iPhone's 'Final Four' buttons

iPhone's 'Final Four' buttons

Summary: Aren't Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware updates convenient? I have a sneak feeling that Apple could add up to four more applications to the iPhone by the time it ships.

TOPICS: iPhone, Mobility

iPhone Final FourAren't Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware updates convenient? I have a sneak feeling that Apple could add up to four more applications to the iPhone by the time it ships.

After all, wouldn't it would look much better with the front screen covered with apps? With only eight days to go, here are my picks for the "Final Four:"

  • iChat
  • Pages
  • Numbers
  • Texas Hold'Em

I'd be more than happy to substitute Pages and Numbers for desktop syncable versions of Google Docs and Spreadsheets.

Update: After some thought, I'd rather have a dedicated RSS client in place of the Texas Hold'Em game, although a port of the iPod game shouldn't be that hard.

What are your picks for the iPhone "Final Four?"

Topics: iPhone, Mobility

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  • Forget adding buttons...

    ...what about removing them? What happens when they run out of room, will you have to scroll past YouTube to get to something actually useful? No games for me please.
    tic swayback
  • Quicken

    I know it would probably be a 3rd party app, but Quicken would certainly be handy
    application to have.
    Prime Detailer
  • None

    I have a feeling they would do the opposite and not add anymore buttons until later. Personally I like the open space below as a separation between the static bar and the buttons on top. Hope there will be an option in the settings to customize the menu though.

    This was all well planed by Apple (Marketing), to add YouTube 2 weeks before launch. Gives those considering buying one the extra push, knowing more surprises from partners like Google & Yahoo will come to the phone the same way (over-The-Air).
  • Keynote, Pages, Terminal, Parallels

    Oh, and a mini DVI port on the side so I can give my presentations directly from the

    Well I can dream, can't i? :-)
    • Parallels?!

      Please don't tell me you want to run a virtualised Windows Mobile on your iPhone. I can't think of a worse thing to do. I use Windows Mobile day in and day out and it really really really sucks. It's like a mini Windows 3.1 that crashes a lot.
  • Why does everyone, keep tlking about

    how many buttons are on the front of this phone?
    Hasn't anyone noticed that it's got a zoom function?
    Maybe the Icons get smaller as you add applications...or maybe it has some sort of flip function to access others, after all it seems unlikely that What you see on the front is all you're going to get...when you consider "all the cool apps" Jobs talked about.
    Is it me, or do some of these "observers" seem a bit myopic at times?
  • Final? No way.

    Many of us will have no use for many of the "buttons" on the phone. One thing a smartphone needs to be in customizable. I have little use for sms, calculator, flights, dining. I want more apps and choose them. iphoto, maps, GPS!, email and browsing multiple pages. Until these are more forthcoming, I'll have to pass.
    • GPS!

      yes, i want GPS also! Why have maps without GPS!

      I also want data storage and the ability to put data on my iPhone on the road.
      Belkin has one for the video iPod and i hope it works here as well. I do photography
      and would love to be able to dump my cards while traveling without having a
      notebook to lug around. If it recognizes a photo card (like Macs do) and offers to
      import so i can view them right then, that would be GREAT!

      Richard Getz
      • If it recognizes a photo card....

        Nope! There's no slot for one.
  • Watch for iPhone 2.0

    iPhone 2.0 won't have any buttons because Apple's philosophy is to charge more for less and the Apple zealot's philosophy is to apologize for everything that Apple does. The iPhone 2.0 will cost $2,000 and have no buttons on it at all. It will simply have a picture of Jobs for you to admire.
  • RE: iPhone's 'Final Four' buttons

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