Awesome iPad 3 concept video

Awesome iPad 3 concept video

Summary: Key highlights of the iPad 3 concept video include edge-to-edge screen, magnetic iPads with near field communications (NFC) and 3d holographic display for multiplayer games.

TOPICS: iPad, Mobility

If you haven't already, take a look this awesome iPad 3 concept video post by Aatma Studio.

Key highlights of the iPad 3 Concept features include edge-to-edge screen, magnetic iPads with near field communications (NFC) and 3d holographic display for multiplayer games.

Don't get your hopes up!

Topics: iPad, Mobility

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  • You are a little behind on this one

    This was posted to Phones Review on G+ yesterday morning. It is cool, but way too expensive at this time and about 3+ years out if it ever does get produced.
  • .

    This must be the video that someone next to me at Best Buy last night was asking the Apple rep about. Holograms! It is as close as R2-D2 as we can get. The Apple Rep told that customer that Apple's next product won't have holograms.

    The video is cool.
  • Now see, That I would buy!

    That is pretty cool but, lets be real, could they have something that cool this early in the game? Apple's software tends to be pretty lame but we will see.
  • heh

    Let's see . . .

    Edge to edge retina: Interesting, but not seeing real uses cases, other than this demo video.

    Internal magnets: Ditto. Not seeing the real use cases here.

    3D hologram: Sadly, holographic technology hasn't seen a real breakthrough in ages :(. I wouldn't expect anything soon.
  • Totally cool.

    Definitely something Apple would produce....and Microsoft would copy.
    The Danger is Microsoft
  • Edge to edge has many issues

    Especially if they are input capable. The magnets concept is down wight cool.
  • hologram eh?

    Scotty beam me up F.C.S. !
    preferred user
  • Wow! Some people...

    Some people really do have way too much time.
    It does start fine but rapidly becomes laughable. No, it's magical!
    • Dream on ...

      I agree ... the edge-to-edge screen and magnetic stuff is cool ... and seemingly practical. The hologram stuff is interesting, but too "out there".

      But I guess it's good for someone to dream a little ... maybe it will inspire someone to pursue that which we now assume is impossible and make it possible.
  • Very cool concept indeed.

    Concepts are like sign post that indicate the potential of future developments and you have to be impressed with the potential displayed in that video (I also liked the sound track). RIM had a NFC demo at the MWC 2012 that was based on a more practical implementation involving group document collaborations and although it was not as visually impressive as this Apple demo, the overall message, with respect to NFC, is the same: the technology is available and has a lot of potential to be exploited in a large variety of applications. It makes me wonder how long it will be before the tablet replaces both desktop and notebook computers altogether?
  • IPad 7

    maybe in 2018
  • At least we can dream of such of thing.

    I like this concept video and these concepts are not so far fetch.
    If they can make the display "unfold" with "stored" but usable form a size of the iPhone but expands to something larger than (or any size between) the iPad it would be great so you don't need to worry about small or large form factor you have, it would just work. The passive (3D without glasses) 3D display would great idea on any platform (ie laptop, desktop, tablet, home entertainment, etc.) having a iPad being first on the block would be great idea.