Firefox 3.0.5 woes

Firefox 3.0.5 woes

Summary: If you're a Mac Firefox user, I'd recommend staying away from the recently released 3.0.


Firefox 3.0.5 woesIf you're a Mac Firefox user, I'd recommend staying away from the recently released 3.0.5 update. I stupidly installed it automatically (via Preferences > Advanced > Update) on my MacBook Pro 2.4GHz running Mac OS 10.5.5 and it's completely FUBAR.

Tabs don't work, neither Command-T nor File > New Tab produce a new tab and instead FF 3.0.5 stares back blankly at me. And now FF305 won't even launch for me - it just beachballs until I force quit it. I've resorted to using Firefox 3.1 beta 2 in the interim, because at least it launches.

I know that FF 3.0.5 is probably working fine for you, but other Mac-heads are also complaining about problems in the Mozilla forums. I'm just sayin'...

If you've got a FireFix that doesn't involve upgrading to 10.5.6 (too close to Macworld Expo to risk it) I'd love to hear about it in the TalkBack.

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  • Fine on 10.4

    I'm not having any problems here on 10.4.

    Have you tried running it from the command line to see what sort of messages it spews out?
    • That solves it.....

      Must be a Mac problem. As you can tell I have learned alot from these forums and I can easily pin point the problems without any other review. I am following in lock step with the ABMer's thoughts and well I have concluded its a Mac problem. That was easy.
      • But...

        ...I thought Apple computers and software was perfect? That's what the Apple users keep saying...

        Putting humour aside, doesn't Apple have an equivalent to System Restore? Why not use that to step back before the installation and wait for the problem to be fixed?

        Sure I know Apple doesn't admit to the existence of these problems, but the Free software people at Mozzila will have the problem fixed shortly, they are expedient. They work hard to make their software work.
        • Mac OS X doesn't have System Restore in the same sense as Windows. NT

          • Mac OS X doesn't have System Restore in the same sense as Windows. NT???

            Baby, I wonder if I have heard of Time Machine? You should check it out......if you haven't
        • what does

          information z stand for? Information zero???
          How about third party apps are what F*** up anyway.
          Firefox has been crashing on my Mac like it is retarded though everything else works fine including my RDC for Winblows. So you tell it info zero...
    • Fine on 8.10

      I don't know what planet some tech reporters live on, but I'm more than happy to do a complete dist-upgrade on my machine even if I have a demo/meeting the next day.

      Stick with your proprietary problems if you want, I guess. It's only your money and time that you're wasting. The rest of the world is just getting on with stuff.

      Stop living in yesterday. Who cares what problems greedy corporations inflict on their users? Get a machine that just works. Oh, you can't, you're Yanks, and need a "famous name" to tell you what, how and when to think, in between mouthfuls.
  • Please do not advise users to turn off the update system

    It's pretty irresponsible to advise users to disable the security and stability system, and then state that "it's probably working fine for you." Instead, you could (and should) mention that users who experience trouble can download Firefox 3.0.4 from the Mozilla FTP site, and then and only then turn off automatic updates.

    Also, can you link directly to a SUMO post referencing the problems you're encountering? I just browsed through 10 pages of topics and didn't see anything similar.
    • I didn't

      Hello beltzner --

      No where in my post did I "advise users to disable the security and stability system." That's what *I* did - and now I'm paying the price.

      By "SUMO" I'm assuming that you mean the Mozilla support forum? If so, I don't see post referencing my specific problem.

      By the acronyms in your comment can I assume that you're affiliated with the Mozilla project in some way? If so, couldn't you simply say "have you tried reverting to 304?" or some other helpful tip?

      I'm just sayin'....

      - Jason
      Jason D. O'Grady
      • Your helpful tip

        I'm terribly sorry, the combination of your screenshot and the "death wish?" comment led me to infer you were advising your readers to turn off that mechanism.

        If you want to get Firefox 3.0.4, you can get it here:

        And you're right, I shouldn't have used the SUMO acronym. Sometimes it can be terribly easy to forget :) Speaking of which, David Tenser (djst) replied below asking you to get in touch. Please feel free to do so.
        • updater off

          Mandriva (Linux) has packaged firefox with the updater off, and this was for usability reasons. Rather than have dependencies broken when gecko gets automatically updated they decided to turn the updates off by default so they could have manual control over those dependencies.

          I see they have moved to XULRunner with the 2009 release. Not sure if this means they'll change the default state of the updater though.
      • 10.5.6 seems stable, Firefox 3.0.5 OK on clean install

        I've had awful problems with Firefox 3.0.5 on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and even, to a lesser extent, on Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex. In each case reverting to 3.0.4 worked, as did completely removing Firefox and installing 3.0.5 onto a blank canvas. Funnily enough 3.0.5 gave me no issues on OS X.

        Also, OS X 10.5.6 seems pretty stable. It's running all common apps and doing a good job with Remote Desktop to Windows machines and supporting Parallels Desktop with XP home installed. Both fair tests of stability IMHO.
  • RE: Firefox 3.0.5 woes

    What?!!? I thought EVERYTHING worked seamlessly and flawlessly on a MAC. After all, 10,000 MAC bloggers can't be lying, could they? ;-)

    b/t/w, FF3.0.5 is working fine on my XP Pro, XP Home, and Vista Premium machines, I'll tackle the Linux boxs this weekend if Christmas gadgets don't have me too distracted.
    • Works fine on Ubuntu and Mandriva

      It's working perfectly on all my Linux and Windows machines.
      • Ubuntu

        Crashed on my Ubuntu, Still have not got it working 100% of the time.
        • Whence came your update?

          Which source did you get your update? Firefox via the Ubuntu repositories is much more stable than direct from Mozilla. Updates often are not available 'till a day or two ofter the Mozilla update, though.

          Ubuntu recommends against running the direct from Mozilla version of Firefox.
      • FF 3.0.5 works great on Ubuntu


        (S... Just Works) on Ubuntu.
    • Get a life

      You imply that somehow a third party application's failure
      has to be the fault of the operating system? It can't possibly
      be that the application itself has issues, could it? I guess if I
      put diesel in my gas powered car it should be fine since I
      would be buying it at a "gas station"?
      • It's funny...

        how when anything goes awry on a Windows machine it HAS to be the OS's fault... but when the same thing happens on a Mac it has to be issues w/ the application...
        • Funny that the Mac OS is still standing.

          In my experience, usually when there's a "software" issue in
          Windows, it takes the OS down with it. That rarely happens
          on the Mac. In fact, I personally have never seen it happen
          on a Mac. I'm sure that it could happen, but I've never seen