iPhone SPAM can cost you

iPhone SPAM can cost you

Summary: This tip was shared with me over IM from Eric Nix:I had a pleasant surprise after returning from a trip to London. I forgot to turn the email autocheck off on my iPhone while traveling.


This tip was shared with me over IM from Eric Nix:

I had a pleasant surprise after returning from a trip to London. I forgot to turn the email autocheck off on my iPhone while traveling. Thanks to the PDF spam that was flooding my email account, I ended up with US$90 in data charges while in London for only 6 days. My total bill was US$180! I'm just glad I wasn't in Zambia. My bill would have been $1000 probably.

Lesson learned: turn off the autocheck prior to departure overseas. I'm glad he mentioned that to me because I'm going to be in Canada this weekend and it costs 0.02/KB for data roaming and o.79/minute for voice in the Great White North. Yikes.

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  • And This is Why..

    This is why I don't have a Smart Phone. Because of the amounts of spam, and roam costs it is just too darn expensive. So I keep getting a cheapy weapy phone and a small notebook with WiFi. Sure I am not reachable all the time, but what the heck... Quiet time...
    • Sometimes, I think . . .

      that we're TOO connected. There are people whom I know that get mad at my wife, because she don't turn her cheap phone on except to make a call. Heck, my associates at work get mad at me because I'll leave my phone on the desk. They haven't figured out yet that's by design . . . ;)
      • My phone philosophy

        My telephones (cell, land, whatever) exist for MY convenience, not yours.
        • Hear, Hear!!! :) (nt)

  • Does this blogger even enjoy Apple products?

    It seems every week I check in he is contributing more and more to the Apple FUD movement. SPAM!!! SPAM!!! SPAM!!! Oh the horror. Don't buy the iPhone it will strangle you while you are sleeping. Heh.
    • Typical . . .

      Mac Fanboi nonsense. He's not complaining about the iPhone, just reminding people they probably oughta shut off auto-retrieve of E-mail while out of the country . . .

      • Dweeb?

        What are we in 1985? Nice retort, gaylord. My point is his misleading headline and sensationalist "blogging". It's not what he is complaining but how. People use FUD to generate more hits which equals more dollars in their pockets. It is becoming common place in this wave of unregulated blogging that is destroying the trustworthiness of the net. So no this is not typical you JA. iPhone SPAM can cost you. It's all in a headline. BTW I would defend the Zune if FUD was being spread on a pro apple site. Pal.
        • Gaylord??? Please . . .

          Since I predate '85, it's an appropriate phrase. So quit yer whining, punk. As for the headline . . .It's HIS iPhone, so I doubt he's putting down Apple. And if it was a BORING Headline, you wouldn't have read it, so it served it's purpose, yes?

          In a capitalist society, it's OK to make money. That's how the site supports itself.

          And as for "Unregulated" blogging, exactly what are you proposing? That we monitor free speech? Only those whose comments agree with yours get to stay on the net?

          And I ain't your 'Pal', so stuff it.
          • Heh.

            Awesome. Blogging for the sake of communication of ones opinions is one thing. To host a site that is clearly supported through advertising and portrays itself as a source of factual news is another. I don't think we should regulate the practice of blogging at all.

            Did the headline serve it's purpose? Of course it did. That's why I read it and made a comment. Nice observation. You are quick on the logic there. Of course it's his iPhone. ZDnet bought him one to use and review. another bit of evidence regarding your quick wit. You're on fire! Listen I voiced my opinion. You took exception and resorted to child-like vocabulary in your response. What does that say about you? Not much.

            Punk? Nice. you started it when you ended your response with a nice little "dweeb". How mature is that? I know your not my pal but since you started throwing around those Cindi Lauper era "disses" i could not resist.
      • Then why mention the iPhone

        by name? This problem relates to ANY phone that can receive email.

        Simple answer: the iPhone is THE smart phone these days, so you put it in your article to get hits.
        • It also happens to be his phone of choice . . .

          I doubt that ZDNet got him one to use, but I could be wrong. When writing an article about personal experience, I would expect him to talk about his device, and then warn in general about anyone going out of the country.

          And you're right. Put it in the headline, and you get hits, but I kinda doubt that he would have mentioned the iPhone if he was using another phone, and this happened.

          'course I like to think that people aren't deliberately trying to agitate (exceptin' the trolls, like Axey, Nonzealot, Lovey, etc.), so I try to give the bloggers the benefit of the doubt, until they prove they're trolling . . .
        • Also . . .

          HE DOES cover Apple as his overall Blog (The Apple Core . . .), so I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that he is doing what he should be doing, and mentioning the iPhone in his blog in the headline would be a fairly common occurrence for him . . .

          Just a guess on that, though.
    • Dude, wtf?

      What is your problem? He didn't say don't buy the iPhone. He said that a buddy of his forgot to turn off the autocheck. All smartphones (or almost all nowadays) have this feature, and it is something that could easily be forgotten.

      Don't be an ass. Not everyone is out to get your precious queen.
  • Not a fiar article, any phone...

    with a data plan will have this problem, not just an Apple iPhone. I was on a cruise, have a Cingular 8525, forgot to turn it off. Had almost $500 in charges when I got back. Why? Well, RCI now has cellular service on their ships, romaing at $7.95 per minute, plus the 2 cents per KB. Even off the ship at port, the roaming will kill ya.
    • Damn that's 25MB, man...

      Or is the charges include voice, too???

      Man, that's something I can never afford... Won't be easy in my bank account...
      Grayson Peddie
  • SPAM costs, no matter what, how & where.

    This is not an iPhone issue per se, it is a (smart) phone data issue and even a
    computer issue.

    If you use your roaming agreement with your ISP to dial in somewhere else on the
    road (nationwide or international 800# billed per minute), if you use the hotel phone,
    if you tether your mobile, if you have an ISP with a download cap, ... SPAM wastes
    precious bandwidth and time.

    SPAM and advertising, on top of extremely poor coverage in my area and very limited
    voice needs, is a major reason I don't have smartphone. I don't want SPAM to waste
    my time and bandwith when I'm mobile. I don't want to deal with SPAM on a small

    I use my notebook on dialup or wifi, or the N800 on wifi.

    You don't have to be connected 24/7/365.
    Taking a break from cellphones, email and internet is very refreshing.
  • PDF Spam

    Yep the latest PDF spam (blank email with a pdf attachment) has clogged email for the last month. I get about 20 a day.

    So far no Spam program I know of handles these. Maybe gmail does, I have not checked.
  • Use IMAP not POP

    I'm sorry but your friend was downloading the entire message (including attachments), automatically??

    That's not right. When are people going learn that IMAP accounts are the only way to go with mobile email. Just download the header and grab the rest of the message only if you want it.
  • Is this the only industry...

    ...that charges you before you know how much you'll be paying?

    Does anyone remember back when pay phones started allowing you to use an access code for home billing (instead of using change) when making a call on whatever carrier "owned" the pay phone? I once made a call, figuring it would be high, like 50 cents a minute. When I got my bill later, I found out I was wrong - it was more like $5 for the first minute, and $1 for following minutes. I was NOT pleased.

    This thing with roaming data charges seems very familiar - all of a sudden, you're using a service and weren't even aware of the costs. In this case, it may actually be worse because you might not even be aware you were USING the service.

    The primary providers and billing service must provide a way to alert you of unexpected costs BEFORE you are charged. "This activity will incur additional costs at the rate of $X/y. Proceed? Y/N"

    • You are informed of the charges..

      in your plan. You do read that, right?

      Then, of course, your phone has an icon that tells you if you're roaming, doesn't it?
      Just because it's the size of a gnat, doesn't mean it's not there.

      So, you know the price, and you know when you're roaming. Many phones havve
      timers, as well, so you can figure out the total cost of the call. The math is up to