First Web-based Jailbreak for iPhone 4 arrives; here's how to do it

First Web-based Jailbreak for iPhone 4 arrives; here's how to do it

Summary: A scant 17 days after Apple released iOS 4.0.1, a Web-based jailbreak is available for the iPhone 4. The problem is that the server -- at is currently slammed.


A scant 17 days after Apple released the iOS 4.0.1 update, a Web-based jailbreak is available for the iPhone 4. The problem is that the server -- at is slammed as of this writing and it's difficult to get through.

It works like this, just navigate to from Safari on your iOS device and touch the graphic at the bottom to "slide to jailbreak." (I know, tricky huh?)

It currently runs on:

  • iPhone 4 on iOS 4.0.1
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 3G on iOS 4 and 4.0.1
  • iPod touch on iOS 4

Known issues:

  • It fails on the iPad running 3.2.1
  • Some report losing MMS

JailbreakMe didn't initially work on my iPhone 4 running 4.0.1 (Safari hung on the purple background screen), but I rebooted my phone and repeated the process again and it worked.

Here's the best way to get Cydia installed on the iPhone 4:

  1. Plug it into iTunes and make a full backup
  2. Power the phone off, then back on
  3. Navigate to, "slide to jailbreak"
  4. Be patient
  5. Once completed, you should have the Cydia app on your desktop, although it may take a reboot to make it show up.

If Safari hangs, trying rebooting the iPhone and look for Cydia on the desktop. If it isn't there, try repeating the steps above again.

After it didn't work the first time on my iPhone 4, I got this error message the second time that I went to

On my second attempt, the package successfully downloaded (it took about five minutes):

Once the process is complete, you'll see a message like this:

Now it's off to install some apps!

Update: As reported earlier won't install on my iPad 3G running iOS 3.2.1. After I "Swipe to Jailbreak" it just reboots the iPad (normally) to the black Apple logo screen and then back to the desktop.

Update 2: Off to test tethering with MyWi 4.0 ($20 tethering) and IntelliScreen ($10 customizable "Slide to Unlock" screen)

Update 3: JailbreakMe has disabled MMS on my iPhone 4/4.0.1. It reportedly can be restored, but I haven't got around to testing that yet.

Update 4: If you know a Cydia app that adds a numerical dB meter in the menu bar post it in the TalkBack.

What about you, are you a jailbreaker?

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  • Yeehaw!

    I have my lockscreen calendar back and my email status bar icon back. I'm so happy! Now if they can just get the silent/vibrate icon back up and running we'll be good to go. This was a shockingly easy experience. Thanks to Comex and the Devteam.
    • You don't have to thank them... They got what they wanted in exchange...


      They got your identity and all your information...

      What??? You didn't think they wrote that jailbreak SW out of the kindness of thier hearts did you??? Silly newb, tricks are for kids and jailbreaking is for morons.... Enjoy your malware...
      • RE: First Web-based Jailbreak arrives for iPhone 4

        @i8thecat Actually the devteam DOES write the jailbreak out the kindness of their hearts... and it wasn't until a few months ago that devs started charging for their apps and the most expensive app thus far is around 5 bucks.

        And I've jailbroken my iPhone ever since 2.0 with NO issues with malware and the like.

        But you'd know that if you took a bit of time and did some research rather than come here and call people morons while looking like a trolling asshat - oh wait, you ARE a trolling asshat... nevermind...
      • RE: First Web-based Jailbreak arrives for iPhone 4

        @i8thecat [b]They got your identity and all your information...[/b]

        Prove it.
      • athynz... try using google, you moron...

        @athynz<br><br>Hows that denial working out for you athynz??? Really??? You think the dev teams spends hundreds of man hours coding JB out of the goodness of thier hearts??? ROTFLMAO!!! <br><br>Dude.. I got a bridge for sale.... real cheep...<br><br>Why is it that the only malware for the iPhone has been for Jailbroken devices??? I'm all for the iPhone, but I am totally against moronic stupidity. A club you are obviously a charter member of... Just go google jailbreak + malware and stop being such a fool.
      • RE: First Web-based Jailbreak arrives for iPhone 4


        "You didn't think they wrote that jailbreak SW out of the kindness of thier hearts did you???" That is precisely what the likes of Comex and Devteam need to be passionate about creating, setting trends, and bridging the gap the apple has created with its numbness.
      • RE: First Web-based Jailbreak arrives for iPhone 4

        @i8thecat they do it for bragging rights. I agree about the risks.
      • RE: First Web-based Jailbreak arrives for iPhone 4

        @i8thecat Um Welcome to the internet. when you logged into this site you got tracked. When your request hit the DNS server your information got tracked. When you typed in all those search terms your information got cataloged and tracked. There is no such thing as data security in the cloud. Every single time you do anything online your information is logged and collated and then sold to interested parties. I've yet to see anyone exercising common sense security,i.e. don't download crapware apps, become infected with malware because they jailbroke their iPhone. Silly newb trolling is for kids and people who think they have any kind of data privacy in the cloud are morons.
      • RE: First Web-based Jailbreak arrives for iPhone 4

        @i8thecat <br>Let me guess: You're an Apple employee paid to troll message boards like this and discourage people from doing stuff with their own phones that Steve doesn't want them to do. Right?

        Either that, or you're one of those die-hard fanbois who take everything emanating from Steve's mouth as if it came from Jesus himself.
        Yam Digger
      • RE: First Web-based Jailbreak arrives for iPhone 4

        @i8thecat If you don't think that vulnerabilities exist on the iphone OS without jailbreaking, maybe you should ask apple why is it that they release update to the software when it doesn't involve new features. I actually work in information assurance and I know for a fact that nothing is 100% secure that has connection to anything else.
      • RE: First Web-based Jailbreak arrives for iPhone 4

        @i8thecat [b]Why is it that the only malware for the iPhone has been for Jailbroken devices??? [/b]

        Again, prove it you tard! All you've done is cry about the jailbreak and spread FUD like the trolling asshat you are. Prove your points or shut your piehole.
      • I already proved it athynz


        If you bother reading tard boi, you would have seen that I already posted all the information yesterday... In 2 seperate posts... Oh wait... that's right, you are mentally challenged...

        Here is a repost of that information...

        Since athynz is too retarded to do his own research...

        According to Charlie Miller, Principal Analyst at Independent Security Evaluators...

        Once you jailbreak your iPhone is outside of all of Apple's content and security controls. Miller says, for example, that the Cydia app installer runs as root on the iPhone. Apps that run on a jailbroken iPhone can run as root and do whatever they please, and are outside the iPhone app sandbox as well. This means that NOTHING prevents you from installing malware on a jailbroken iPhone and that malware could do all manner of evil things, probably including making phone calls.

        And a sample of some links... Can you read athynz??? Take your meds... You need to comprehend this stuff....

        marcorandall - Yes, no computer connected to the net is secure... Which is why the fbi, cia, government do not allow sensitive systems to be connected to the net... This is completely different than giving anyone who wants it free root access to your iPhone.

        Yam Digger - I could give a F@ck what Steve Jobs says or thinks... I'm not a tard who is stupid enough to install a hack that runs as root on a UNIX device... Anyone who does IS a tard and knows nothing about UNIX.

        All you morons who encourage this stupidity are royal assclowns... You know nothing of UNIX, you don't even have a clue as to what root is. And you are trying to convince others to follow your stupidity and join your tard club... Yes I will speak out against stupidity. The world has far too much of it as it is... Anyone who JBs an iPhone deserves the malware and identity theft. You morons who are sooooo adamant about how safe it is are already lost causes... But anyone with a few brain cells can recognize common sense when they see it... That is who I am posting for... Not you clueless ass clowns, you bozos are far beyond help and common sense.
      • RE: First Web-based Jailbreak arrives for iPhone 4

        @i8thecat Dude, YOU are the one making these claims - I'm asking you to either back them up or shut up.
      • Can't you read athynz? It has been backed.

        @athynz Dude, YOU are the one making the claims that it's perfectly safe... And your ONLY justification for this is that you were stupid enough to do it... And stupid enough to continue doing it... And have no way of telling if anything malicious is going on... Where are your links dude? Come on genius... Back up your claim...<br><br>I've done my research and I'm warning people that it's not safe. In doing so, I'm getting attacked by assclowns like you.... I backed it up athynz... I provided all the info anyone needs from reliable sources. So how bout you learn how to use google and shut the EF up... If you want to be a tool and do stupid things, thats fine, but stop trying to convince others to be stupid along with you.
      • RE: First Web-based Jailbreak arrives for iPhone 4

        @i8thecat NO, you come here and insulted people and only after I called on you to put up or shut up did you dig out old links and one or two fairly recent links - links which I rebutted. Show me something new - and not the old regurgitated stuff. Oh and this time don't post if AFTER I said something then claim that you did it before I asked... most people here are quite smart enough to look at the time stamps on the posts and you make yourself look like even more of a retarded moron. I'm just saying.

        But since you are indeed reading - and mentally - impaired, allow me to once again reiterate my point.

        Jailbreaking is a risk. It is NOT 100% safe. However it can be safe IF one uses common sense. Things like changing the default root password when enabling SSH - which is how the ikee/ rickroll worm happened - people did not change the default password. And never NEVER ever use any sort of unsolicited jailbreaking - or ANY unsolicited software.

        But since all you want to do is act like a jackass and get your frilly pink pant1es in a wad when someone calls you out on it I guess common sense and common courtesy do not apply.
      • Hey tard boi... (that's you athynz)


        Where's your links to back up your claim that jailbreaking is perfectly safe and the dev team can be trusted (cus you don't think they burned you)??? Can't find any.. yeah.. didn't think so...

        You think apps that run as root are safe.. Because acording you you (handi-man), you changed your password...

        But the apps still runs as root...

        So how is that safe???

        About as safe as your favorite passtime of grabbing your ankles in the prison shower???
      • RE: First Web-based Jailbreak arrives for iPhone 4

        @i8thecat You have some serious homosexual fantasies... could it be that you are in fact a gay man who is afraid to come out of the closet? Or was there some trusted male family member that sexually abused you when you were a child? Coming out of the closet in this day and age is not a big deal and if you were molested there is help available. I suggest you use it.

        Oh and I DID post links you jackass - or did you forget to take your meds tool boy?
  • Does this?

    Does this open up root? Do you need to change the (default) password? This seems fraught with danger if you don't know what you're getting into...
    • RE: First Web-based Jailbreak arrives for iPhone 4

      @Jeremy-UK This opens up root ONLY if you have SSH installed and then yes you would definitely want to change the default password - there are instructions online as well as links on the cydia app itself.
      • Damn you are retarded athynz


        Cydia runs as root and ALL apps you install run as root on a jailbroken phone... And they run outside the sandbox... They can do anything they want... at any time... including phone home and install anything they want without any interaction from the thumbless chimp who Jailbroke his iphone.

        But don't take my word for it...,0

        If you want to see how the current website is hacking iPhones... here... (keep in mind something Miller said in the 1st link... "Jailbroken iPhones don't obey the security model of the iPhone," Miller said. "The whole point [of jailbreaking] is to break the security model."

        So by JB-ing a iPhone, you kill it's security... And then you are going to use it as a primary device??? Really??? Who is that stupid??? Oh yeah... athynz, and Yam Digger, and a few other pro-JBers trying to convince the world to follow them into the abyss of stupidity.