Gallery: the iPad pre-order process (updated)

Gallery: the iPad pre-order process (updated)

Summary: The iPad went on sale this morning at around 8:35am ET (at least by my clock) via Apple's Web site. Check out this short gallery of the pre-ordering process.


The iPad went on sale this morning at around 8:35am ET (at least by my clock) via Apple's Web site. The site offered two options, a) have it shipped to you on April 3, or picking it up in a local Apple Store on April 3. Being an Apple freak, I did both.

Apple also imposed a two iPad limit per login, but you could order two for delivery and two for pickup for a total of four, which I did. One peculiarity I noticed about the shipping: after clicking Pre-order > from the online store > 16GB Wi-Fi, the order summary on the right hand side says:

Delivers on April 3rd Free Shipping

What's peculiar is that Apple also offers a "2-3 day shipping" upgrade for $12 (or $14 for two). Why on earth would anyone need to pay extra for "2-3 shipping" when the free shipping option "delivers on April 3rd?" Will ponying up the $14 make it arrive on March 31 or April 1? I doubt it, but I chose 2-3 shipping just in case.

If you didn't already/don't plan to order an iPad, check out this short gallery to see what you're missing. If you did place an iPad pre-order today, what model did you choose? Any accessories? AppleCare ($99)?

Shall we start comparing order numbers in the TalkBack?

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  • re 2-3 day shipping option: It's rather simple

    The iPad 3G will be delivered some time after April 3. "Ponying up" $12
    will probably make that process faster.
  • RE: Gallery: the iPad pre-order process (updated)

    i ordered 2, one 16gb 3G one 64gb 3G, both with Applecare. my son and i are both artists, he a webdesigner, ipad will be great for both of us.
  • My accessories - Apple canceled my AppleCare plan.

    I odered the 16gb 3G with an additional dock, the wirless keypad and the case. I also ordered the AppleCare protection plan and got an email back from Apple stating: "Apple is not authorized to sell the AppleCare plan in your state at this time and we ave removed the item from your recent order". What going on with that?
  • RE: Gallery: the iPad pre-order process (updated)

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