Herding video content for the iPod

Herding video content for the iPod

Summary: While most of the video content on the iTMS doesn't make a compelling case for me to buy an iPod video I think that I've finally found a reason (or several) to buy one.


tikibartv-ipod.jpgSick of Lost or Desperate Housewives yet? Why would you purchase the Kanye West music video for Gold Digger from the iTunes Music Store for US$2 when you can download it from his Web site for free?

While most of the video content on the iTMS doesn't make a compelling case for me to buy an iPod video, I think that I've finally found a reason (or several) to buy one.
For starters, Tiki Bar TV is a video podcast that I discovered while sniffing around the iTMS one day, and I have to admit to being totally hooked on it. It's well produced, funny and just sexy enough to keep me coming back for more. Tiki Bar TV is about three characters that sit (and dance) around a Tiki bar while making various alcoholic concoctions.

If video podcasts aren't your thing vintage TV shows like Welcome Back Kotter, Growing Pains and 28 other series will be available for free from AOL parent Time Warner on its new In2TV service starting next year.

Some other cool content worthy of your iPod video include Bikini Calculus from the How-to-do Girls and The Broken which bills itself as a "borderline illegal computer show." More interesting free and legal video content is available from online television network Video Gourmet. While some of these programs will need to be converted to be viewed on the iPod video, it's easy enough to do with Quicktime Pro or several other tools out there (read the comments here for a bunch of Mac-specific tips).

If you still want more content to justify buying an iPod video bear in mind that you can rip a DVD to MPEG-4 for use on the iPod video using Handbrake and even download iPod friendly shows from BitTorrent sites like Podtropolis.

Now if only Apple would hurry up and release a 16x9 aspect ratio iPod, it's such a shame waste all that screen real estate on ugly black bars.

UPDATE: I removed the reference to Tiki being a viral commercial after confirming that it's 100 percent independent from Dr. Tiki himself. More about this issue in an upcoming post. 

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  • Tiki Bar TV

    Glad you like my show! It is not advertiser supported though. That press release was made without my consent and I have no deal in place with that company. I have resolved the misunderstanding with that company. The show is a lot of work and it's almost all me that does it. If I get a sponsor I will announce it. Maybe :)
    Doctor Tiki
  • Tiki Bar TV is not a viral commercial

    I think that if you look a little closer on the topic, you find that
    Tiki Bar TV is not a 'viral commercial'.

    Here is a quote from Dr. Tiki himself on this subject:

    "Viral Video does not make Tiki Bar TV. We do. My friends and I
    make it in my apartment for the fun of it. We have no deal in
    place with any advertiser and have never been paid to pimp any
    product. If Bacardi shows up with a crate of bottles and a big
    check we will not only let you know, we'll have a damn party and
    film it for you."

    "I find this nonsense all terribly irritating. You can like or hate
    the show, but be sure to do it for real reasons. There are a lot of
    rumors out there and I am certain there will be many more. The
    show is a lot of work you know. I need a drink."

    This can be found on the Tiki Bar TV blog site:

    and a reply from Johnny Johnny about this subject on: http://

    "Look, we?re not sponsored by anyone. I know, because I?m the
    guy in the Fez. If we?re sponsored then why do I have a receipt
    in my wallet for a shitload of booze which were the ingredients
    for our next episode? Shouldn?t that shit be free?"

    "Honestly, we make the show in the Doctor?s apartment. I have a
    day job. We ALL do. There?s no sponsor. The guy at Viral Video
    emailed us and was like ?yeah, I can get you tons of sponsors!?.
    Then he started making all these whacked out press released. If
    we?re sponsored then why do I have a bus pass then?" ...

    "The Viral guy is just some dude with a webpage. If you read his
    page, he?s laying credit for RocketBoom, Systm, and a load of
    other podcasts - which we all know he does?nt pay for. Nobody
    pays for RocketBoom but Amanda and Drew!"

    ..."Christ, I need a drink."


    I hope this helps clear this up.

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