iPad's April 3 release a wake-up call to AT&T

iPad's April 3 release a wake-up call to AT&T

Summary: Apple has announced that the Wi-Fi iPad will be available for pre-order on March 12, 2010 for pickup at an Apple retail store on April 3. Apple notes that the Wi-Fi + 3G models will be available in "late April."



It's official. Apple has announced that the Wi-Fi iPad will be available for pre-order on March 12, 2010. You'll be able to pick it up at an Apple retail store on April 3. Apple notes that the 3G models will be available in "late April."

ZDNet's own Larry Dignan covers the story in copious detail. He's even got a poll asking, will you buy the Wi-Fi or the 3G model?

My question is will you buy both the Wi-Fi and the 3G model? I predict that there will be a glut of "lightly used" Wi-Fi iPads clogging eBay the day after the 3G model start shipping. I'm not sure that I want a 3G iPad -- even if with a pay-as-you-go data contract -- but I'll probably find a way to justify one after they come out.

AT&T needs to get its act together on tethering before the iPad ships on April 3. It needs to capitalize on the market for iPad users that will want to tether to their iPad to their iPhone. If AT&T doesn't release an iPhone tethering solution by April 3, it will lose a huge wave of revenue to iPhone owners who flock to underground apps like PDAnet to fill the tethering void.

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  • Early adopters beware!

    As is usual with Apple products, Version 2 will be what you wanted the
    first go round.

    I still don't get the iPad's intended use. All I can imagine it being useful
    for is surfing the web while on the toilet. I imagine if I pull up a picture
    of The Obama it will make my BM go a lot smoother.
    Hatestone Johnson
    • Yes wait

      Their first gen of stuff is always buggy and missing essential features. Look at
      the iMacs, they barely fixed the crappy screens a couple of weeks ago what
      kind of crap is that??? Especially since people are paying at least what $1,500
      for one.
      Wait people, don't buy it yet. Remember foxconn also was having some type of
      problems in the factories
  • I want an iPad BUT... Did you see the NEW Courier videos?

    I'm buying an iPad despite it being 1st gen and (probably) an update away from webcam and pricedrop. That's how much I believe in it. BUT... check out the Courier!!!


    As much praise as the iPad gets, the courier design aesthetics seem so much more natural as something you'd take on a trip/commute. I use all Apple products, but I'm brand agnostic in that I'll use the product that fits my life best. And it seems Microsoft has a great idea on their hands.
    • The Courier does look cool.

      But, at it is a big but.

      I still think this is 1-3 years out. There are several gestures that are
      duplicated on the videos (for example lassoing text). In each case, the
      action taken is different. Magically, the courier just "knew what to do".

      It looks like there are lots of design mockups going on here and not
      actual real product yet.

      HOWEVER, and this is a big HOWEVER.
      The design looks really darn cool and innovative. Similar to Apple's
      concept Knowledge book concept released 15 years back. Get the
      computer out of the way. Get the concept of Apps out of the way.

      The design concept is spot on IMO. I just think a deliverable product
      is future out than people think.
      • Re:

        "I still think this is 1-3 years out."

        It looks they will try to go out this year,


        This has stop my decision to buy the iPad. I hope the final product works as the videos from Engadget...

        • @dvm

          This could be nothing more than a FUD campaign like the one Microsoft used in it mission to kill drdos.


          This has more detail about MS dirty FUD tactics.
        • Or never...


          If you watch the videos, it is plain this is very conceptual (cool
          conceptual but conceptual). When you have a half dozen gestures on
          the same type of object under similar contexts that do totally different things, you can tell this is not close to ready.

          Don't get me wrong, this is the first concept since the 1980's concept
          of the Apple KNowledge Navigator that looks like it gets the concept
          of computing right. The user does not want to deal with apps and
          OSes and memory and connectivity and....

          I just don't see this coming for a long time. Think iPad Version 3 or 4.
    • @Urkel

      It does look cool, however what we see is a concept video, not and actual product. Whether or not it becomes a reality remains to be seen.
      Concepts rarely look like the real thing because things like reality get in the way during the engineering process and compromises are made, time schedules and budgets need to be met.
      • This is SOP for microsoft

        Over-promise, under-deliver, and pre-announce. The goal is to get
        people to hesitate buying a competing product.
        • You nailed it.

    • Courier is no more than a concept

      Courier is vaporware. It is just a concept. Windows is using old
      fashioned tactics in order to prevent consumers from buying another
      brand. See also M.J. Foley's blog.
      Not even the OS is known. I can draw up also some pictures, make a
      nice artists's impression of a product and make claims.
      Problem is that Microsoft has done this far too often and the seldom
      delivered. The fact that they announce a new Windows mobile OS a
      year before it comes on the market says it all. The fact that they do
      not realize that building in Zune and X box functionalities will make it
      unsuitable for LG, Sony or any other big consumer brand means that it
      will never grab substantial market share.
  • RE: iPad's April 3 release a wake-up call to AT&T

    Uh, no, Jason. Tethering gains AT&T nothing (except more
    traffic on their network). A 3G iPad gains them $15 without
    having to subsidize. I'm afraid now, we will never see
    tethering iPhones in the US.
  • Tethering

    OK, Tethering is needed in some scenarios, but I am still trying to get my head around tethering your iPhone to your iPad so your iPad can surf the web. I thought an iPad was just a big iPhone / iPod touch?

    No more time to think about this though. I have to tether my horse to my car so I can go home now.
  • RE: iPad's April 3 release a wake-up call to AT&T

    Well I have a Sprint Overdrive so I have internet most places when I'm not in my home WiFi. It has GPS but I'm not sure the iPad can get that info it just that really don't need GPS. I love being at a Mac meeting and I'm the only one downloading thing as everone else is stuck in AT&T HELL. I was in Austin and had 4G sold access key to the guys on both side of me for a Lunch!

    My customer wants one so I have to get one so were both getting the middle one All he want to use it for is HootSuite I think

    He's paying for it so ok by me

    Nashville TN