Colbert rocks an iPad at the Grammys

Colbert rocks an iPad at the Grammys

Summary: Steve Colbert flashed an iPad during the song of the year award at last night's Grammy Awards. The funniest part occurs when he asks Jay-Z, "Did you not get one in your gift bag?

TOPICS: iPad, Apple, Tablets

Steve Colbert flashed an iPad during the song of the year award at last night's Grammy Awards. The funniest part occurs when he asks Jay-Z, "Did you not get one in your gift bag? Am I cooler than you?"

How much do you want to bet that an Apple engineer was waiting just off stage to take it back from him after the gag? Also, do you think that Apple paid the Grammy Awards for the product placement, or was a stroke of marketing genius to slip one to Colbert before he took the stage?

Topics: iPad, Apple, Tablets

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  • Just another product placement advertisement. (nt)

    no text
  • Colbert had already stated on his show that he wanted an iPad.

    Like Arnold getting a Hummer before anyone else,
    this is great FREE marketing (at least heck of a lot less than $2million+ for 30 seconds).
    • At least Arnold got a real Hummer...

      Arnold got the real deal straight from the
      military... He never bought a "Dummer" like the
      rest of the freeway four wheelers...
  • Masterful advertising by Apple...

    Take a show known for "cool factor" which is watched by many millions and put their newest product right up on stage. Yeah, I saw that and I thought - THERE is a marketing department with a brain. Microsoft could learn a LOT from Apple marketing. Give customers what they want, make it easy, and take every opportunity to make them feel cool for using your product. Instead, Microsoft makes customers feel dirty, like they are being ripped off by a greasy used-car salesman. The primary reason Microsoft is still in business is legacy software entrenchment.

    Apple only needs a larger business software selection, plus more games for home users, plus cutting edge graphics cards (rather than two generations old) to really start taking a bite out of Microsoft on desktops. But they won't bother. As it is, Apple is content to be moving in a totally different direction. They are focusing more on designing innovative personal devices while making only styling and tech updates to their desktops. Desktop growth is slow and steady, but personal device growth can be explosive. Again, really smart.

    But one of these days, I'd really like to see something innovative happen on the desktop. We've gone for decades now with nothing truly innovative happening on our desktop machines. Everything evolves slowly, with minor improvements every few years. I am currently using a machine which is likely 1,000,000 times as fast as my first desktop and yet I'm still typing text on a keyboard and viewing text on a display screen. Where is the household computer I can talk to which either carries on a realistic conversation to get work done or displays text on whatever active display wall I'm facing? Where is my fault-tolerant bullet-proof computer which is smart and careful enough to NEVER lose anything I give it? Why isn't my computer doing most of the work to find what I need rather than me spending countless hours scrolling through folders, directory trees, and lists? I have insane amounts of computing power sitting in my office. Where is the truly innovative software to use it? It most certainly isn't coming from Microsoft. Even Apple is only making incremental improvements to what already exists. Somebody really smart needs to start from scratch and create something totally new to take us into a better future.
    • You probably do have speech recognition with Windows.

      Speech recognition came standard with Windows Vista. I presume it's also in Seven? Have a look. Do invest time in training it to your voice, fully, there's a threshold where it really pays off.

      Me not looking forward to reading aloud "Fall of the House of Usher" yet again, though. It's so depressing. Fortunately you now CAN back up and restore your voice recognition adaptai!tion, I hope between computers.

      If you aren't American, speak American. Say Thee and Ey for the definite and indefinite article.
      Robert Carnegie 2009
  • RE: Colbert rocks an iPad at the Grammys

    A very thoughtful commentary, Bill.
    I would take issue with your assessment of how the Mac
    might be 'improved' through more software, et al. I don't
    think as the third or fourth largest manufacture of
    computers in the world that Apple needs to do much of
    anything other than build more factories. The 'top'
    computer manufacturers are bottom feeders for the most
    part. I read recently that of the computers costing over $1K
    Apple's market share is around 70%. Apple has never
    chosen to race toward the bottom.
    As for the desktop paradigm with keyboards and mice I
    suspect you may see some rather dramatic changes in that
    shortly. There are rumors of large scale iMacs with a touch
    interface. As for directories and such, while OS X, as a *nix
    OS relies on that hierarchical arrangement we have 'cover
    flow' and quick view and pop up folders from the dock.
    Yes, OS UIs have been incremental even on OS X, but there
    has been some progress away from "My Computer"
    Again, very nice commentary.
    • Agreed, but...

      Apples market share over 1K is actually closer to 90%. Read the full article at -

      Steve Jobs' philosophy is to only release products that he would be proud to recommend to his friends and family. The goal is to create a high quality product first, then worry about how to lower cost. That is why Apple is at the forefront of the technological world, and their products are at least two or three years ahead of competitors'.
  • iPad naysayers take note

    This is how it begins. Within a year you'll all be shaking your
    heads wondering how on earth this lame, deficient product
    ever became so successful. But it'll be like iPhone all over
    again. They'll line up to get 'em.
    • Are you shooting iDrugs,

      drinking the Kool-Aid, or just passed through the RDF to get here????
      Ron Bergundy
      • I'd bet

        if Linux was marketed half as well as Apple products it might actually have more than the 1-3% of the market share...
    • And they'll line up to get their money back

      No flash? No cash.
      • Enjoy Flash Argument While It Lasts

        I hope you haters use the flash argument as much as possible now, because in the next three years, Flash will be phased out for HTML 5. Just ask youtube, vidmeo, hulu, cbs, the ny times... I find it best to base my purchase decisions off research, not rhymes.
      • Typo correction (you missed the "R")... No flash? No crash

        No flash? No crash... If you are going to parrot
        rhymes, the least you could do is get it right...