Apple takes a bite out of Chomp

Apple takes a bite out of Chomp

Summary: With Apple's iOS app approaching half a million titles and 25 billion downloads, it's getting harder and harder for mere mortals to find apps with the traditional iTunes search box.


Apple takes a bite out of Chomp

Have you ever tried to find an app on the App Store? Yeah, good luck with that.

With Apple's iOS app catalog ballooning to somewhere around half a million titles, the impending 25 billion download milestone, and the proliferation of counterfeit/fake apps, it's getting harder and harder for mere mortals to find apps with the traditional iTunes search box.

Enter Chomp, which bills itself as "the search engine that finds the apps you want." According to its site:

Chomp's proprietary algorithm learns the functions and topics of apps, so you can search based on what apps do, not just what they’re called. Try searching for “puzzle games”, “kids games”, “expense trackers”, “tip calculators” or “chat” and start finding great apps.

According to Businessweek, Apple paid about $50 million for Chomp. Apple confirmed the deal yesterday but wouldn't comment on the purchase price.

In addition to its web portal, the company also released Chomp for iPhone (App Store) in January 2010, (no, it's not the Pac-Man knock off) and Chomp for Android (Android Market) in February 2011.

Chomp for iOS - Jason O'Grady

Earlier this week I reported that Apple is close to releasing a re-designed iTunes Store, but it's unlikely that the Chomp integration will make the cut.

What's been your experience with finding apps in the App Store?

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  • AppShopper has been the key for me

    Personally, I avoid iTunes App Store as much as possible. However, I visit pretty much daily. It tracks the apps I own, tracks the apps I want in a wish list, and is a lot easier to use. When I find an app I want, it automatically finds it in the app store for me to make my final purchase.
  • I'm wondering...

    ...if the real reason Apple bought Chomp was to justify excluding other platforms. Will the support for Android continue now that Apple ownes Chomp? I'm betting no.
  • Where, Oh Where...

    What is really frustrating is when you search for an application specifically [b]by name[/b] and it doesn't even show up in the results.
  • What's my experience of the App Store?

    Easy. I search for the app or type of app I want and find it among the results.
    Don't people know how to use search any more?
    People would rather moan all day than figure it out for themselves. Next!