iPod on your Treo

iPod on your Treo

Summary: There have been several attempt at merging the iPod and the mobile phone but each has so many compromises that most people end up going back to carrying two devices.


mocean.gifThere have been several attempt at merging the iPod and the mobile phone but each has so many compromises that most people end up going back to carrying two devices. There's no question that the next big breakthrough in mobile technology will be the hybrid mobile phone/music player, and frankly, it's Apple's game to lose.

Apple expects to ship more than 52 million iPods worldwide by the end of 2006 and is clearly the de facto standard in portable music players with an enviable 70+ percent of the market. The problem for Apple is that there are more than 2.2 billion mobile phones in use worldwide and if people have to chose one or the other, people will chose the mobile phone every time.

No wonder there's been so much speculation about Apple releasing a hybrid iPhone, if they don't they're going to get their lunch eaten. If pressure from the Sony Ericsson w700i (which now plays AAC files) wasn't enough, along comes mOcean. This US$20 application for the Palm OS from Motion Apps morphs your palmOne Treo into a pseudo-iPod. Just check out the interface...

It's not perfect though (here come those compromises that I mentioned): DRM protected files cannot be played, .aac and .ogg can only be played only when transferred using the iTunes conduit and the conduit only works with iTunes 6 or later for Windows XP. The Mac conduit is expected soon.

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  • Streaming is the Future

    Forget putting an iPod on your Treo... if you have a Treo,
    PocketTunes, and an unlimited data connection then you have to
    check out GlooNet (www.gloonet.com). Installing the server will let
    you browse your iTunes library via Blazer and listen to your
    Podcasts or Music by streaming directly to your phone. Doesn't
    work with iTunes purchased music (obviously) or plain AAC, but if
    Apple were to embrace this setup with an iPhone then there would
    be plenty of room in the market for an iPhone and an iPod.
    • Streaming IS the Future

      Couldn't agree more. The iPod is now totally obsolete. It's lost it's way through the forest. With Orb (www.orb.com) any Windows Mobile enabled device with 802.11x or 3G cellular service can stream audio, video, live TV, recorded TV or share photos from any PC (TV tuner card required for TV features) connected to the internet. It's simple. Install, configure shared folders, done. Stream your home media center audio to your car stereo, watch that episode of Lost while waiting on your food, or share those photos and video of your new baby with Grandma and Grandpa seconds after they were filmed. THIS IS THE FUTURE OF ENTERTAINMENT. This is the revolution!

      Oh, and if you run only Macs, well, sorry :(
      Biggus Dickus
  • Better options for Treo owners

    I recently reviewed mOcean on EverythingTreo.com and I don't view it as a threat to the iPod. From a hardware perspective, the iPod is successful due it's simplicity and ease of use. Central to this is the click-wheel. When using the "virtual" quick-wheel on mOcean, it didn't match the experience of using an actual iPod. The iPod experience works on the iPod. There are other MP3 players for the Treo that do not imitate the iPod, but are actually more suitable for the Treo - PocketTunes and Busker. That being said, as smartphones become more prevalent, they are chipping away at Apple's core business.
  • I agree...

    There are better options for treo owners... you can read the rest of
    my comments on <my website>
  • this is not new

    Us Treo folks have been using P-tunes for a while, and love streaming web radio stations, as well as playing mp3's.
  • PDA battery

    I bought a replacement PDA battery for my PDA about a month ago from <a href="http://www.laptopsforless.com/pdahandheldbattery">www.laptopsforless.com</a> and it works great. Is there any reason to think that a replacement PDA battery would be any worse than the manufacturer?s replacement?