iWork '07 wishlist

iWork '07 wishlist

Summary: It looks like Apple is preparing to make a big splash at Macworld Expo in January with iWork '07.

It looks like Apple is preparing to make a big splash at Macworld Expo in January with iWork '07.

Apple is believed to preparing Charts 1.0, a spreadsheet application that will round out their iWork '07 suite. I prefer the name that Apple trademarked in June 2005 ("Numbers"), so that's still an option. The new spreadsheet program will be make iWork '07 an honest-to-goodness challenger to Microsoft MBU's Office for Mac.

Pages 3 is reported to get two modes, Word Processing and Layout, to separate the discrete editing functions (lookout Adobe InDesign). Apple will most likely integrate Charts into Keynote 4 in addition to more cinematic transitions, Apple-created themes and more high-quality clip art.

A really nice bonus would be for Apple to add a database application to the iWork suite, it's the only application that's missing. They can either license or acquire Filemaker (which just turned Universal) or build a Microsoft Access-equivalent tool for Mac OS X.

What about a professional version of Mail? Email is arguably the most used single application on anyone's computer - Apple could improve it. Or Apple could take it another step further by rolling-up Address Book, iCal and Mail into one killer groupware app. An elegant Apple groupware application could be a real Outlook killer. iPlan anyone?

Do you use Pages and Keynote now? (Sure you do.) What percentage of time versus Word and PowerPoint?
What do you want to see in iWork '07?

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  • iWork '07 wishlist

    >[i]It looks like Apple is preparing to make a big splash at
    Macworld Expo in January with iWork '07.[/i]

    As an iWorks user (Keynote is incredible), I am excited by the
    rumored improvements to iWork, especially to Pages. However,
    Pages will never become a useful word processing or page layout
    application unless (1) Apple stops changing its file format, and
    (2) creates and makes available an API for add-ons. Without
    links to bibliographic applications such as Endnote (or Bookends
    or Sente), academic and scientific professionals will be unable to
    use Pages. I am certain there are similar tools that are essential
    for other professions.

    Until then, we are cursed to continue using Microsoft (spit)

    Best wishes,
    • You should investigate Mellel II

      If you haven't already.
      Mellel II (http://www.redlers.com/) is a great word processor that
      works well with Sente & Bookends.
      Benton Rich
      • Re: You should investigate Mellel II

        >[i]Mellel II (http://www.redlers.com/) is a great word processor
        that works well with Sente & Bookends.[/i]

        Thanks. I looked at Mellel several versions ago, and will look at it
        again (I think, among other things, I objected to Mellel's brushed
        metal style; happily, Apple so far has resisted the brushed
        metal-variant-of-the-week look for Pages).

        On the other hand, I already own Pages, and I really do like its
        page layout abilities. It just won't work with Endnote, which is a
        deal-breaker for me. :-(

        I will look again at Mellel.

        Best wishes,
        • You can now change it

          You can now choose the "aqua" look or "brushed metal" look in
          Mellel II
          Benton Rich
  • Umm Ahh

    the author said; "They can either license or acquire Filemaker". Apple owns Filemaker, formerly Claris, also wholly owned by Apple.

    Clarisworks/Appleworks alwyas had a superb database - call it it Filemaker Lite. Additionally, Clarisworks/Appleworks had full vecter multipage layout under the draw function or you could insert a draw section into a word processing. The spreadsheet function was also superb. Basically, Apple is reintroducing Clarisworks.

    Clarisworks 5 was the best of all versions. When Apple came out with 6, which worked on OSX, they screwed it up bigtime.
  • iData 2

    I wonder if Apple would consider buying iData 2 for a lightweight
    database in iWork '07. It would be a nice addition.
    Benton Rich
  • iWork

    AppleWorks 6 has been fine since the last 2 updates, really since going OS X. It is a really useful program and I still use it from time to time especially if I am laying out a flyer from scratch and don't want to fire up InDesign. It's layout abilities and graphics creation have not been surpassed in iWork. While Pages layout features are nice, and the templates provided really pro, there is not enough of either. There is no way to draw or paint/ manipulate like there was in CW 5 and AW 6. Adding Charts will not even bring this on par with CW2 as there is still a need for a Database. Now if Charts is a combined program- spreadsheet and data that would be sweet. There are so many nice little cocoa draw and paint programs out there Apple should just buy one and retool it like they did with iDVD and iTunes.
  • So far, I am still using

    a combination of AppleWorks 6, Claris Imact 2.0 (for flow charts
    with custom elements I made with Adobe Illustrator) and more
    recently, a stripped down free word processor called 'WriteRoom'
    which completely fits my writing needs perfectly. Any layout stuff I
    need to do is done with an old version of Quark 4.

    That said, I am keeping an eye on how iWork progresses. To date,
    no dice.
  • How 'bout "Data"?

    Instead of a spreadsheet addition to iWork, I would like to see a
    DATABASE app. For years, FileMaker/Claris has bragged that you
    can do more with data and number in a database app than you can
    with either in a spreadsheet like Excel.

    Maybe iWork should include Data, a FileMaker Lite-type app. Just as
    Photoshop Elements brought Photoshop to the masses, and Final
    Cut Epxress served as a step between Final Cut Pro and iMovie, so
    Apple could do the same with Data.
  • Keynote wishlist

    I have set this list to Apple a while ago so I hope they've
    listened. The show production company I work with wants to go
    all mac and I'm delighted! I do need some enhancements to
    Keynote to be a total fanatic though:

    1. Interactive flash. Right now it can only animate. I want to be
    able to interact with the flash either by mouse or keyboard.

    2. On-slide animation. I need to be able to move items around
    on a slide, not just off and onto a slide. Sometimes it's nice to
    have a product alone and centered and then move it to the side
    so descriptive text can then appear next to it. I could also make
    much nicer walk-in/break looping commercials.

    3. Video loops shouldn't stop if I jump around the slide order.
    Sometimes during a show, I need to jump around using the
    presenter screen and the background video stops if I do and I
    can't do anything about it.

    4. I create media-rich slides and quite often, my Keynotes lose
    their links to video and flash files when I do a "save as" or copy
    from a cd. This especially happens if I have used the same flash
    element or video on several slides via copy/paste to get the
    position duplicated. Copying and pasting a media element
    creates a newly-named instance of the media file in the Keynote
    file set and I may lose the link to "flashticker-8.swf". Since I
    design offsite and copy to a showsite computer this can be
    frustrating. Even masters sometimes lose their video link.
  • Oh - and one more thing...

    In Keynote, you need to be able to insert an audio file as you do now, but be able to
    click "play through" so that the audio will play on subsequent slides. Just assigning
    an audio file to the entire slide show is not nearly enough.
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