Hands-on with the Blackberry Storm

Hands-on with the Blackberry Storm

Summary: I got to spend a couple of hours today with the highly-anticipated Blackberry Storm (a.k.


I got to spend a couple of hours today with the highly-anticipated Blackberry Storm (a.k.a. 9350) from RIM and Verizon Wireless. I created an overview video (05:51) of some of its features and the overall user interface.

Some highlights include: the media application, 3.2MP camera (with flash and image stabilization), rear panel with removable battery, memory card and SIM slots, hardware buttons, accelerometer, hybrid capacitive/resistive touchscreen, Web browser and visual voicemail with archive and forward functionality.

Topics: Hardware, Mobility, BlackBerry

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  • Just the camera on that thing PWNS iPhone...

    Flash? Image Stabilization? Auto-Focus?

    Is it a full blown camera or a phone?
    • Being that...

      It doesn't really have a decent lens, I'm going to say phone.
  • Can't Get Video To Play

    For some reason, the video won't play on my computer.
  • That's very nice.

    However, I got annoyed by the sound of buzzing coming from the phone (it sounded like my Nokia under AT&T). It's hard to ignore the sound while you talk in the video.
    Grayson Peddie
  • Question about click screen

    First of all, great video even though the GSM buzz was a bit rediculous from the phone. I had a question about the click screen. Interesting idea, not sure if i like it or not but it seems that the screen and housing would have a very tiny gap in order to allow the screen to move up and down. if this phone will be in a pocket or rattling around in a bag, how succeptible do you think it will be to dust, lint and other dirt? I have enough problems with my DSLR and it's weather sealed. How will this hold up?
    • Never had a phone with a button on it before?

      Come on now...
      • having a phone with...

        a small plastic button with rubber behind it and a flat board to "receive" the click, and the entire screen as a button with the phone's vitals directly behind it is completely different. please, anyone else that has something useful to say?
  • RE: Video: Hands-on with the Blackberry Storm

    How does the screen move up and down...shouldn't it be stable?
    Celey Laroux
  • RE: Video: Hands-on with the Blackberry Storm

    Can't wait to get mine! :-p