Inside the new MacBook Air's screen

Inside the new MacBook Air's screen

Summary: TechRestore's CEO sheds light on the hoops that Apple jumped through to save weight and thicknesss on its thinnest notebook ever.


Almost immediately after Apple launched the new MacBook Air, TechRestore began offering a matte finish screen replacement for its glossy screen.

CEO Shannon Jean told me that that they're using the same panel that Apple does. Apparently there’s only one panel like it being made right now. I also asked if it was any easier to get inside MBA now that there's no microphone in the display:

It’s much more difficult. The screen is paper thin and it’s not inside a housing like the traditional screens. It’s in layers, it’s insane. Perhaps you can do a post on this service, then I can send you images of the screen to do an additional post. I don’t think there’s ever been a screen like this used in a laptop. It’s very similar to a Sony PSP screen, where the LCD panel and backlight are separate pieces.

Like I mentioned, this is an ultra-thin screen that is not encased in a typical screen housing. Looks like Apple saved weight and space by keeping the parts separate. Very cool, except getting the screen out of the unit is a challenge with the Iron Man adhesives that Apple uses. Plus the fact that replacing the screen will require a dust free environment, since you are essentially peeling back the screen like an onion and there are all kinds of ways to cause damage. If you scratch the backlight layer, it will show through the LCD, if you get dirt/dust in between the LCD and reflective layers, it will show up, just to name a few.

Following are some photos of removing the screen on the 2010 MacBook Air.

More photos after the break...

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  • RE: Inside the new MacBook Air's screen

    The traditional screen is inside in a housing. Apple air's screen is inside in a layer to save weigh and space. What's the effect of this design to video enjoyment, and the quality of the display?
    • RE: Inside the new MacBook Air's screen

      @pennwarren The display looks fantastic - the pixel density is amazing.
  • CSS Fail

    Might want to check your "margins" ;)
  • RE: Inside the new MacBook Air's screen

    What exactly are we looking at in these photos? One picture labels the layers, but for the rest I have to guess.
    Marcos El Malo
  • RE: Inside the new MacBook Air's screen

    Having looked at in person I really do not see any "wow" to it.
    sos (same old sh....) just lighter - means repair costs will be higher...

    • RE: Inside the new MacBook Air's screen


      I can tell you're a classy glass is half full kinda guy?
  • RE: Inside the new MacBook Air's screen

    Hi there,<br><br>Take a look at our Flickr stream for some better explanations of each photo:<br><br><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a><br><br>Enjoy!<br><br>Shannon Jean<br>Founder<br>TechRestore
  • But the Apple haters ALWAYS said Macs use EXACTLY the same parts

    as PCs.

    I must have read dozens of articles and posts that Apple fans are deluded into buying 'overpriced' Macs as they use EXACTLY the same parts as PCs, are built exactly the same in the Chinese factories and there is no difference in quality...

    (.. they say that it's only by some gwad damn unexplainable miracle that Macbooks using the same parts as PCs have a longer battery life, last longer and are lighter...)
  • RE: Inside the new MacBook Air's screen

    @zenwalker You are joking, right?
  • LOVE IT!

    Seeing Apple gear torn apart thrills me!