changes to the system...
        Roque Mocan
        • Agreed

          I downloaded the previous incremental update on my first gen iPhone (not jail-broken) and a lot of my installed programs stopped working. I tried restoring from backup, but it was still very screwed up. I ended up having to clear and reinstall the phone from scratch as a new phone to get it working right again. As a result, I lost a bunch of calendar entries and contact book changes I had made.

          My two cents: If it is already working fine, don't try to "fix" it.
      • I'm with you, Jason

        [i]And your little tantrum won't accomplish a thing.[/i]

        Maybe others like me will join in the boycott. I hereby swear that, unless Apple gives more info on this update, I'm not going to install it either....if I ever buy an iPhone. ;-)
  • I'm boycotting your boycott because ...

    1. Unnecessary use of French in the title of the post.
    2. You named your phone "Jdog's iPhone"


    I agree that Apple should include a real changelog, but really what good is a boycott going to do? You say "as usual" in the title of the post, so why does this now warrant a boycott?
  • Bug fixes

    They are, just in case you need to know, fixes for bugs found in software. If all Apple did was fix bugs and did not change the functionality of the software, then what does it really matter if they spell out exactly what bug they fixed? They did tell you after all that the update contains bug fixes. If one thinks they have found a bug in their software, all they have to do is check to see if it is fixed. If not, they either didn't know about the bug, didn't fix it, or wasn't a bug after all.

    Really, this an OSS obsession. If you don't want bug fixes, then don't install the software.

    The thing is, Apple could have spelled out everything they did to the T and we would still hear the same crap only about what was not included in the release instead. It's asinine and out of your control so why worry about it? Do you worry about a nearby star going supernova and killing us all?
    • Stars wouldn't go supernova

      if God used OSS, because then we could all check the source code
      and prevent the stars from going supercritical in the first place.
    • Sometimes...

      [i]Do you worry about a nearby star going supernova and killing us all?[/i]

      Not all the time. Only on days that end in "y". ;->
  • Help me with the "So what?"

    It seems your options are never install, install without
    knowing what bug fixes or install once you know what the
    bug fixes are.

    At any rate, so what if they say what bugs are fixed? Most
    Apple customers really don't care. They want the thing to
    work as promised. If it doesn't and the update makes it do
    so, all the better.

    Tempest in a teapot.
  • 250MB Update file

    Just downloaded the update. A 250MB file? Is this going to happen everytime they update? This is like the third update and they have all been this size.
    • RE: 250MB Update file

      Why do you worry about the size of the file? I mean, really, if your hard drive is that small or your bandwidth that limited maybe you would be happier plowing some more money into your computer rather than running such an expensive phone.

      Its a shame that one can not really own an Iphone unless you also own a computer, but once you have decided to get the Iphone, why complain about something so trifling as the size of a download for bug fixes?
  • RE: Apple releases iPhone 2.0.2, as usual, sans changelog

    I have allready downloaded the update in question. I am yet to find any thing that has been upgraded. I couldn,t agree more. This is the first time I've ever owned an apple product and I find The lack of information is incredable. I cannot find what they have fixed. probably nothing.
  • RE: Apple releases iPhone 2.0.2, as usual, sans changelog

    This has been the same with Apple since its inception. Apple users are inherently people that just seem to accept things without question. Apple says, so I do. This however creates a monolistic attitude within Apple that they don't have to explain anything. Also, the normal Apple pschy is 'Cool, something new, so where do I pay?'
  • Patcher beware...

    Being a longtime iPod and now iPhone user, I've learned well not to patch if it's not necessary. If you're happy with the current functionality leave it the way it as is.

    I've had too many experiences where my iPod's been bricked or started freezing up only after a patch which introduced "bug fixes". If you're having problems, by all means patch it, otherwise, "if it ain't broke..."

    Oh and I'll preeminently strike back at anyone who tries to compare this to something like Windows Security Updates. I'm not drawing a line in the sand vs all patching, just Apple specifically. If there's a patch for the sun to prevent supernovas, yes I'll apply it.