Intel outlook not so rosey for 2006

Intel outlook not so rosey for 2006

Summary: Will Apple be able to release professional Intel-based Macs in 2006? Paul Murphy doesn't think so.


Paul Murphy's has an excellent blog entry on ZDNet yesterday that throws a cold bucket of water on the irrational optimism that Apple will launch a raft of successful Intel-based Macs in 2006. 

Quite a number of pundits have gone out and predicted the appearance of Intel based Powerbooks from Apple this January - but it isn't going to happen. In fact what I expect is either, or both, an Intel based Mini and/or some Intel based iBooks. Beyond that, however, Intel is just not going to happen for Apple next year - no Powerbooks, no iMacs, no Workstations, and no X-Serves.

While Paul agrees that cases can be made for the Mac mini and iBook going Intel in early 2006, he makes a pretty goood case as to why the rest of the Intel product line will take a while to catch up. His two main arguements for Intel Macs not reaching critical mass in 2006 are price...

Right now a $999 list price iBook sells in volume for something closer to $699 and earns a small but positive margin for Apple. The PowerPC G4 in that machine has a typical volume price of around $72, or about 10% of the selling price for the machine. In comparison people like Asus, Quanta and Hon Hai Precision (who make Dell, HP, and IBM gear) pay Intel on the order of $240 per unit for the two year old, 32bit, 1.8Ghz Pentium M predecessor to the "Yonah" line.

...and availability:

Unfortunately, "Yonah", even in its first 32bit incarnation, isn't ready and its full implementation successors, "Woodrow" and "Merom", keep getting further and further behind schedule.

Read the rest of Paul Murphy's excellent piece Apple rumours and realities.


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  • InHell mini makes a LOT of sense

    If it fails - no one cares. If you are desperate for a InHell mac - you buy the only one available (the cheap mini). When a better one comes out - you buy THAT one. THis is the same song-and-dance that mac users have gone through for years - constantly buying newer/faster/better macs.

    Not to mention that InHell ALREADY has a "mini" box - the one they hoped would be used for IPTV.
    Roger Ramjet
  • Chip costs makes sense

    If a G4 is $72 then it looks like it's going to be hard to put a new
    generation chip into a Mac mini or iBook. While Apple is very good
    at negotiating deep discounts they are not going to get better
    pricing than Dell. It's time Mac lovers rethought the January
    potential for the lower lines - I know I have been assuming that
    Intel would deliver equal or better processors for the consumer
    products than IBM did and, at a minimum, at the same cost or less.
  • Your problem is you haven't read the Intel HYPE over at Tom's Hard-on...

    See if you were one of the chosen few "Intel Friendly" journalist treated to a Dog & Pony Show on what Intel HOPES to deliver by 2008, then you'd write glowing reviews of how they are the technology leader, when they haven't had a techno lead or competitive product to AMD in TWO YEARS and won't have for at least another year. Instead of Yonah the YAWNER being on-time and competitive, it's late like all Intel "wet-dreams" for the foreseeable future and it ain't much of a chippie.

    So I'm sure you didn't REALLY mean this when you wrote it, because you'd be stating the truth and that would make Mr. Schmid at Tom's Hard-On, a SHILL for Intel... and their advertising dollars, now wouldn't it???

    You said:

    Unfortunately, "Yonah", even in its first 32bit incarnation, isn't ready and its full implementation successors, "Woodrow" and "Merom", keep getting further and further behind schedule."

    SOD, DD at InHell Central !
  • Keeping it bookmarked

    I'm keeping this page bookmarked for fun reading.

    Intel just announced Yonah will ship in January.

    So much for this Apple is Doomed scenario.