Apple tablet rumored to come to Verizon (and AT&T)

Apple tablet rumored to come to Verizon (and AT&T)

Summary: I don't know about you but I can't wait for the iPhone (and tablet for that matter) to come to Verizon Wireless. It's simply a better network in my area.


I don't know about you but I can't wait for the iPhone (and tablet for that matter) to come to Verizon Wireless. It's simply a better network in my area. Obvious disclaimers apply here. Coverage varies by location, your mileage will vary. have swirled about Apple and Verizon Wireless since 2007 when Verizon reportedly passed on the iPhone exclusive because they couldn't come to terms with Apple on distribution.

Apple only wanted to sell the iPhone through Verizon stores or the Apple retail stores, locking out other Verizon distributors such as Wal-Mart and Best Buy.

It's fitting that Apple would switch to Verizon as a carrier partner for the iPhone, AT&T has been nothing but a drag on the success of the iPhone. Its network frequently ranks at the bottom of consumer surveys on things like customer care and call quality.

Recently, both iPhone 4 and the Apple tablet have been rumored to be coming to Verizon's CDMA network in the U.S. A report by Clayton Morris for claims that both AT&T and Verizon Wireless will be getting access to Apple's rumored tablet based on information from sources at the two companies.

Apple is in talks with both AT&T and Verizon to support the tablet, according to sources within the companies: One version of the device will run on CDMA networks such as Verizon's, and one will operate on GSM networks like that owned by AT&T.

As I noted at the beginning of December 2009, The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the digital fence though, young jedi. VZW still uses the creaky CDMA network (no world phone here!) and its service plans have a history of being more expensive. Pick your poison.


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  • How do you know?

    "It?s simply a better network in my area."

    "Obvious disclaimers apply here."
    Oh, go ahead, tell us idiots what they are.
    • He gave thedisclaimers

      <i>Coverage varies by location, your mileage will vary.</i>

      For example, with one notable exception AT&Ts coverage in my region tends to be as good as anyone else. I have had less than a dozen failed calls on an iPhone since they came out.

  • Good example or poor journalism

    You couldn't post on this equally could you. You even title the article with bias by adding AT&T in parenthesis like they are some diseased step child. We are all happy that you like Verizon, they have a good network. My parents and sister have them and they are happy. I have AT&T and I am happy. In my area both are good networks. I get good cell coverage, decent 3G speeds, and rarely drop any calls. In my travels there are places my phone has not worked well and people with Verizon did and then there have been places where my phone had better coverage than the ones with Verizon.

    I really do not think that AT&T has harmed the iPhone sales in any big measurable amount. They sold a hell of a lot of phones and sure some jailbroke theirs to got another GSM network and you may want to claim that if Verizon took on the iPhone when it was offered it would have done better but that may or may not be true and no one will ever know unless you have a DeLorean that can travel through time and change the timeline.

    That being said AT&T does have to work on it's Cell Data network and I think they are doing so, but overall they provide good service, good coverage, and has always had good customer service (at least to me).

    Just another petty blog to start a flame war this is.
    • I disagree

      I have had every iPhone since they came out and the biggest issue is the network. I actually have an account with all three major cell phone providers in my household and AT&T is the worst of them all. I do believe that once the iPhone is unlocked and/or comes to verizon sales will boom.

      You said a key word "in my area". That is the biggest issue. AT&T charges its customers like it has adequate (key word) 3G coverage everywhere while only really having good coverage in "some areas". They say they have the Fastest 3G network. To where? Downtown major metropolitan areas only?

      AT&T either needs to lower the cost for their so called "Fasted 3G network" or stop lying to people about their coverage.

      And Yes (AT&T) is a diseased step child. They are the ones that lie to their customers by not giving ALL THE FACTS. If they said, "Yes, we have the fasted 3G network, but it may not be in your area and due to our lack of thorough planning, your experience my be degraded", I would feel way more informed. These continued lies with movie stars is old and doesn't work. People want reliable usability - something AT&T just can't provide at the moment and won't before their iPhone contract is up. As much as they fabricate the truth, you'd swear they were a part of the Bush Administration. Their new slogan should be "We Got a Lie For That!" LOL
    • Are you worried about your AT&T stock or something?

      You're the one overreacting and flaming. He gave
      his opinion about the service in his area, why
      should be lie to make his opinion match yours?
      • You have your Mac fanbois, your WinTards and your Linux supporters...

        ...And I believe we have our first sighting, in the wild, of an AT&T fanboi.
        A Tboi for short. And take a look at message 3. below. We have out first
        Verizon fanboi, or VeriTard, if you will.

        I can't wait until all the major smartphones are on all the major networks.
        Fanboyism will be taken to an entirely new level.
      • RE: Apple tablet rumored to come to Verizon (and AT&T)

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  • RE: Apple tablet rumored to come to Verizon (and AT&T)

    i think bobiroc is COMPLETELY wrong 2 the highest
    standards. Verizon is, and i doubt it will ever change,
    the BEST network there is. it has not only been proven,
    but the statistics show that SPRINT is better than at&t.
    now i do believe that people have there opinion, and u
    even have urs entitled, but i think that this article
    just tells the cold hard truth. People need 2 learn to
    except it and deal. EXCELLENT article and i cannot wait
    til the iphone comes to verizon=)
    • Verizon does have a good network

      and I didn't say they didn't. Verizon does have more 3G coverage and that is true. I did clarify that in my Area AT&T has very good coverage and yes I live in the suburbs about 40 miles outside a major city but still very good for what I need. In the more rural areas I do go on the edge network but my cell service remains strong and the basic browsing is not horrible.

      I was just commenting on how the author intentionally put AT&T into brackets automatically slamming them as a terrible company. If Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, US-Cellular...whatever works for you then Awesome... It is just a friggin cell phone. It just seems some bloggers intentionally leave out facts or put companies in an unnecessary negative light because they do not like them. That is not Journalism and this may be considered a blog but is treated as a technology news site so report the news and not your bias and hatred for things you do not like.
  • If Verizon, Sprint, et al allowed me to transfer my phone...

    If Verizon, Sprint, et al allowed me to transfer my phone
    between carriers, I'd switch in a heartbeat.

    But they don't.
    • One used TDMA the other CDMA.

      One used TDMA the other CDMA. Though they sound identical, they are not. There are phones that are compatible on both, but its like T-mobiles 3G and AT&T's 3G. Both are 3G but on different frequencies. So though a GSM 3G phone may work, it may not necessarily work on both.
      • Both Sprint and Verizon and CDMA.

        Your GSM based carriers (AT&T and T-Mobile) are TDMA based. NOTE:
        While GSM is NOT TDAM it is a derived technology and has a common
  • Would reporters stop this madness

    Face it folks, Apple is not going to deal with Verizon. CDMA
    is too limiting and they aren't going to make two different
    models just to slightly increase their already explosive
    market share. Why would Apple work with a company with a
    history of locking features of phones just to charge a fortune
    to access them? Why would Apple deal with a company that
    has openly bashed their products? They won't, period.
    • The Reason: It's Business, not Personal!

      MS and Apple are competitors, but Apple may switch the Search engine on the iPhone to Bing! Now, why would they do that? Cause its business! Only us little supersensitive techheads get offended at every little slight someone makes toward us or our company. When your company has revenue into the billions, you will partner with ANYONE that can help you stay there or grow.

      What you may also have missed was that Apple went to Verizon FIRST with the iPhone and Verizon didn't want to agree to the limiting terms. Hmmm, what does that mean? It means that Apple was already planning to make a CDMA version of the iPhone. So, now that they have made a killing off AT&T, and Verizon sees the viability of the iPhone, they could easily join forces to do what they started off doing - Selling the iPhone on a Verizon network.

      Lastly, Verizons recent ads don't bash Apple, they bash AT&T. And the stuff that Android DOES, is truth - the iPhone doesn't (in most cases). Nothing wrong with a healthy dose of competition. Apple is not offended enough not to want to get all those potential Verizon customers on board. Apple makes money off the phone, but they also make money off the Apple Store, which does not care what network you are on.
  • RE: Apple tablet rumored to come to Verizon (and AT&T)

    That would be a deal killer for me. I am not looking to pay
    an additional fee. Then again I may see the iTablet, or (insert
    product name here), and not want it. If it does not offer a
    relative value to me I am not interested.
  • RE: Apple tablet rumored to come to Verizon (and AT&T)

    If it is locked to AT&T , Verizon I will not get one
    They both charge too much and I do not want to be
    locked in any more than I am already.

    If the tablet is anything like " expected" I would love
    to have one ... but as I stated not locked
    • If its unlocked then it will not be subsidized...Cost much more!

    • Locked/Unlocked does not matter much in the US...

      the phone is either CDMA(2) or GSM(2), and the 2 gsm carriers 3G networks are on different freq.

      Still not sure if the 2 CDMA carriers can interchange phones.

      So @ best an unlock phone will work on 2 carriers, but you may not get 3g.
  • RE: Apple tablet rumored to come to Verizon (and AT&T)

    What's with the "creaky" and "expensive" comments at the end?

    Verizon chose to build out CDMA from the beginning. This allowed them to easily migrate to 3G. ATT, who followed the GSM path, has had to add WCDMA radios to get 3G, which is why they're so far behind in coverage.

    Verizon's service plans are the same price as AT&T's. In fact, AT&T just had to follow Verizon downward, as you must know.