iPhone 3.0's hidden features (Update)

iPhone 3.0's hidden features (Update)

Summary: ??Apple's Scott Forstall mentioned that iPhone 3.0 has 100 new features, but he only demonstrated about 20.

TOPICS: Browser, iPhone, Mobility

??Apple's Scott Forstall mentioned that iPhone 3.0 has 100 new features, but he only demonstrated about 20. So what are the other 80 missing features?

More features are sure to trickle out in the coming days, here are a few that weren't demonstrated on Tuesday:

Tethering (pictured) -- One developer was "hacking around" with some carrier bundle files and iPhone 3.0 and somehow managed to activate the tethering preferences. Not only that, he was also able to actually tether his iPhone 3G to his laptop over USB. Based on the preference panel, it appears that you will be able to tether via USB or Bluetooth. (MacRumors)

Publish Video -- When you tap on an image in Photos, then tap the options icon, then Send to MobileMe the heading at the top of that window says "Publish Video." While it could be a typo, it could also be a hint that video recording is coming. (Engadget Mobile)

Find my iPhone --  A slider labeled "Find My iPhone" was found in the settings for a MobileMe email account. Sliding the switch to "On" brings up a dialog that says "This enables the "Find my Phone" service on your MobileMe account at me." When paired with GPS and/or Skyhook triangulation this could be a killer feature for finding a lost or misplaced iPhone. A boon for people like me that lose their phones daily. (Boy Genius Report)

Updated Podcast UI --Apple added a completely revamped UI for playing podcasts in the iPod application in iPhone OS 3.0.

  • The Repeat and Shuffle buttons are gone
  • A mail icon has been added, presumably to email the iTunes Store link
  • A scrubber that allows you to instantly rewind in 30 seconds increments
  • A Speed modifier that allows you to playback podcasts at double or half their normal rate
  • Variable speed scrubbing, which allows you to jump to a specific spot in the podcast by moving a little marker in the timeline.(Mobile Crunch)


MacRumors forum member getinline1 noticed that the 10MB cap has been removed for downloading Podcasts over 3G in iPhone 3.0.

I just noticed that I am now able to download podcasts from iTunes on my iPhone 3G 3.0 beta that are larger than 10MB while on 3G connection. Is this an oversight or is AT&T going to let me take advantage of my data plan finally?

Unfortunately the 10MB cap still applies to the App Store.

What have you found?

Photo: MacRumors

Topics: Browser, iPhone, Mobility

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  • Tethering

    If tethering is genuine, and not some mocked up screen shot, then I think I may take the plunge and get an iPhone (my carrier has said I am now eligible for upgrade from my Sony Ericcson K850i anyway). The video recording option possibility makes me want to wait for the next major hardware iteration though - a higher MP camera with flash is the final thing I am really waiting for!

    Would hate to get a 3G now only for a new iPhone to be announced in the summer! I'd be tied in for 18 months on the older hardware! Argh!
  • RE: iPhone 3.0's hidden features (Update)

    Great article.

    Issue after issue, the ZDNET writers prove why newspapers are going out of business each day:

    They rely too heavily on AP news and do not innovate or promote thinkers who have distinct opinions about anything.

    Thank you, ZDNET!
  • RE: iPhone 3.0's hidden features (Update)

    I would wait for summer if I were you!
    IT Observer
  • RE: iPhone 3.0's hidden features (Update)

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