Gallery: MacBook Air Unboxing

Gallery: MacBook Air Unboxing

Summary: Yesterday was a very happy day for me.I ordered a MacBook Air (stock 1.


Gallery: MacBook Air Unboxing

Yesterday was a very happy day for me.

I ordered a MacBook Air (stock 1.6GHz configuration) about 30 minutes after the Macworld Expo keynote address wrapped up. I received an email confirmation gave me a "ship by" date of February 6 and an "delivers by" date of Feb. 11. So much for two weeks I thought.

Much to my surprise I receive an email notification on January 29th informing me that my shipment Date was January 29, and that it would deliver by February 01. Oh, the joy!

Apple also provided a FedEx tracking number which I used to follow its progress on, setting up the requesite email notification at every step of the way (of course). The path went like this:

Jan 29, 2008 Picked up SHANGHAI CN Jan 30, 2008 Arrived/Departed ANCHORAGE, AK Jan 31, 2008 Arrived at FedEx INDIANAPOLIS, IN Jan 31, 2008 Delivered at 12:17 PM

Fully expecting to get it on Friday, I refreshed the tracking page Thursday morning to find out that my MacBook Air was on the truck for delivery yesterday (Thursday) - a day early. Another example of Apple under-promsing and over-delivering.

Last night I took a bunch of shots of the unboxing experience which you can enjoy in this gallery. (Captions will be coming soon, after I get some sleep...)

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  • So, no flash drive, huh?

    That's what I am most curious about. I'd love to find out if there is much performance increase from the flash drive. Even faster boot up and wake from sleep modes?!? My Mac starts up pretty darn quick as is, I'm curious how the flash drive would effect it. It's so expensive now but will be viable eventually. Air disk mode or whatever it's called sounds pretty cool too. Would love to know if installs run pretty much the same?
    Kid Icarus-21097050858087920245213802267493
    • Clearance

      How rigid is the lid and what is the clearance betwixt key and screen when closed?

      Wondering if there is some touch / eventual marring like I have on my thinkpad.....
      • Consumers Suck!

        I'm never amazed by the trite postings on this forum. I've asked to not receive emails; but to no avail.

        Get a life. And stop being so proud of a damn computer for which, by the way, you probably spent [i]at least[/i] 3 days in a cube earning the money. If you do buy something; rest assured that I DON"T CARE. I see all those pictures of the "unboxing" and the first thing that comes to mind is "loser."

        Be smart, save your money, work less, and get a life.
  • RE: Gallery: MacBook Air Unboxing

    So the Chicklet Keyboard returns.... Anyone one remember the Tandy Color Computer??? That aside it's nice to such a small footprint. Shall the Z-Sinclaire return too?
    • You know

      I have a 2 week old Black MacBook, and I have grown to really love its keyboard. When they first came out I was pretty much going WTF?! But now that I am using it daily, I love the keyboard. It has a very solid feel to it, and suits my large hands well.
      • chicklet keys rule

        I just bought one of the new bluetooth keyboards and I have to say that it's about as good as the old IBM clicky-key keyboards and the Apple Extended Keyboard II - those are my #1 and #2 all-time favorite keyboards in that order, and this new Apple keyboard, with it's tactile feel, is now my #3.

        The only thing that could make it better is that CLICK CLICK CLICK feeling to it.
        • I use a

          TacTile Pro keyboard. It uses mechanical keyswitches just like the old IBM's. I love it.
  • Another example of Apple under-promsing and over-delivering?

    Big deal.

    Gateway, or whatever they're called now, has done that for YEARS. Except they got my stuff delivered to me several days ahead of schedule. One was actually a full week early.
    Hallowed are the Ori
    • Yep too bad they have a habit

      of using the lowest quality parts they can find and have such high failure rates. They'd be a great company if they'd just use parts of decent quality. But bad monitors, power supplies and disk drives have damaged Gateway's reputation beyond repair. The last system I bought from them by the time I gave up on it (after about 3 months) the only things left from the original system were the case and A drive everything else had been replaced at least once and in some cases 3 or 4 times (memory and video card and the power supply were the bad ones there). For me I'll never buy another Gateway.
      • Re: Yep too bad they have a habit

        Really? I have never had a problem with Gateways. I have always found them to be much more reliable than Dell, Sony, or IBM PCs. Dunno about HP though haven't had problems with them either.
        • Ugh... Dell.

          The issue I have with Dell is their use of non-standard parts in their builds.

          An internal floppy or optical drive should have the same dimensions, no matter the brand.
          Hallowed are the Ori
          • Agreed on that

            and you shouldn't have had to worry about getting a PSU when you needed it other than from Dell, and not be stopped by their flipped in the opposite side proprietary PSU stopping you from the get go on installing a 3rd party , faster, stronger, better PSU in the Dell case.
        • See, just the opposite

          at work, we had nothing but defective failure after failure with Gateway, and found Dell to be better, stable and more configuration friendly. Don't know about HPaq, (Compaq and HP before their merger) but never liked their home user configured boxes friends and coworkers brought in for 'servicing', never used the laptops).

          Mileage varies.
      • What company are you talking about?

        At first it seemed you were making a reference to Apple that I have never heard
        before and would have demanded some sort of proof from you. Do you have said?
        Then you went on and on about GateWay so I can't tell if your entire rant was Gateway
        which does not make a lot of sense but more than if the first part of your rant was
        about Apple.

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
        • Uh.....

          His/her entire post was about Gateway.


          Yeah, I went back and read it two more times, and I still don't see how anyone could have mistaken or otherwise twisted that into a "reference to Apple".

          Why that wasn't obvious to you, as it seems to have been to everyone else...
          Hallowed are the Ori
          • You have to understand Jim

            He is a little sensitive when it comes to other people's feelings about Apple products. If he even [b]suspects[/b] that someone my not love something about Apple, he starts talking about how features are confusing and aren't really features if anyone other than Apple has them in their products. Just smile and nod. :)
  • RE: Gallery: MacBook Air Unboxing

    This is sooooo booorrriingggg....

    Slow news day or what? An article on such trival BS is a new low around here.
  • Ref: Yep too bad they have a habit

    Apple, Dell, Gateway, who what where... The "Yep too bad they have a habit" message
    was another case of the writer not giving us readers a good reference point so we
    know of what he is writing. You can identify tons of messages on these boards that,
    when you read them, you have to guess about what or who they are talking. It's not
    that hard to add a reference, you know!
  • Perfect example

    Of why you can't compare Apple, Linux or Windows users or their systems - they're on completely different levels. What other consumer group spends so much effort taking pictures of the product box! I guess you could say this says a lot about the company's products. But more than anything it demonstrates the user groups have completely different perspectives about computers.
    • Same could be said about a lot of people's/times

      The Romans thought of their short stabbing sword as just a tool. A tool they used
      very well in their time. The Samurai thought of their Sword as an extension of
      themselves a much greater spiritual bond. Each was a fine tool that did what it
      needed to be done. However if I had to choose between the two weapons based on
      quality I would choose the Samurai sword for I think face to face a Samurai Sword
      would cut through a Roman sword.

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn