Apple updates iPod lineup; touch, nano and shuffle (Updated 10x)

Apple updates iPod lineup; touch, nano and shuffle (Updated 10x)

Summary: Apple CEO Steve Jobs used today's "The beat goes on" media event in San Francisco to announce the iPod touch. It's basically an iPhone without the phone and email.

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Meet the best iPods ever

Apple CEO Steve Jobs used today's "The beat goes on" media event in San Francisco to announce the iPod touch. It's basically an iPhone without the phone and email. It's a full screen iPod that's 8mm thick with almost all of the features of the iPhone–except the annual contract.

Features of the iPod touch:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Multi-touch display
  • Cover Flow
  • Large album art
  • Videos
  • iPhoto
  • Safari
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Clock
  • Calculator
  • Settings

Update: Engadget spotted a Bluetooth icon in some iPod touch screen shots but Apple has confirmed that Bluetooth is not included in the touch. Oh well, so much for dreams of AVRCP and stereo A2DP grandeur.

iPod touch

  • 8GB - 30 hours of battery (audio) and five hours battery (v) - US$299
  • 16GB - 40 hours of battery life (A) and seven hours battery (v) - US$399
  • In stores this weekend

Apple has re-branded the previous model as the "iPod Classic."

Other new iPods:

iPod shuffle 2007

iPod shuffle – Getting new colors; "Holiday 2007 we're going to give it some new colors, when you see these in person you're going to love them. We also have something called the PRODUCT(RED) nano..."

iPod nano 2007

iPod nano – Yes, it's true folks, the nano has gone stumpy. "Larger 2-inch screen, it's going to look the same as it did on the iPod video, it's the same QVGA resolution. We've achieved this with a screen with the highest pixel density we've ever shipped." Battery life is 24 hours (A), 5 hours (V). 4GB US$149, 8GB US$199. In stores this weekend.

One more thing:

iTunes WiFi Music Store

iTunes WiFi Music Store – Browsing the iTunes store is similar to the iTunes experience on a computer. Tap a song to preview, tap the download button to download. The next time you dock your iPod Touch to your computer, it’ll sync the song to iTunes. There’s a featured section, as well as search (searches everything). The iTunes WiFi Music Store has the same selection as the regular iTunes store.

Apple drops the iPhone price by $200 – Beginning today Apple will sell the 8GB iPhone for US$399 (a whopping $200 price drop) and the 4GB model will be sold "while supplies last." No word on what the 4GB price will be.

From the source:


(Pictures courtesy of Engadget)

Topics: iPhone, Apple, Mobility

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  • Apple invented the web browser on the media player!!!11!1one1!!

    [url=] Ramblings of a mad man [/url]

    Quote from Steve Jobs:
    [i]First time EVER on a music player to have a browser built in.[/i]

    Funny thing is that I read this announcement on my 4 year old wifi enabled PocketPC using the built in web browser while listening to music.

    Oh, and as the engadget article pointed out, the Archos proves Steve Jobs for the lying scum that he is. But I fully expect all the Apple zealots to go crazy for this and start chanting the old "Apple INNOVATES WOOHOO" chant again. I wonder if they realize how foolish they make themselves look when they are caught hanging on every single word that a multi-billionaire spits out and believing it for fact even when he is [b]proven[/b] wrong like with NBC wanting to lower prices but Apple not letting them? Wow, were a lot of Apple zealots caught looking foolish with that one!!
    • Absolutely right.

      Jobs should have been more precise. First USABLE browser on a music player. Read the CNET review of the Archos. The browser is crap. And so is the castrated IE on your PocketPC.

      But, don't worry dude, your delusional state keeps you wrapped nice and warm like a fuzzy blanket. Now go play with your crayons.
      • For that matter

        I can browse the web, listen to music, and make phone calls on my Razr. But I wouldn't recommend it for the first two unless you were in dire straits.
        Michael Kelly
    • Such a pitty...

      NonZealot, people read these talk backs to learn something not to read your
      venomous attacks towards Apple, Steve Jobs, the Mac platform, and its users. it's
      such a pitty you have to find always something unpleasant to say. Please grow up,
      you behave as though your a young person in a school yard, always spouting
      hatred. You're becoming the person who cried wolf.

      You don't like them that's fine, you need to build a bridge?get over it. Many folks
      enjoy the Apple system. Apple users aren't different than PC users themselves
      being bragadocious about their PC platform of choice.

      Lie down wait for the feeling to go away, prove us readers you have something
      constructive to disseminate. You sound so much as MacBeth "a poor player that
      struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more: It is a tale told
      by an idiot, full of sound and fury Signifying nothing".
    • That's a strange response

      Last I checked, PocketPC was not a dedicated music player

      As for his statement, it's called marketing speak. It may stretch the truth a little but most CEO do it. When Bill Gates said Windows Vista is the most secure Windows, is it really the truth ? I'm not gonna fry Mr Gates on that, just get over it

      It's as if you have a hidden agenda with Apple. Did you get bitten by an apple when you were small?

      By the way I don't even own an iPOD :) But your response was way off
      • That is JUST it!

        You wrote :

        "When Bill Gates said Windows Vista is the most secure Windows, is it really the truth? I'm not gonna fry Mr Gates on that, just get over it"

        No, I WONT get over it! Tell the truth! If that means we have to lobby congress for TRUE ads and not a bunch of gobbly-gook then so be it! Funny how in the 60's people demanded TRUTH in advertizing and somehow that truth has turned into money-making statements for conglomerates!

        By the way, how many of you are FED up with the new Office version? Isn't it nice to pay a company for features that reduce your productivity and lock you into their way of saving files?

  • RE: Apple updates iPod lineup; Touch, Nano and Shuffle (Updated 7x)

    I am actually disappointed :(

    Such a powerful music player, and only 16GB of memory. WTH ???

    There's no excuse for there not being an 80GB hard drive in this device. DAMMIT!

    And what is Apple's aversion to including an FM radio for heavens sake?

    I could live without the radio. But man, the 16GB limitation is going to take some serious thought :(

    This could have been a home run. It's only a triple :(
    • I still dont get all this radio crap...

      please Steve never put a stupid freaking radio in my iPod... thanks!
      • I DO get this radio crap

        Sometimes I want to hear news or a radio show, without being online, on a regular FM frecuence, so Steve, prease put an FM receiver in my iPod, I'm really tired of the FM radio as an accesorie. Thanx
        • Jobs thinks you aren't smart enough for radio

          You see, the philosophy behind the iPod is that users are too dumb to figure out anything more complicated than "Play" and "Volume". If you listen to the Apple zealots on this board, they will confirm this although they will sugarcoat it by saying "features that aren't easily accessible aren't features at all". In other words, Jobs [b]could[/b] add radio to the iPod but you are likely not intelligent enough to figure out how to get to that feature, so why bother adding it? Makes you feel all nice supporting a company that insults your intelligence like that, doesn't it?
      • Radio in an IPOD

        Steve: I havent bought an iPOD for the very reason that it doesnt contain a radio. Think of it as a free advertising agent. Consider this scenario: There I am at the beach, I'd have my 600 CD's loaded on my iPOD all of which I have heard a dozen times, so I am bored with them. So I flip on the radio, and find a song (or a whole album!) I'd really like, and finding a WiFi connection impulsively buy it.

        No radio. No need for an iPOD.
    • oooh! A triple for the iPod.

      And a foul ball for the Zune. Guess who wins?
  • RE: Apple updates iPod lineup; Touch

    Apple lists the price as starting at $299 for iPod touch. (not $249)
    • no iPod touch this weekend

      Also, the iPod touch won't be in stores until the end of the month. Only the nanos, shuffles and classics will be available this weekend.
      • Thanks! I won't be in line this weekend. (NT)

  • RE: Apple updates iPod lineup; Touch, Nano and Shuffle (Updated 7x)

    i'll get a touch when it has more capacity at least 30 gigs (what i got now)
  • RE: Apple updates iPod lineup; Touch, Nano and Shuffle (Updated 7x)

    Why would you want one without a phone? Even if you are a texting type, having to carry two devices sucks.
  • RE: Apple updates iPod lineup; Touch, Nano and Shuffle (Updated 7x)

    16 GB is not enough for a "video-centric" device
    • OK - And you have one?

      And you don't like the size limit? What is your bitch anyway? Might it be because Apple has surpassed Microsoft in getting a user-centric device that people ACTUALLY LIKE AND PAY FOR to use out to the general public while Microsoft CONCENTRATES ON BUSINESS WHICH IS FICKLE AND CHEAP ass ???

      Guess who loses in this picture????
  • RE: No Camera either

    I'd like a front facing camera which would allor web-based chat (iChat/AIM, Yahoo, GTalk)