Cloud Computing: Apple vs. Microsoft

Cloud Computing: Apple vs. Microsoft

Summary: Both Apple and Microsoft rolled out the beginnings of a cloud computing strategy on Tuesday. Apple introduced a beta of its iWork.


Cloud Computing: Apple vs. Microsoft

Both Apple and Microsoft rolled out the beginnings of a cloud computing strategy on Tuesday. Apple introduced a beta of its document sharing service and Microsoft's Mac Business Unit unveiled Document Collaboration Companion for Mac Beta.

At the Macworld Expo keynote, Phil Shiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, announced the beta of as a trailer of its iWork '09 introduction. The service will let iWork '09 users post documents to the online site as well as send notifications users and workgroups.

According to Shiller, the program converts the iWork document into a number of cross-platform formats for sharing files with Windows colleagues, including PDF and MS Word.

In a browser, the document supports multiple notes along with related discussion threads as well as separate, document-wide discussions.

Analysis: While some folks want more cloud strategy, this implementation is clean, user-friendly and looks do-able for Apple. With all the problems with Mobile.Me, this service looks like a winner.

Meanwhile, stealing a bit of Apple's spotlight on the cloud, Microsoft took aim at Office for Mac users will soon have "simplified and efficient collaboration" with connections to Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies and Microsoft Office Live Workspace. Due later this year, will be the result: Microsoft Document Collaboration Companion for Mac Beta.

Document Collaboration Companion provides Office for Mac users new ways to work with both Office for Windows and Office for Mac colleagues through a Cocoa-based application that provides easier downloading/uploading capabilities to SharePoint Products and Technologies and Office Live Workspaces. Delivering these improvements can help Office for Mac users tap into the future of productivity as software plus services become an essential combination across platforms.

Features of Document Collaboration Companion will include simplified ways to download and upload documents, document check-out/in, offline document caching, and SharePoint Workspace, Document Library, and Office Live Workspace access and browsing. Document Collaboration Companion will be released in a private beta in February and a final releaser later this year.

In addition, Microsoft said the Mac BU will move the development of Entourage from WebDAV to Exchange Web Services "for better compatibility, performance and reliability."

These infrastructure changes provide more agility in development moving forward and delivers support for syncing Tasks, Notes and Categories for customers on Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 or later. Entourage EWS will launch a public beta this month.

Analysis: Mac users in Microsoft shops will gain a little more respect.

Topics: Microsoft, Apple, Cloud, Collaboration, Hardware, Software

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  • Cloud Computing: Apple vs. Microsoft

    And in a nutshell, there is the difference between Apple and
    Microsoft's cultures: vs. Microsoft Document Collaboration Companion.
    • Yep!

      And its this kind of attitude thats gonna kill Apple, i love Apple and the way its targeted the market with stylish easy to use products, but i wont be seen dead with one simple because i dont want to be labeled an eccentric wannabe creative with no grip on reality.

      Trying to have a real discussion with apple users is more then enough to turn any sane person crazy. And these media bunnies, that just so happen to use Apple in there publishing offices spewing out a load of rubbish is just as foolish, but then what better way to try and influence opinion, Apple users are dumb enough to fall for it.

      Apple simple don't have the market value or the system to compete with Microsoft at this time so all this arguing which is best is pointless.

      If Apple systems where so great, they would have a lot more then 10% of market share by now, how many years has it been now???

      Bottom line, we will all know when MS is ready to fall, and its when a system is developed that sweeps the market in a few years and not 75 years at the rate Apples currently growing, anything less and its just another system.

      And you can scream all you want (Apple fans) because if you had 85% of a market and some-one told you some-one with 10% of the market and growing at 1% a year was a threat u would look and laugh while calling the mental institute. and anyone that say different either doesn't understand business or is just a complete waste of time... a few posters come to mind but i wont call names

      Whats that 40 years before they even reach the halfway mark, yeah thats headway alright. I'm not saying Apple users should not have a voice, but hey, lets keep it real, and not blind dedication, its possible to be dedicated without being blind to the obvious.
  • First MS needs to get it's Office act together

    before it can tie Mac Office into any "cloud" initiative.

    As I outlined in another thread (re Mac Tax), I'm having issues just trying to get Mac Office 2008 apps to start.

    You can't open a Mac Office app without first going thru MS Setup Assistant, which creates an Office/User profile. Without the profile, Office programs will not fire up.

    Yet when I try to create a profile (for a non-admin user account), Setup Assistant crashes each and every time. At least it worked in my admin account (SURPRISE!).

    With the previous Office 2004 for Mac, the apps didn't require Setup Assistant BUT... no apps would open for me there either until I spent time trouble shooting and found the problem. 3 corrupt fonts... installed by the MS Office Installer!!!

    Once the fonts were removed, all went well (though Word was still flaky and crashed or froze occasionally for no apparent reason).

    And all of these issues on a "clean" OS X (ie, not hacked (no "haxies") or heavily customized).

    IMO, MS is FUBAR and couldn't manage a 1 car parade.

    • So why dont u use a non MS alternative???

      You obviously use a Mac because you dislike MS but yet u want to use there software on your Mac. You had problems with 2004 and you go and get the latest version of the same software you had problems with???? more fool you.

      The beef you should have is with Apple, if they dont want to spend some of that, what is it... $30 billion on building a decent office suite for Mac users, dont blame MS blame Apple.

      But i guess thats what you get when you choose style over content.
      • Idiot troll

        [i]You obviously use a Mac because you dislike MS[/i]

        Silly logic - I think most people use a Mac because they want to. Hate
        of Microsoft likely doesn't enter the equation.

        [i]but yet u want to use there [sic] software on your Mac.[/i]

        So you think MS should only ever write software for Windows? Do you
        know Word and Excel were first developed on Mac? And that Office
        was first released on Mac? Perhaps you should stop using that
        horrible Mac software on your Windows PC, because clearly you only
        use it because you hate Apple.

        Fred Fredrickson
        • The topic is cloud services not mac office

          If you read my other posts across the site you will find i dont dislike Apple (just some of the users) or MS, i work with a range of OS's including our own company OS, but i am a realist.

          And no excel and word where not first developed on the Mac it was only first bundled unto the Mac along with PowerPoint which WAS developed for the Mac.

          And no i don't think MS should write software for MS only, but i also think that hypocrits should not be given the time of day and you certainly fit that bill, but then i do have a habit of persevering.

          you went through all the trouble to cut and paste part of my post and even edited it with the inclusion of sic in brackets.

          "but yet u want to use there [sic] software on your Mac."

          Isn't that clever of you!!

          oh and what did you say about logic??? no, its just the same old pattern with most of you Apple loving guys, and by the way, did you read the last sentence of the post i responded to?

          So what was you saying about the cloud service again, i didn't quite catch it in your first post.
          • If you learned to...

            ...use grammar correctly, and learned to spell! What a moron. What
            pattern are you talking about? Having the audacity (look it up in a
            dictionary...) to [i]not[/i] agree with you. To point out the obvious foors in
            your arguments. Look, nobody likes a troll...
          • If i wanted to be a grammar teacher....

            I probably would have the need to, but i didn't i became a Software/Hardware engineer.

            I do get a bit lazy sometimes and miss out a few commas and hyphens but you know what, im not writing for an oscar!! i'm expressing a view in an expressive manner.

            But for some-one so finicky (eccentric) about spelling and grammar, u dont fair 2 well in your own capacity, (wannabe)... what was that you said! (thats not a question) now i'm trying to be expressive!!! with my grammar...

            Sorry for being a non-conformist but whats your excuse?

            Oh, and by the way, you don't have to agree or disagree with me, but a good discussion tends to be expressive in opinion and informative in knowledge and/or understanding, and a stoke or two doesn't go amiss, ask the bloggers...

            You obviously have a different idealogy based on the content of your posts, but don't worry about what i say, i'm obviously flawed in my arguments (as you would put it).
      • iWork... for me. So does OpenOffice.
  • RE: Cloud Computing: Apple vs. Microsoft

    Apple will need ways or should I say means to deliver their services in the cloud. Would it make sense to buy a CDN? Considering the depressed stock prices and significantly lower valuations even than just a 6 months ago, this is not out of question.
  • RE: Cloud Computing: Apple vs. Microsoft

    It seems to be a great product from apple increasing cross compatibilty and optimising sharing. But I wont call it a winner.