Congressman blames U.S. unemployment crisis on iPad

Congressman blames U.S. unemployment crisis on iPad

Summary: In the rambling manifesto Jackson claims that the iPad is responsible for killing thousands of American publishing and retail jobs. He claims that Americans are losing their jobs to workers in China.

TOPICS: iPad, Mobility

This video is completely over the top.

In it U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr (D-IL) blasts Apple and Steve Jobs claiming that the iPad is responsible for killing thousands of American jobs.

In the rambling manifesto Jackson claims that the iPad is to blame because it enables anyone to easily download books and newspapers. Thus everyone who works at bookstores (i.e. Borders) or the publishing industry will lose their jobs to workers making iPads in China.

“Why do you need to go to Barnes & Noble? Buy an iPad and download your newspaper, download your book, download your magazine.” He went on to talk about plans to Chicago State University’s plans to create a “textbookless” campus by giving incoming freshman students iPads.

The most ironic part? Jackson himself is an iPad owner.

Peter Cohen already made all the salient points about why Jackson has completely lost it -- I just wanted to add the video.

What are your thoughts on Jackson's remarks?

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Topics: iPad, Mobility

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  • hmm...

    It's not the ICrap kiling bookstores but the sites that publish eBooks online.
    It's not the ICrap kiling manufacturing jobs here but the policies put in place by the past and present moronic congress and implemented by greedy American companies (Apple and many other).
    Linux Geek
    • RE: Congressman blames U.S. unemployment crisis on iPad

      @Linux Geek Which policies? You're talking protectionism there.

      The "problem" is the old business models can't keep up with the web (the iPad here is really a proxy for the web). Productivity gains can no longer be absorbed by higher consumption.

      This is how we used to do it. We could build stuff cheaper, with fewer people, so the cost came down. Consumers responded by consuming more (replacing things far more often, or using products more, or using products they previously didn't - bottled water as an example).

      Now we can't do that. Additionally, the jobs we replaced manufacturing with turned out to be far easier to outsource than we ever imagined.

      Really these aren't things that governments have direct control over, we can blame the government all we want, but that won't get the problem solved.

      Interestingly, many people who worked in the IT field would point the finger at open source software as a cause too... (which wouldn't be totally fair either)
      • RE: Congressman blames U.S. unemployment crisis on iPad

        @jeremychappell Very good assessment. The whole problem is just not a single issue but more of a syndrome of causes.
      • RE: Congressman blames U.S. unemployment crisis on iPad

        @jeremychappell You sure have done a lot more on the research of this "item" instead of just pumping out the "Mainstream Media" popular "Spin" version that will stir up controversy! Good Job!
    • Message has been deleted.

      Will Farrell
    • Message has been deleted.

    • RE: Congressman blames U.S. unemployment crisis on iPad

      @Linux Geek
      You might want to trace it back further. It all stated with NAFTA (which was a Bill Clinton thing). Sending US jobs to Canada and Mexico, then there was Dell and Microsoft shipping support jobs to India. So to single out one company is just wrong. It would be a typical government reaction though. Ignore the symptoms and then look for a scapegoat.
      • Michigan forever!

        It all started with General Motors outsourcing perfectly good Detroit jobs to Ohio. Now there are auto factories all over Ohio and Tennessee and Kentucky and all sorts of weird places. Meanwhile, Detroit is an armpit.

        The government did nothing to stop this. Where were you?
        Robert Hahn
      • RE: Congressman blames U.S. unemployment crisis on iPad

        @Robert Hahn
        What kills me is this joke of a U.S. Representative, makes it sound like Apple is responsible for the decline of the economy. The sub-prime loans had nothing to do with it? Trading junk loans, had a far larger effect on the economy, than any business outsourcing work. But if you listen to this crackpot, Jesse Jackson Jr (and he?s even a dumbocrat), He believes that Apple should bail the US out.
      • RE: Congressman blames U.S. unemployment crisis on iPad

        @Rick_K You need to get your facts straight. Bill Clinton eventually got involved but he didn't start it [NAFTA]. It was George Bush senior who started with it. Bill Clinton just stayed with it. Try looking at the voting records too. Republicans and Democrats both voted on it. Actually More Democrats voted against it than Republicans. And more Republicans supported it. But both party's were involved. I'm not a democrat so I have no reason to lie. I'm not too impressed with either party. Although I'm far less impressed with the donkeys these days. But Clinton was doing the NAFTA thing as a bipartisan effort. The Democrats might $uck big time but, don't even try and pin NAFTA as a Democrat thing. Google is your friend, Google their voting records on it.
      • RE: Congressman blames U.S. unemployment crisis on iPad

        @Rick_K Dont go blaming Canada for this, ALL our jobs are moving down to the US
      • RE: Congressman blames U.S. unemployment crisis on iPad

        @Rick_K You are so right on the point. There is nothing more distusting to me with so many americans out of work and when I call to register or for support help I get some fool who cannot speak american english but instead is in India and sounds like he / she has marbles in their mouths. Keep the jobs here; Apple is not the first or the major offender in this long line of sending jobs out of the US. Bring them back. I was a Dell fan for years until I have now found that a Dell is not even an american manufactured product any longer. Another reason for buying Dell for so many years for personal as well as my business was that even after warranty ran out Dell always promised Tech Support for life of the machine. Well in 2007 Dell just ended this without so much as a letter to the people who had Dell equipment. Purchases for me from Dell are over with unless they choose to start the Tech support for life again. They now want $60 just to talk to you about the problem and when you are finished you are no further along. Not good business planning for a company that had such a good track record prior to this decision!
  • The USA used to be respected

    now they've degenerated into an international joke overrun with leftoids. Soon their mountainous debt will be worthless and the rent seekers will all be out to steal the little remaining. Americans after generations of falling education standards are none the wiser. Enjoy;-)
    Richard Flude
    • Very True, but the disease has spread to Europe too

      @Richard Flude My friends in Germany were complaining about how little the children today learn in school.

      Likewise, they are tired of subsidizing the south of europe.

      First goes the dollar, then the Euro..whoosh...
      • Even in Australia we're not immune

        Same sense of entitlement and declining educational standards. Handouts to the lazy, funded by us few hardworkers remaining.

        I returned from china/hong kong/singapore last week meeting with and developing relationships with suppliers.

        What a difference. I expect to spend much more time there in the future.
        Richard Flude
      • RE: Congressman blames U.S. unemployment crisis on iPad

        @Richard Flude - yes I think it would be wise for all of us to learn some rudimentary Chinese.

        It appears the Finn's are taking action:
      • RE: Congressman blames U.S. unemployment crisis on iPad

        @Richard Flude:

        "Handouts to the lazy"

        Let's not forget to include corporations in examinations of the handout mentality.
        John Sawyer
    • RE: Congressman blames U.S. unemployment crisis on iPad

      @Richard Flude Just relax, at the rate the US economy is crashing, and China economy is rocketing, in a few years all those manufacturing jobs will move on to another 3rd world country full of cheap labor, the U.S.
  • Yeh, it's a blame game - a very old bloody game!

    It's inevitable that the momentum of "this" technology showed itself at this moment in time. If it wasn't IPad then it would have been some other company who would have marketed the idea and succeeded. Apple just started the run ahead of the pack because it has the minds to do so.

    Regardless, the congress-person is playing a game where he/she is an expert in and that is to find an escape-goat to take the heat for unemployment. This plainly shows how politicians (regardless of flag, color, or patriotic values) have very narrow thinking minds, lack courage to undertake the onslaught of the problems presented to them to be solved instead of blamed away into the wind.

    But, it's a fun world where emotions are the only thing that builds and destroys that which is desired most.
    • RE: Congressman blames U.S. unemployment crisis on iPad

      @0zcan You are exactly right! Except you missed the key point that most politicians are not intellecually equipped to deal with real problems, as they have spent there whole life worring about protecting their politcal position. The few competent ones end up with only minor influencial positions.