Google Apple collaboration at Macworld Expo?

Google Apple collaboration at Macworld Expo?

Summary: One of most interesting collaborations that could be announced at Macworld Expo is a partnership between Apple and Google.

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Google Apple Collaboration

One of most interesting collaborations that could be announced at Macworld Expo is a partnership between Apple and Google.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt was elected to Apple's board of directors on 29 August 2006 and the two haven't really done much together save a sighting of Google Maps integration in iPhoto. As I've said here before, Apple needs to do more with Google.

Steve Jobs' pre-announcement of the iTV has everyone wondering what Apple's new set top box will do. Sure there's the DVR potential with TiVO/Elgato, movie downloads from the iTunes store and possibly even Netflix but what about the world's largest search engine?

Google Video and YouTube would be a perfect fit for the iTV. adds some fuel to the fire:

Arnold, who heads Arnold-IT based in Kentucky, said he doesn't have any inside knowledge of an Apple/Google alliance, he's just connecting the dots.

He notes Google now owns YouTube and has the expertise and technology resources to move huge amounts of video files, a good match for Apple's ambitions with iTunes for both music and video delivery.

"Google is architected as a server company best suited for global delivery of bits anywhere in the world," said Arnold. "It could be one helluva combination; a new type of global, multimedia content network, worth hundreds of billions of dollars," Arnold told He also notes Job's role as an executive and major stockholder at Disney could play a role in any Apple/Google alliance.

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  • Video Quality??

    How come I never hear people mention video quality when talking about YouTube and TV.

    No doubt there is interesting content there. But what looks [i]mostly[/i] ok at 3 by 2 inches or so, generally looks pretty crappy at full screen, and would look truly horrible on a full size tv.

    The quality of the video would have to be maintained and transmitted for this to be really desirable. We're talking not only storage space, which Google is pretty good at providing, but also bandwith for delivery of the content.

    I don't think we're there yet. Do we need IPV6? What else? How long before these items are in place on a widespread basis, to make YouTube on my tube reasonable??

    • Great point

      I'll also add in that we're talking about user submitted video, which Google has no control over as far as quality.
      tic swayback
      • Different angle

        The technologies and bandwidth for a Google / Apple video project is available today
        and in use by Google.

        In regard to video quality I'd say that is not as important to YouTube viewers as is
        originality and creativeness.

        I'm sick of the boring, unoriginal yet polished rubbish being produced by traditional
        media outlets, vive the new generation of originality even if it means quality will
        initially suffer.
        Richard Flude
        • Other angle

          First of all, I'm not sure I'm quite tired enough of well crafted professional shows, such as the Office et al to say, ok bring on the dancing bears.

          But, if this manner of media delivery becomes more popular than the "polished rubbish" we see on HBO et al.....then who do you think will move into this market. We've already had actors on youTube playing roles and guess which video drew in the vast majority of "home" video viewers. The line will become blurred and nobody will know real from imagined. You won't know the difference. I say leave entertainment to the professionals. Unless you get a thrill out of watching a hillbilly burp the star spangled banner.
  • Google Apple Collaboration

    Google Apple Collaboration
    Reminds me somewhat of the Hiler-Stalin Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.
    The meeting of evil empires...
  • No Way

    While the YouTube angle would be a nice 'addition', I really hope that this isn't the only additional tie in to the iTV.. I already wonder if $299 is too expensive to stream shows from my computer to tv alone.. Having a tie in to be able to watch a bunch of kids to stupid stunts on their bikes and skateboards will not play in to adding any value to me.. I'd rather that Apple make tie ins with the networks so that you can locate and watch the shows that the networks already stream from their own sites. If you miss a show, you have a choice of buying if commercial free from iTunes, or watching a limited commercial version from the website..THAT would be great... On Demand TV from all the networks..
  • Apple Google Collaboration equals

    <b>Apple and O$X waving the white flag to Microsoft.</b><br><br> I guess $teve Job$ may finally be admitting game lost, were inferior, this is futile.