iPhone could be a diversion

iPhone could be a diversion

Summary: There have been reports around the Web that Apple's much-rumored iPhone has been delayed and/or that it'll be a flop. Then it occurred to me - could iPhone be a diversion?

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There have been reports around the Web that Apple's much-rumored iPhone has been delayed and/or that it'll be a flop. Then it occurred to me - could iPhone be a diversion?

What if there's something else that Apple wants to feature at Macworld Expo, like a full-screen video iPod or even the already mentioned iTV? You barely hear about these two items that much any more in the build up to The Big Dance next month in San Francisco.

Since the iPhone reports first surfaced the Mac media has been swept up in the hype. It's almost a foregone conclusion that the iPhone will be announced at Macworld Expo. We've heard that it's in production, that it could be carrier-free, how it has a slide-out keyboard, etc., etc., etc. The rumors have been swirling for so long that we're now hearing that Apple is already working on iPhone version 2 and the bears have even begun to come out.

Rumors of the iPhone delay moved Apple's stock price to the down side last Thursday. AAPL shed US$1.79, or 2% on the news, to US$88.04, but it was off as much as 2.7% earlier in the day.

Apple maintains a legendary amount of secrecy around their Macworld Expo announcements and new products in general for fear that pre-announcing anything will steal the thunder of the big day on January 9, 2007.

Apple engages in a fair amount of misinformation in the lead up to Macworld Expo San Francisco too. They've been known to selectively leak plausible-sounding stories to various rumor sites around the Web to throw us off the scent. Sometimes there are so many different Macworld Expo rumors that it's virtually impossible to tell the credible from the decoys.

What if iPhone is just a decoy?

Topic: iPhone

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  • food for thought

    iPhone still seems far from reality in my mind, at least from the concept a tradional "mobile phone". Why would Apple want to deal with the hassle? I think all the press on the topic could be just a diversion...
  • Why take the risk?

    As other have mentioned, iPod was revolutionary so it dominated the market.

    The iPhone is different: there a lot of mobile phones out there and some of them are pretty darned great (Treo 700p for example). With expectations this high and an already crowded market Apple is taking a huge gamble entering the mobile phone market. If the iPhone isn't flawless (and how can it be?) the circling sharks will devour them.

    I'd rather see them release a full-screen ipod running OS X lite (OS XL?) then increase the screen size to 10-12" and release an iTablet.

    - Jason
    Jason D. O'Grady
    • How quickly we forget

      NO one was saying the iPod was revolutionary when it first debuted. In fact, the
      general consensus among the tech media was that Apple had laid a huge egg with
      an underfeatured, overpriced MP3 player that did less and cost more than all the
      other players in the market at that time.

      Media punidts repeatedly said Apple didn't stand a chance entering a mature
      market with an overpriced piece of hardware like the iPod and that it didn't offer
      anything revolutionary and that there were MP3 players out there already much
      cooler than the iPod.

      I predict in 5 years when Apple moves into another consumer market, these same
      pundits will be saying: Yeah, but the iPhone was revolutionary, and this market is
      mature with great products already...
  • The Apple Benefit

    After suffering for years with mobile menus that are basically all FUBARs I
    think that Apple can do well by bringing the same simplicity to an iPhone
    that they have with the iPod. Throw in some design elegance and it looks
    even better.

    I'm assuming that the initial offering will be a small, simple device that
    everyone says is over priced - which means it will sell very well. Next
    might come a more powerful version that basically has a stripped down
    version of OS X, allowing for tighter integration with the Macs.

    In terms of sales, that is a toss up. If the camera (I'm assuming it will have
    one) has a higher resolution then it gains in the market. If it can be carrier
    independent it'll sell even better. Maybe us poor souls in the US can finally
    get a GSM phone that will accept GSM cards from overseas - nice if you
    have to travel overseas on business.

    In the end, however, it is going to rest on the Apple design magic. If it's
    there then it will sell.
    • I'd buy that

      Heck, I'd buy a well designed phone that works really well for making calls and text messaging, but that didn't include an iPod or a camera. To me, getting 2 GB of music would be a rarely used bonus. But if the phone design is actually good (as opposed to the dreck currently on the market), it would be worth it, at least to me.
      tic swayback
    • Yeah, I second " tic swayback"

      in that most of these phones are pretty much dreck -- and to further that, I too, could do well without a phone with a camera or iPod. How about just a darn good phone, great reception, super vox quality, and a super clean interface?

      Sadly, the 'Marketing Gurus' don't seem to ting we want this kind of thing.
      • What?!?!? Blasphemy!!!!

        How dare you even THINK to presume that you know more about what you want than the Marketing GURU's do!!!! You Heathen . . .