iPhone and iCal syncing problems

iPhone and iCal syncing problems

Summary: Reader Paul Hitchcox noticed that Apple's discussion boards are littered with posts about iCal syncing problems with iPhone, (here's one that's grown to 73,000+ views). Here's another.


iPhone and iCal syncing problemsReader Paul Hitchcox noticed that Apple's discussion boards are littered with posts about iCal syncing problems with iPhone, (here's one that's grown to 73,000+ views). Here's another.

The major problem seems to be that appointments made on the iPhone aren't being synced to iCal; although iCal to iPhone seems to work fine (updates from the desktop are put onto the iphone).

Here are the two other links, although they're not as impressive as the first one.

Color me lucky, but so far I've had no problems syncing calendar events, in either direction. Although I can probably count on one hand the number of calendar events that I've created on the iPhone versus the hundreds that sync from my Mac to my iPhone.

What about you? Any problems syncing iCal to your iPhone?

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  • no problems here

    A shame there is no forum for things that go right as it would help to understand if a
    problem is really that relevant or not.
    The new Ical in Leopard has problems though, bugs and design flaws.
  • RE: iPhone and iCal syncing problems

    I'm curious if this is not a problem for Intel users, versus
    PowerPC users; I have the problem and use a G5.
  • Hmm, my iPAQ syncs flawlessly

    I couldn't imagine using a mobile PIM that only sometimes synced properly. My clients wouldn't accept the excuse "Well, ya see, my iPhone didn't sync properly and I lost your appointment. Sorry about that!" Maybe that is why the iPhone isn't suitable for business purposes. It would be one thing to miss a hair appointment because of your iPhone. It would be another thing entirely to rely on it for business.
  • All Technology Fails with You Guys?

    So, how come you guys only have problems with Macs or is any technolgy gear that you guys touch. You sure you guys are using it right? Are you running 220 volts or something? Man, if normal people have as problems as you guys have with EVERYTHING - we'd all gladly go back to living in caves. Maybe you guys need to write or handle simpler things like raking leaves or stacking logs ... technolgy fails you or you fail technology.
    • Reread

      He didn't say that he had a problem. Actually, the opposite:

      [b]Color me lucky, but so far I’ve had no problems syncing calendar events, in either direction.[/b]

      This is a tech blog...you know, the kind that lists out possible problems that other users have said that they had, in an effort to let people know potential issues. If you don't like that, why do you read? Just curious.
  • Forget iCal - what about Windows software?

    Forget iCal - what's up with Apple being so limited in the choice of synchronization software on Windows? There's no way I'm installing the virus prone Outlook on my system.

    More choices, please.
    • Virus prone Outlook?

      What are you using, like Outlook 97? Outlook has been virtually free of virus problems for the last 3 versions by default and the last 6 with a simple patch. The problem with viruses has almost disappeared with email security across the board - notice how now they try to infect you with a link to a malicious web site?

      Really now, try to keep up.
      Confused by religion
      • "virtually" + several patches for it + by MS = distorted image

        a simple equation for why everyone thinks outlook is horribly virus prone... there's still virii out there for it, there's still patches being made, there's still stuff happening. combine that with the fact that its patches are lumped in with the windows ones, and it appears even more buggy/virus prone.

        sure, it's not that bad overall, but it's got an image problem.
  • Clearing this is a serious problem

    problems with Apple products is religiously not supposed to be discussed in a manner that alerts the outside world to such things. Clearly, this must be stamped out like an errant Apple rumor website or such thing needing a curtain.
  • RE: iPhone and iCal syncing problems

    Yup: Annoyingly, the meetings I input on the iPhone don't make it
    to iCal.