Get matriculated at Apple University (updated)

Get matriculated at Apple University (updated)

Summary: Apple has hired Joel Podolny, Yale's business school dean, to start "Apple University," according to the WSJ.The company declined to provide details about the university or the position.


Get matriculated at Apple UniversityApple has hired Joel Podolny, Yale's business school dean, to start "Apple University," according to the WSJ.

The company declined to provide details about the university or the position.

Mr. Podolny will be stepping down as dean on Nov. 1, but will stay at Yale until year end, a spokeswoman for Yale said. She said Mr. Podolny will take up his new position in early 2009.

Corporate universities, which typically offer classes to employees, have been introduced elsewhere. One of the earliest and best known is McDonald's Corp.'s Hamburger University, where thousands of employees attend classes each year.

Pixar Animation Studios -- whose largest shareholder was Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs before the studio was sold to Walt Disney Co. in 2006 -- has a program that it calls Pixar University, where it conducts three-month-long classes for new and existing animators.

So what is it?

Some speculate that it's a training program for people selling Apple products, like retail store employees or Best Buy staffers. Or it could be an extension of iTunes U for Apple employees.

McDonald's has their own higher education institution – Hamburger University – so why wouldn't the retailer with the highest annual sales per square foot in the United States?

Update:  John Gruber links to a 2003 San Francisco Examiner profile of “Pixar University” which may have been the impetus for Apple University.

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  • Very Ironic - sorry but Vista 64 just works

    Why would I want to use OSX that doesn't allow me to do professional work?!

    This is Apple's genius, marketing schools to produce a market of automaton idiots. They don't know better other than a Mantra that Apple is better.

    Well newbies, try using Renderman for Maya and then discover that Maya only works in 64 bit on Vista 64 and NOT OSX !

    Ooops did the retarded editors miss that one!!? Will the paid off teachers actually give students relevent information about what they need to use?!

    Isn't this a HUGE conflict of interest at the detriment of students that PAID to get well educated but I guess not well informed. Not by paid off teachers or paid off editors.
    • Great! but don't call everyone else an idiot.

      It's a wonderful thing that Maya runs in 64 bit. In this
      case, Vista is your choice. There are certain apps on ANY
      platform that may not be available (or work well) on other
      platforms. How does your argument work for someone in
      a different field of work?
      What is your issue? You want to call editors retarded? You
      want to Educators to be ethically pure? Would everyone
      using Vista solve anything? Microsoft & many other
      companies train their users and those who sell their
      products, You sound like you have a personal grudge.
      What is your real objection?
  • That should give them a lot of career options.

    Like working for Apple or... um... Apple.

    Sleeper Service
  • It's an open concept for us right now

    Apple is working hard in the education
    field, both in selling Macs and with their
    podcast programs from various programs.
    They basically have the potential to do
    just about anything they want to do.

    I don't see this as simply training on
    Apple hardware and software (even
    though Apple has designed a class in
    programming for the iPhone for Stanford),
    but something that brings classes in all
    areas to individuals, consumers and
    education at various levels.

    Regardless, I believe that Steve Jobs will
    announce this sometime next year and
    we'll be impressed (and surprised?) at the
    effort the company has put into the