I don't want an iPhone

I don't want an iPhone

Summary: Unless you've been living under a rock, you've been inundated with speculation and rumor about Apple's iPhone. Am I the only one that doesn't want one?

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iPhone concept #6,791Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably been inundated with speculation and rumor about Apple's iPhone. Am I the only one that doesn't want one?

AppleInsider reports that Foxconn Electronics (a.k.a. Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd.) has received an order from Apple for 12M iPhone handsets, that it will ship unlocked, equipped with a 2MP camera and even that iPhone could add 22% to Apple's earnings for 2007.

My problem is that I don't really want an iPod/phone hybrid - I'm more of a smartphone guy. Readers of this blog know that I'm a huge fan of the Treo (I live on the thing) and can't really see myself giving it up any time soon. The concept picture above (courtesy of iLounge.com) shows an iPhone as a smartphone, but that's a long shot. There's no prayer that Apple will release a smartphone right out of the blocks, besides Jobs hates PDAs, remember? iPhone is more likely to ship in a candy bar or slider form factor.

Granted, people that commute a lot via planes and trains may find an iPhone useful and students are certain to freak out over them, but for me it's not a great fit. Will I buy one? Probably, but not for use as my primary phone.

My question to you, fair reader, is "will you buy an iPhone?"

Use the survey before for simple yes, no, maybe answers. Elaborate on all your mobile phone wants, needs and baggage in the TalkBack below.
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  • I don't think I want one either

    I typically don't buy into the 'convergence' thinking. I want my
    phone to be a phone first and only. Same goes for my camera, my
    iPod and my PDA (MessagePad 2000). All separate, all designed to
    excel at what they do. As much as I am a voluntary slave to Apple
    gear, I may likely be taking a pass on this one too.
  • Apple iPhone

    A 2MP camera would be lame... my SE K800i has a 3.2 already. I
    doubt that Apple will only offer a low rez camera.

    But then I doubt it will be available in the UK for ages...
    Simon Harper
    • Might not be lame

      If it is primarily used for iChat . . .
    • My BBPearl

      has only 1.3 MP so this sounds about standard for 1st gen smartphones with cameras. I am sure future versions will have better res. This is one of the pitfalls of integrated devices, but then, if I REALLY want to take quality pictures I'll use my Olympus thank you very much. The phone camera is all about 'take it here and now' type of photos.
  • Maybe

    One of the most frustrating things is to miss a call because you are listening to your iPod. I guess that is not a problem for someone with their phone on vibrate and close to their body, but it happens to me all the time with my phone in a backpack. I don't need a phone at this point or an iPod, but I could see it as a good option for students who may be aquiring both soon.
  • The problem with hybrids...


    They're *rarely* good at everything and something has to give. (Remember the ROKR?)

    Will it be a great iPod?
    Will it be a great mobile phone?

    I sure hope so, but color me speculative.

    At least the unlocked part is a step in the right direction.

    - Jason
    Jason D. O'Grady
    • Yup - "Jack of All Trades, but Master of None"

      One of the big issues I have with hybrid devices is that they ultimately all share one battery.

      YMMV, but I'd want to be able to have user-configurable controls that allow me to "logically partition" the battery so as to not have playing music use up everythihng so that I then lose my cellphone capability.

      For example, when I'm travelling, I easily may have to go ~48 hours between recharging. As such, I want a hybrid device to always keep enough battery power for ~50 hours of standby, plus, say, an hour of talkingm and from there, whatever's left is what's available for playing music.

      If the iPhone doesn't allow for such partitioning to protect capabilities, then I don't want it, for it is a capability shortfall just waiting to happen...which will probably be a dead car battery in an empty parking lot at 2AM in a snowstorm and unable to phone for a tow truck.

      • 'Till someone does it right

        I have two iPods at home. Probably one of more vocal evangelists for the devices (not that they need evangelising). I don't really use them much lately. Someone mentioned here; carrying a phone and an iPod is just one too many devices. If I add my Tungsten 2 to the pile, I quickly run out of pocket space, unless it's winter and I have a jacket. Unfortunately, then, when a phone rings, I have to take the earphone out of my ear, put another earphone in (for the phone), or take the phone out of the pocket and, in the freezing cold, hold it to my ear. You'd be surprised how quickly these devices get cold in the wintertime.

        For those reasons, I now use Sony-Ericsson W800 walkman phone. The feature set is huge (MP3, AAC, video, 2megapixel camera with video, FM radio...). Unfortunately, it's no iPod. After using iTunes, it's just a royal hassle putting new songs on the device. I end up stuck with the same 4 hours of music for weeks. In the end, I switch to FM radio, when the music gets boring.

        Having an iPhone, which would pause your music, consolidate your devices, have Apple's legendary interface and, most importantly, work with iTunes, would be the ultimate solution to the gadget infestation.

        I hope this iPhone will be the jack of all trades, as well as master of them all. Chances are pretty good.
        Predrag Vasic
      • Partioning...great idea!

        Have you patented it yet?
    • You sound like you expect Apple to be like everyone else?

      Me I'm holding out to see if Apple can make it work and by that
      NOT be like everyone else so far.

      Pagan jim
    • A convergent Phone that would be worth a good hard look...

      [b]They're *rarely* good at everything and something has to give. (Remember the ROKR?)[/b]

      The other day, a friend of mine sent me a link to a phone that comes from Motorola that's a real head turner. The only hitch - it seems to only be available in Asia for the moment. It's the Motorola Ming A1200.

      At first glance, it looks like a communicator straight out of the original Star Trek - but that's only the start. It's a quad band GSM phone, has a 2 Megapixel camera, sports an FM tuner, MP3, MP4 and AAC music player, a mini SD slot, a business card scanner with OCR technology - so you can import business cards directly into your contacts list, has PDA functionality and runs Linux...

      <insert sound of derailed LP>

      Linux? Yup. Linux.

      How well it works, I can't tell you. Given the phone is fairly expensive and only seems to be available somewhere in the far east, it's not readily available for me to test - but damn.. It IS a cool phone.
  • I'd have to see it

    But if it's as described, that sounds good to me. I have a Nokia that I only use a small fraction of the functionality on. If the iPhone works well as a phone and for text messaging, and works as well as an iPod as a music player, then it will save me from carrying an extra device. No, I don't want the camera or any of the other bits. I really don't want to be in constant touch with my e-mail. If it's that important, people can call me.
    tic swayback
    • Providers also important

      Since these phones are reported as being delivered unlocked I
      hope they will access any of the available networks except T-
      Mobile who keep a restricted network.
      I whole heartedly agree with all your observations especially with
      respect to the camera issue. Would Apple be happy if employees
      were ruuning around corporate taking photos of their
      development labs. A lot of companies here in the East will fire
      you if you're caught having a phone with photo capability at
      work. So why risk your job for a few bells and whistles. The
      phone should come in two formats one with for the younger set
      and one for corporate professionals (THE SAME SHOULD APPLY
      TO THEIR COMPUTER LINE ALSO- What Corporation would want
      computers with video and picture capture on campus)
      Kenn Marks
  • I want one!

    I've been waiting for years for the iPhone, and I will have one as
    soon as its available!
  • Well, I didn't want one but after hearing about them.....

    I still don't want one.

    >>and students are certain to freak out over them<<

    Well of course students will freak out over them. They freak out over most everything, regardless of it's usefulness.
    • You might be surprised

      Even the best and most popular phones on the US market are always a political compromise between makers and carriers. Everyone pulls in their direction; carriers want features that will squeeze more money (sending pictures and videos; text messaging, etc); makers want more and more features, so that they can charge more. Ordinary users are ignored.

      Apple is not working with a carrier. It will not bow to anyone's pressure to put, or, more importantly, disable some feature, because it is not revenue-generating for a carrier. This phone has a good chance of having precisely the features most people really want from such a device. If it exists, and if they really are planning on releasing it soon, it's a safe bet that it will be wildly successful.
      Predrag Vasic
      • It's an Apple. Of COURSE it will be a success (if it happens).

        An Apple a day (or year) will keep Microsoft away! LOL ;-)
        • Microsoft?

          Thats the problem though Microsoft aren't a big player in the mobile phone market, Apples main competition will come from Nokia, Nokia continue to hold a huge market share in the mobile phone market and I doubt the arrival of an iphone will change that. Especially not going by the current details on possible specs, so far its got to be said they are poor at best and on par with a 2 year old Nokia handset. Apple should stick to making mp3 players where its hype manages to hide the fact its players just aren't that good, in the mobile phone market the hype will soon fall flat and Apple will be crushed by superior competition.
          • True, Nokia will be the biggest competition

            Nokia, is known for there rock solid quality and intuitive interface. and aesthetically they are at least fairly simple. (which is good)
            However, I don't see this as an attempt by Apple to dominate the cellphone market like it does with the MP3 market, but rather to add cellphone functionality to the iPod to further differenciate it from the rest of the mp3 market.

            I don't think many people are going to give up their nokia for an Apple mobile phone, but some may choose the iPhone as an Mp3 player over the Zune or iRiver because it can also make calls.
          • Skullet, you funny man ~

            "they are poor at best and on par with a 2 year old Nokia handset" - Pretty strange statement to make about a product that is not even real LOL ~ Remeber, there is NO iPhone (yet) so you can not make judgements (unless you are a Microsoft shill that bashes everything not Microsoft) ;-)

            I do agree that Nokia is King of cell phones will remain as such. IF Apple comes out with this product it is NOT to take away Nokia's market; just give iPod users what they want and make some spare change.