Europeans fight iTunes

Europeans fight iTunes

Summary: Yesterday officials in Norway announced that German and French consumer groups have joined a Nordic-led drive to force Apple, Inc. to make songs purchased from the iTunes Store compatible with media players built by competitors.


Yesterday officials in Norway announced that German and French consumer groups have joined a Nordic-led drive to force Apple, Inc. to make songs purchased from the iTunes Store compatible with media players built by competitors. CNN reports:

Currently, songs purchased and downloaded through iTunes are designed to work with Apple's market-leading iPod players but not competitors' models, including those using Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Media system. Likewise, iPods generally can't play copy-protected music sold through non-Apple stores.

In June 2006 consumer groups in Norway, Denmark and Sweden claimed that Apple was violating contract and copyright laws in their countries by selling music that was only capable of being played on Apple hardware (iPod) and software (iTunes).

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  • The world is waking up

    People are tired of the artificial and onerous restrictions that Apple places on all its products. Songs that only play on 1 player. OSs that only install on 1 computer. Phones that can't be customized. Eventually, people wake up and ask themselves why they go through all that pain just to buy an overpriced, underfeatured commodity item that has a white case.

    PS Have you backed up your Mac today?
    • Boring and silly...

      If you don't want to use Apple's iPod/iTunes combo, fine - there are numerous other music services & players out there. Use them. There is choice. These allegations are silly.

      And NonZealot, your tirades have become boring. Oh, and please change your tag to IHateAppleSoMuchIItMakesMyHeadBleedAndICantThinkStraight, or something similar. Truth in advertising and all that...
      • Agreed . . .

        on both points! NZ -- get a life.
    • Microsoft has a ...

      Zune with your name on it. It Plays Fer Sure! Go get it! Squirt all your friends with
      songs from the Universal or Sony catelogs. Have fun and be free of all those onerous
      restrictions that Apple is placing upon you.

      Go join the social. Please.
      Len Rooney
    • Songs that only play on 1 player.

      Well before all of the digital music, If you bought a cassette tape it would only play on cassette players.
      Also you can burn iTunes to CD and play them any CD Player you want !!!
      • Nice Reply

        Nice Reply, now I know why you use Linux
  • iTunes is the worst example of DRM

    If the fight against the lunacy that is DRM is ever to succeed, people need to understand the damage that the current iTunes / iPod combination is doing. It amazes me that this hasn`t come to light sooner.
  • ..kind of silly those Europeans, are they not?

    This fight against Apple's iTunes/iPod is kind of silly, really. Why should it be
    compatible on competitors players? Similar services for the Pc world is not
    compatible to Mac owners! But this is not my main point either.
    Music from iTunes can be downloaded to Mac or Pc, transferred to iPods via
    either, then even burned on CD for playing in most CD players, even Sony's. It can
    be played via FM transmitters on every radio, shared between Mac and Pc. What
    more do these fanatic europeans want?!

    Of course there are restrictions to this as everything else in (computer)life! But if
    you have chosen a wrong platform for your gadget and can't get what you want,
    don't cry out that this is wrong or injustice, just change to a right gadget or
    platform instead :-) That's what we do and have always done and hopefully not
    going to change. Competition is healthy generally.

    Apple's iTunes/iPod is THE MARKET for mp3 players, about 75% of it, the rest is
    for other media players, why does not the rest accommodate to what the market
    (people) want and change their formats for the mac and pc's alike? Well, I wouldn't
    want that either. What about other formats like BlueRay, HD etc. ... with music or
    films on them, should we crave also that every music or song on them should be
    possible to play in each of them? No, for sure! We need competition. Apple is just
    plainly superior in this field for the better or worse, like it or not.
    Ergo, you have to be a little twisted agreeing with those Europeans fighting Apple
    in this stupid "game", becourse this is nothing but a silly game, sorry about that.

    Well, maybe it has to do with the iPod/iTunes world wich was primarily Mac
    based, and then there comes mac-envy. I dont think we had any similar groupings
    of consumers craving that Pc software in one form or another should also be built
    for the Mac's!
    Well, what about everything else, like software, games, accessories made for iPod
    or f ex Zune. Should we crave them simultanously for all platforms, not just for
    Pc's or Mac's? Just plain silly.

    Being myself a European, a Nordic one, I am ashamed of my European brothers
    and sisters playing this silly game/fight against Apple.
    In my houshhold we have 3 Macs, 2 Pc's and 5 iPods, using both Pc or mac for
    downloading or syncing to different iPods without any problem between the