iOS 4.2 delayed due to iPad WiFi issue

iOS 4.2 delayed due to iPad WiFi issue

Summary: Rumors were running rampant that iOS 4.2 was imminent because a "GM seed" version had been distributed to developers -- but now it appears to be pushed back at least a week or two.


Rumors were running rampant that iOS 4.2 was imminent because a "GM seed" version had been distributed to developers -- but now it appears that it's pushed back "at least" a week and that another GM build will be released.

Three days ago MacStories reported Mac OS X 10.6.5 and iTunes 10.1 were set to come out on Wednesday, and iOS 4.2 would follow today -- November 12. Mac OS X 10.6.5 arrived yesterday (minus AirPrint functionality for shared printers) but iTunes 10.1 and iOS 4.2 didn’t arrive as predicted. But there's a reason...

The site is reporting that iOS 4.2 was delayed due to "last-minute WiFi connection issues experienced by many users running the GM build on the iPad." And that a second GM build could be released as early as tomorrow to address the WiFi issues.

The WiFi issues will likely push the iOS 4.2 release back at least a week, with the consensus being that it may not get released to the public until the week of November 22.

Here's a video of the bug in action:

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  • FUD, plain and simple.

    First off, there isn't a "Wifi connection issue", the issue is with the Wifi routers...all of them.<br><br>Second, look how many viruses there are for tell me how many there are for iPads. So, no, the issue isn't with the iPad.<br><br>Third, look at Apple's stock price. Obviously the problem is not with the iPad.
    • RE: iOS 4.2 delayed due to WiFi issue on iPad

      @SonofaSailor : Don't you just love how Fanbois defenbd Apple [their church] and usually Steve Jobs [their God] and have to put in something negative about Microsoft even though the article says nothing about Microsoft and then comment about Apple stock prices? Don't take everything too seriously!

      Be happy they found an issue becaudse usually Apple would just let the bug go. BTW, it didn't stop Apple from releasing 10.6.5 even with the PGP disk encryption.
      Gis Bun
      • My God (Steve Jobs)

        @Gis Bun
        Did deliver iTunes 10.1 today.
        Take that butt, I mean bun head.
        Go troll somewhere else.
    • RE: iOS 4.2 delayed due to WiFi issue on iPad


      Had one for a week to test it's HTML5. Used the WiFi on our business network. Had strange slow downs and drops repeatedly when using the browser.

      This isn't an isolated incident, the Mac forums have mentioned it repeatedly.
    • RE: iOS 4.2 delayed due to WiFi issue on iPad

      @SonofaSailor Im sorry but that's not true. See my post below for more specifics, but it wasn't a signal loss issue, it was a glitch in the networking subsystems.

      I had it happen on OS 3.4.2 and it started clear out of the blue, but doing a restore of the iPad software promptly made it go away.

      I count find any support on it at the time (around 4-5 weeks ago) but after seeing that video I immediately remembered that mine was doing EXACTLY the same thing. The error I had never seen anywhere before under lots of different circumstances would pop up anytime I launched safari or email.
    • Well

      @SonofaSailor I really hope this is sarcasm as it appears to be that or the most blatant case of denial I have ever seen.
  • RE: iOS 4.2 delayed due to WiFi issue on iPad

    This error is NOT specific to to iOS 4.2 golden master!!

    In fact I'm really glad I saw the video, because I thought I was the only one to have this problem--and mine happened on OS 3.

    After not finding adequate help for this online, and exhausting all the restarts and hard resets and everything else I could do -- including lots of fiddling with my TimeCapsule router -- I did a restore of the iPad and the problem promptly went away, never to return.

    But this little bug is certainly possible not only on 4.2 GM
  • a rumor ...

    only on zdnet a rumor becomes a fact. what a sad, sad state the blogosphere is in.<br><br>steve jobs: "I don't want to see us descend into a nation of bloggers... I think we need editorial oversight now more than ever."

    p.s. and how can it be delayed, when apple only said it will be available in november?
    banned from zdnet
    • Jobs: "...we need editorial oversight now more than ever."

      @banned from zdnet<br><br>And I'm sure he had <i>himself</i> in mind on who should be doing the oversight.<br><br>Let's not forget: 1) he rules the 'ecosystem' with an iron fist...from hardware to software to vendors and licensing, it his way or, well, you know. Let any other company try that and they'll be invited to a nice chat with the EU and anti-trust lawyers. 2) when the press went wild with the iPhone's antenna issue, (and yeah, appletards, it was/is an issue...I think that's been established) <i>he's</i> the one that called a crybaby press conference, pretty much just to whine "why are all you picking on me"

      Case in point: Gizmodo does something Jobs doesn't agree with...guess how many events they've been invited to.
  • Actually don't you mean the

    Apple has been clear, iOS 4.2 is "coming soon" in "November 2010." So Apple hasn't "delayed" anything, they just didn't release it when people <i>thought</i> Apple <i>would</i>. That's not a delay, that's Apple keeping its own timetable, to which the rest of us are not privy.<br><br>If things really worked the way your wording implies it does, the Verizon iPhone has been "delayed" about 50 times already. Hell, it's Apple's biggest piece of Vaporware ever.
    • RE: iOS 4.2 delayed due to WiFi issue on iPad

      @matthew_maurice But Apple has NEVER announced a VZW iPhone so the vaporware is not Apple's but is unsubstantiated rumors... and will remain so until there is an official Apple/ VZW announcement. So your claim of a VZW iPhone being Apple's Vaporware is inaccurate...
  • RE: iOS 4.2 delayed due to WiFi issue on iPad

    Can't wait.........I've been waiting soooo long for this!
    Everything you need to know about iPad:
  • RE: iOS 4.2 delayed due to WiFi issue on iPad

    How can it be "delayed" when Apple said it would be released in NOVEMBER of 2010? last time I looked we are STILL in November of 2010 - perhaps this article should have been posted December 1 provided iOS 4.2 was not released at any point in November.
  • ... who cares ?

    iPad has 256MB or RAM, I heard. It means that a next year's iOS 5 will likely kill it the same way as iOS 4 killed my iPhone 3G. So the question for me is: why would I even think about buying an iPad ? Burned once - bad luck, burned twice - a fool.