Early release iPhone 4 activation problems

Early release iPhone 4 activation problems

Summary: Recipients of early iPhone 4 units aren't able to activate the devices -- yet.


Don't get jealous of the folks that are receiving their iPhone 4's a full two-days early just yet -- they're not able to activate their new toys.

Despite a report from a MacRumors forums poster that his early iPhone 4 was able to be activated:

FedEx just dropped off my iPhone 4 just a few moments ago... Activation was snappy and smooth.

...it appears that either Apple or AT&T has closed that loophole and iPhone activations now appear to be suspended.

Tip and photo: Ars Technica

Topics: Smartphones, Hardware, iPhone, Mobility

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  • Well that sucks

    I guess I will not be picking mine up tonight even if the Best Buy Store Manager allows me to. What is the big deal if people activate their early? Seems unnecessary to lock them out without reason. So some people will get jealous and maybe even mad that Johnny got his phone a day or two before Sally. Who cares.
    • When it Rains, It Pours..... DRM!

      @bobiroc I wonder who was missing their thinking caps on this one. Who cares if you get early delivery if you can't use it? Hope they get it sorted for you people in a day or two at least! :D

      Meanwhile Samsung Galaxy S (same designed processor w/better screen) has launched in Europe and Asia to rave reviews with full video conferencing and a simply brilliant super contrast, Super AMOLED screen used in an F-1 Racing Car's Dash n Wheel. Also in it's sponsor's Ads embedded in the sides of it's carbon fiber body!

      btw... in case you didn't notice..... DRM stands for Digital Rectal Manipulation! ;)
      • RE: Early release iPhone 4 activation problems


        I heard a rumor that activation may be available starting tomorrow. My buddy at Best Buy said he would call me if I can come in and get it early. If not then I wait. No Biggie.
      • RE: Early release iPhone 4 activation problems


        Actually, I feel that the manner in which this has been handled smarts of someone in charge suffers from `SFB syndrome`. (Little hint: grey matter is actually brown in color.)

        Taking the latest gaffes into consideration, and wishing to be a `fly on Steve Jobs' wall`; I have to wonder if Jobs has not had his `Ballmer moment` yet?? (Hint: think `chair throwing` incident.)

        Oh well, the amusement continues.
  • RE: Early release iPhone 4 activation problems

    Interesting that earlier today the FEDEX tracking showed delivery scheduled for tomorrow for mine from AT&T. Now the tracking number is not found ??
  • RE: Early release iPhone 4 activation problems

    So what new?
    I attempted to upgrade to a 3GS. After nearly 4 hours I was told that I would have to cancel my current account(and cell number that I have had for years) and open an entirely new account with a new phone number to accomplish the upgrade.


    When will Apple get smart and allow some other company to offer IPhones?
    • RE: Early release iPhone 4 activation problems

      @JamieW - That must be something about your account or who you were speaking with. I dropped in one of the ATT stores around here to inquire about my account and how much it would cost to get a 3GS. I was quoted full price since I'm not eligible for an upgrade, but other than that - they could do it right now - same number and they would transfer over all my contacts and email info.
    • RE: Early release iPhone 4 activation problems


      Been with AT&T and never had trouble upgrading or changing my plan. I really do not think your experience is typical but if it is true then I would be calling to get it resolved by someone higher than the person that told you that you needed to cancel your account.
    • RE: Early release iPhone 4 activation problems

      @JamieW I've never had that issue with any carrier... and when my wife and daughter both got iPhones this past fall my wife's account was the only one not able to get the early upgrade so she was allowed to use mine - both of them went from LG Shine to iPhone 3G... and this was all done in 20 minutes. Perhaps the person you were dealing with was new or just did not know what they were doing...
  • Who cares

    I dont really think anyone cares about geting their iPhone 4's they were nothing special when they were shown at WWDC and they aren't anything special now. the only thing nice about it is its screen. Everything else pales in comparison to other smartphones specs.
    • RE: Early release iPhone 4 activation problems


      Oh ya? Name it. I'd love to hear about any smartphone out there that makes the iPhone pale in comparison. Quit being a whiney Droid-carrying iPhone hater and either see the light or come to the table with something a little less retarded than your opening statement. 600,000 orders in the first few hours of launch is not what any sane person would characterize a product that no one cares about.
  • 600,000 orders pre-release

    shows that lots of people don't know why they want one, but they want one anyway
    • RE: Early release iPhone 4 activation problems

      @HugoM And you know this how? Dude, troll elsewhere.
  • What a skew headline!

  • RE: Early release iPhone 4 activation problems

    Black Friday is coming for AT&T and Apple. The connectivity problem will explode. The orange network is already overwhelmed and if they add at least 800,000 new customers it will go deaf. It is public secret that GSM towers (AT&T, T-Mobile) has less capacity than the CDMA towers (Verizon, Sprint). This means that a GSM tower supports less # of wireless than the CDMA.
  • RE: Early release iPhone 4 activation problems

    I received my iPhone 4 two hours ago and had no problem activating.
  • RE: Early release iPhone 4 activation problems

    Not an issue today, I know two people happily using their 4's since this morning
  • I got mine this AM and had no problems with activation

    It was probably about 11:00 central time...it went without a hitch and was relatively fast (the longest time was transferring my data).
  • No problems this am for me either - @ 11 or so ET

    I activated without any problems this am around 11am or so. Actually the conversion from my 3GS to this was about as seamless as I could have expected. Only thing I had to do was put my email passwords back in to the new device settings. That's about it...

    ITunes offered to use my previous backup of my 3GS - which I chose to do (I had upgraded the 3GS already to iOS4.) It then restored that backup and sync'd the device and activated it.
  • RE: Early release iPhone 4 activation problems

    FexEx dropped my iPhone 4 off and within 30 minutes I was able to activate and am up and running. Way to go Apple & AT&T!