Exclusive: MacBook Pro unboxing pics

Exclusive: MacBook Pro unboxing pics

Summary: I've taken some pictures of the MacBook Pro unboxing experience. Check 'em out.


I got my MacBook Pro today from a local Apple reseller in Philadelphia (Springboard Media). They called me to say that they got five MacBook Pro 2.0GHz models in stock today and that four we're already spoken for. "Do you want the last one?" You know what my answer was...


Figure 1: The box is about half the thickness of previous PowerBooks.


Figure 2: You can really see the slim profile of the new box here. 


Figure 3: The Styrofoam inside the case has a cool circular cutout pattern.


Figure 4: A better view of the foam cutouts. Presumably to save shipping weight.


Figure 5: Removing the golf ball holder reveals the MBP and accessories.

23 more pics after the jump

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