Firmware 2.1 arrives for iPhone (updated 2x)

Firmware 2.1 arrives for iPhone (updated 2x)

Summary: Apple has started pushing out the iPhone 2.1 firmware via iTunes.


Apple has started pushing out the iPhone 2.1 firmware via iTunes. The 237.8MB update is available by connecting your iPhone to iTunes and clicking on the update button. Luckily I spent last night backing up my iPhone.

Firmware 2.1 arrives for iPhone

 The published list of changes includes:

  • decrease in call set-up failures and call drops
  • significantly improved battery life for most users
  • dramatically reduced time to backup to iTunes
  • improved email reliability, notably fetching email from POP and Exchange accounts
  • faster installation of 3rd party applications
  • fixed bugs causing hangs and crashes if you have lots of 3rd party applications
  • improved performance in text messaging
  • faster loading and searching of contacts
  • improved accuracy of the 3G signal strength display
  • repeat alert up to two additional times for incoming messages

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Firmware 2.1 arrives for iPhone

Firmware 2.1 arrives for iPhone

Firmware 2.1 arrives for iPhoneFirmware 2.1 arrives for iPhone

Firmware 2.1 arrives for iPhone

Done! So far, so good. The new 3G icon is pretty sweet. It has a nice dark to light blue gradient and is borderless.

I used an old trick from my Mac OS classic days and resisted the urge to re-install all of my applications back on my freshly-restored iPhone. Instead I opted to spoon-feed apps back a little at a time, only installing a handful for now. Making the first round cut are (in alphabetical order):

  • AccuFuel (my Prius is getting 47MPG, yes!)
  • Pro Football Live (Eagles Monday night)
  • SplashID (for account numbers, etc.)
  • Starmap (still haven't used it much yet, though)
  • Texas Hold'em (although I barely play it)
  • Tides (secret app I'm beta testing)
  • Twinkle (somewhat buggy Twitter client)

Update 2: In case you're wondering firmware 2.1 re-SIM-locks iPhone 2G. Have you installed Firmware 2.1 yet? What apps are on your short list? Post your results in the TalkBack.

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  • backing up

    I wish I'd thought to back up last night. It's been backing up for 2 hours now! Last time I updated the software it took almost 3 hours. Hope I don't get the error at the end.
  • RE: Firmware 2.1 arrives for iPhone (updated 2x)

    Is it just me or do app updates now stay where you originally had them on your home screen after they're reinstalled?
  • RE: Firmware 2.1 arrives for iPhone (updated 2x)

    Under 2.1 I downloaded an app and instead of placing the updated app at the end of the list of apps, the downloaded app actually stayed in the place I had it. Not sure if this is a new behavior but it was doing this under 2.0.2 for me.
    • error

      meant to say "behavior but it was'nt doing this under 2.0.2 for me."
  • RE: Firmware 2.1 arrives for iPhone (updated 2x)

    NO problems at all on update.
  • RE: Firmware 2.1 arrives for iPhone (updated 2x)

    Oh I have the Original Iphone I do hope battery life gets
    better, but it is not to bad unless I do allot of web surfing.
  • Stay of Execution

    I have been *actively* seeking a replacement for my iPhone because of the 2.0 software debacle (slooooow contacts, even slower sync, Safari crashes, etc., and on and on...) on my iPhone 1st Gen.

    I was somewhat suspicious of 2.1 because 2.x had, thus far, screwed everything up even MORE with every release! For $600 bucks, a phone should work better than it was. I am happy (and wonderfully shocked) to say that the 2.1 update fixed almost *every* problem I was having. The SMS no longer takes the same amount of time as repainting your home, the contacts are back up to a useful speed, Safari has yet to crash on me and the rest of the apps install BACK into the same place in my menu that they started in and (my personal fave), after this update, I didn't have to reinstall everything!

    Very nicely done, Apple. Just remember - taking your time (no matter how much people snivel) is *always* a better choice. Producing a wonder-gizmo every six months is lovely, but at what cost?
  • RE: iPhone (updated 2x)

    For the Mobile industry and I Phone this is a busy time of year. Most new models are released now in the run up to Christmas. If Phone wants to sell millions of phones next year it?s got to be competitive. With the competition stiffing and the original I Phone 2 coming to the end of the original contracts they want to reduce defections to the likes of Android, HTC, Nokia etc. With low consumer spending this year I phone should do better by letting all the networks sell it ASAP. Availability and stock failure has changed my enthusiasm for Apple products (I now perceive them as incompetent) as with MS you don't sell a phone to an unhappy buyer!!! Hope a management change is imminent soon!
    The Management consultant
  • RE: Firmware 2.1 failure (and successful fix)

    I have a 2 week old iPhone 3G with 2.02 firmware. No issues or problems at all. On 9/12, iTunes 8.0 installed without problem. However, upon updating to 2.1 firmware I got a white Apple logo and a black screen of death on my iPhone. Tried to restore and ended up with a screen that read "verifying iPhone software" and after about 3 hours, I gave up, disconnected and tried again. Now got error messages, cannot be restored error (9), on 2nd try got error (13). Needless to say, I did alot of cursing at this point. Found a solution on the web at I downloaded the 3G firmware files and then held down the "Shift" key while clicking on the restore button in iTunes. I then selected the downloaded files. What a relief! The entire process took a total of 10 minutes and I then was able to restore all of my apps and files from the iTunes backup. It is now 2 days and everything appears to be working fine. 3G reception is better (or at least more boxes) and is faster too.

  • RE: Firmware 2.1 arrives for iPhone (updated 2x)

    I am not happy with apple or the iphone's performance. I was out of town after installing the update and my phone went off. I had the phone in airplane mode and it wouldn't work. It gave me the usb connect to itunes screen. When I connected to my laptop itunes things got worse. The error message for sim code lock came up.
    I had to wait until I got back to the US to connect to my desktop and fiddle with the options to get it working again.