Apple rounding up abandoned shopping carts

Apple rounding up abandoned shopping carts

Summary: A friend recently told me about his experience getting a follow-up phone call from Apple after not completing an online purchase.


A friend recently told me about his experience getting a follow-up phone call from Apple after not completing an online purchase.

He was spec'ing out a MacBook with some accessories and an iPod nano to take advantage of the back-to-school promotion at the Apple Store for Education but didn't complete the sale. After he saved his shopping cart he got a phone call asking him if he'd like to go forward with the order. A follow-up email from an address came shortly thereafter.

Always being wary of Internet scams he called the Apple Store and it turns out that the address and phone number were legitimate and Apple often follows up on saved shopping carts with a phone call.

It looks like Apple is doing an impressive job at following up on lost sales opportunities.
Has this ever happened to you?

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  • If Apple really wants to improve their business...

    They might want to start with the following steps: Get rid of Steve Jobs; change their decades-old corporate culture from one of actively antagonizing their hardware vendors (Motorola anyone?) into one of genuine cooperation; stop antagonizing their own customers; and maybe, just maybe, provide full support for all current PC hardware (and no, OpenDarwin does not count) so that more people can run Mac OS X, which could be a highly profitable line of business for them and, had the proper steps been taken many years ago, could have been at least competitive with Microsoft, if not outright dominant. In short, Apple will have to either become Microsoft or emulate the Linux family, and frankly, I don't think they have either in them, the former because they hate Microsoft, and both because their leadership are more than a bit elitist and still living in the 1980s.
    • Couldn't say it better myself...

      After playing around on my roomates new Core Duo iBook, I realized that OS X has some really intuitive features that I wish Windows would have. I also realized that it was stable. Apple...pull your head out and the world is your oyster. Leave it in and you can join Novell, Gateway, Sun in the graveyard.
    • I'm sure

      that Apple is dying to adopt your business strategies. After all, iPod sales are increasing at triple digits, Mac sales are increasing at double digits, Apple grosses $15 BILLION dollars a year and has a greater market cap than Dell.

      Oh, yeah. All this happened AFTER Jobs came back.

      If you want to run OS X, buy a Mac. Nobody is interested in your whine.
  • Apple's doing an "impressive job"?

    More like creepy and intrusive. If I ever go to a store and get an unsolicited phone call after I decided not to buy something, I'd tell them to get bent and never do business with them again.
    • Wrong analogy

      Putting something in your online shopping cart is like calling a store and asking them to pull a product off the shelf and put it on hold for you. You're CONSIDERING buying it.

      It would be totally expected for the store to give you a follow up call a couple of days later and ask if you intended to come down and purchase the item you put on hold.
  • Yes, but not with Apple.

    I was scoping out the availability of a domain name for a friend
    of mine, not too long ago, on NetworkSolutions. It was available,
    yet I decided I wasn't going to do anything about it, as I had
    another appointment to go to. So I canned out. The next day I
    got an email mentioning this from NetworkSolutions informing
    me that they noticed I had been looking for this domain (and the
    alts) and wondered if they could 'write up the order'.

    Well, to quote 'n00bnation', I too felt this was "More like creepy
    and intrusive", so I went and bought the domain name from
    another source a week later. I just don't like that 'being exposed'
    tactic for a whole number of reasons at so many different levels.
    If that had happened in a physical retail location, I'd be mortified
    -- then p!ssed.
  • Apple shopping carts

    It happened to me a few years ago. I thought it was impressive at that time for the company to capture that information and route it to a staff member to make the call. I am sure it has a positive effect, or they would have stopped this effort.
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