Is this the iPad 2 screen?

Is this the iPad 2 screen?

Summary: 9 to 5 Mac and iFixYouri iPhone 4 repair have acquired what they believe to be an iPad 2 LCD, fresh out of China. Details are scarce but it could support previous iPad 2 rumors.

TOPICS: Hardware, iPad, Mobility

9 to 5 Mac and iFixYouri iPhone 4 repair have acquired what they believe to be an iPad 2 LCD, fresh out of China. And no, I don't mean photos of the screen, they have the actual screen itself.

At this point, we cannot tell if the resolution is higher (or “Retina”) but it is definitely higher quality in terms of its build.

This would make perfect sense for the iPad 2 as the screen in question appears have a slightly higher pixel density, less bezel, glass-on-screen (like the iPhone 4) and an overall thinner profile, which would allow for a thinner profile and/or a larger battery, consistent with recent rumors.

The part numbers on the rear have a similar naming convention to the part used in the iPad 1:

  • LP097X02-SLA3 is the old iPad part
  • LP097X02-SLN1 is new

More evidence that the photos could be the real-deal include the letters "DVT" printed on the back label, which Apple has used forever internally to denote a "Design Verification Test."

I'm calling these real.

I hope that they're going to try to power that puppy up and report on its pixel density. At a minimum, someone should be counting those pixels under a microscope!

Seven more pictures over at 9 to 5 Mac.

Topics: Hardware, iPad, Mobility

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  • RE: Is this the iPad 2 screen?

    Who cares. Would rather wait until Santa arrives on stage tomorrow to unveil it in New York with Rupert.
    • Yeah, rather have a LG 3D Slate or an Atrix

      iPad/iPad 2...

      Old technology and behind the curve.

      Android leads Apple follows. Like Apple once overtook MS on the smarthphone World, Android is doing the same to the iPhone/iPad/iPods/iOld
      • SUPER TRUE!

        @Uralbas look at ALL the talk is about anymore - honeycomb!! its in vaporware mode right now but the ENTIRE world is excited about it!! once they wake up (tired from all the excitement would be the reason they slept threw the demo) honeycomb willl take THE WORLD BY STORM!!!
        Ron Bergundy
      • RE: Is this the iPad 2 screen?

        @Uralbas ok...ok... I get it...ha ha, very funny.
      • RE: Is this the iPad 2 screen?


        You have a funny idea of leading and following - You claim Apple overtook MS and that one day Android may catch it.

        Then you claim that Apple is following that which you claim is trying to catch up to Apple.

        Logic fail? or just no sense of time?
      • RE: Is this the iPad 2 screen?


        By old you mean proven, refined, excellent interface and industry leader. That's pretty big shoes for the "new" to fill.

        The ipad is a proven winner, the Android pads to date are mediocre at best. Honeycomb might be what is needed but it can also be a train wreck. Until it is in users hands for sometime no one will know for sure.

        Don't forget that Apple is not standing still and so far has a much better solution then anything out there in addition to the best price point. It is also questionable if the competitors will be able to beat this price point. Time will tell.
      • RE: Is this the iPad 2 screen?


        This makes no sense - Who is leading and who is following? It seems that you are as confused as Android in TRYING to KEEP UP.
  • RE: Is this the iPad 2 screen?

    Frankly, I'm surprised they didn't get it powered before they released the photos. It's not as if they have to get an image on it, just the back light, then the pixels can be magnified and counted in a square area. And no, it's not going to be a Retina display. At this size the iPad would have a higher resolution than the 27 inch iMac which just isn't practical, nor energy efficient. Resolution will probably increase to 1280x800 or thereabouts, just enough to claim true 720P HD video playback.
  • RE: Is this the iPad 2 screen?

    ...or is this a decoy for competitors to chase?
  • Really?

    Has it come to this? Look, Look, this might be the new iPad screen!!! Big Woop.
    • RE: Is this the iPad 2 screen?


      Yeah, kind of agree with your point here.

      Does anyone have pics of the voltage regulator for the iPad2 yet?

      A pic of a solid state component is not very interesting.

      Specs are slightly interesting though - if there were any.
  • RE: Is this the iPad 2 screen?

    Retina display on a 10" screen is nuts, and a total waste of money - not like the iPad is cheap.

    1080p (landscape) is what it should be aiming for, driven by accelerated graphics, and a dual Core A5? chip.
    • Agree - 1080p would be plenty.

      @neilpost Even though it would only be full HD, they will most likely label it as "Retina" despite the lower DPI count than an iPhone 4. Personally, I don't care what they label it, as long as it is full HD capable. If the screen isn't improved at all, it's going to be a hard sell for me to buy one.
  • RE: Is this the iPad 2 screen?

    The new Ipad 2 is said to for sure come with a dual core A9 chip and the new dual core 543 GPU. That combo is actually better than the Tegra 2 and should be able to handle 1080p. That would give them the better tablet again. Yes the Tegra 2 can handle 1080p now but only at 10mbs and Baseline profile. These new chips in the Ipad 2 could handle 1080p in High Profile and 25mbps which is true Bluray 1080p. The Xoom or any Android tablet hitting the market in the next 6 months can't do true bluray quality 1080p.
    • RE: Is this the iPad 2 screen?

      @BDA123 I'll believe that when I see it. BTW, RIM's Playbook has those specs and will do 1080p with dual core. It'll release sometime next month. I don't think Apple will catch up with this but we'll see. There is a rumour floating around that the Playbook will support Android apps (which wouldn't be that hard for it to do as it runs POSIX) but I'll believe that when I see it as well.
  • RE: Is this the iPad 2 screen?

    WOW!! It's going to have... ummmmm... a display panel... I bet they also have some casing, and... get this... ELECTRONICS inside also.

    Wow. THIS is earth shaking new. A display panel! WOW!!!
    • RE: Is this the iPad 2 screen?


      Maybe it's all a sham - they released this to mislead us. The big news is that it will not have a display panel.

      They fooled us all!!!
      • RE: Is this the iPad 2 screen?

        Astonishing, but I think you are on to something here. It's a telepathic device!
  • RE: Is this the iPad 2 screen?

    I think i just heard Steve Jobs Screaming. Something about heads are going to roll.
  • RE: Is this the iPad 2 screen?

    @BDA123 okay okay... so the chips and the display may or may not handle 1080p and "true bluray". Does that really get us anywhere? We certainly wouldn't be able to stream bluray over 3G... would be hard-pressed to do it over 4G... and might even be disappointed if we tried over wi-fi.
    And wimpy onboard storage, and no removable storage... how does one really take advantage of "true bluray" even if the hardware IS capable.