Leopard to include iWork and iLife?

Leopard to include iWork and iLife?

Summary: Think Secret is reporting that the next major update to Mac OS X (10.5, a.

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

Think Secret is reporting that the next major update to Mac OS X (10.5, a.k.a. "Leopard") will arrive in June, probably during Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

The interesting part of the story is that Apple is reported to be mulling the inclusion of iLife and iWork as free part of the OS X package "in an effort to further play up the extra value and features Mac OS X offers over Microsoft's new Windows Vista."

This would be an interesting move since Apple currently charges US$79 for a license of iWork '06 and US$79 for iLife '06. iWork includes: Pages and Keynote. iLife includes: iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD, GarageBand and iWeb.

I think that it's a great move, but will Apple have to increase the price of the OS X upgrade to cover the revenue lost on iLife and iWork? 

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  • Could be a good move

    If their new iLife suite does a lot more, it's a way to get it into the hands of all new users and drive demand from those with older machines. And if they're upgrading the iLife suite, they might just consider upgrading the OS instead -- which is $129 instead of $79.

    I don't think iWork is relevant at this point. They should give it away to build marketshare and mindshare -- no one I know uses it (and I know a lot of Macintosh users).
  • Doubt it...

    New systems that come with Leopard will have improved versions of iLife loaded on them. I doubt that the cash flow of extra software sales will amount to a "lot" for upgrades, but it is relatively free money for them and Apple has never ignored an opportunity to rake in more dough.

    I think that Think Secret got it wrong this time for both iWork and iLife being added for "free".
  • Give up annual upgrades?

    I would be surprised if Apple would give up the annual upgrades,
    unless they feel that they are about at the end of the roadmaps for
    both apps. I just don't see waiting until OS X 10.6 before either app
    is upgraded.

    I wouldn't be surprised, however, if they include both apps for current
    users that buy Leopard as an incentive. Maybe free, maybe

    The challenge for Apple is that they have continually improved both
    iLife and iWork each year and I don 't see them stopping now,
    especially on the iWork side as it needs to get to the point where it
    can fully replace Apple Works.

    My guess is that both apps will be included free in every new Mac
    sold and the annual upgrades will continue.
  • iLife Yes, iWork No

    I can certainly see them throwing iLife into the initial Leopard release - after all, they already give away iLife with every Mac sold. I think you'll get iLife 07 with your Leopard upgrade for, say, the first year or so. After that, it'll go back to an annual paid upgrade (the next one of which will probably be iLife 09).

    OTOH, I can't see them doing the same with iWork. I wouldn't be surprised to see some incentive for buying it along with your Leopard upgrade, but I'd be shocked if they gave it away.
  • iWork - why?

    The only worthwhile thing in iWork is KeyNote, which I don't need. Other than that, their development efforts would be better spent on OpenOffice than on re-inventing everything. I use NeoOffice almost exclusively these days, except for a few things in AppleWorks. I say: stop wasting time on Pages, don't bother writing a new spreadsheet, and put the effort into developing OpenOffice. It desperately needs to get the XWindows dependencies partitioned off into a UserInterface module that can be replaced with a native Aqua frontend. NeoOffice is good but its hybrid C/Java architecture kills performance.
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  • Why charge more for lost revenue?

    If they charge more then it wouldn't be [b]FREE[/b].

    I suppose it would be like the [b]FREE[/b] minutes you get when you [b]PAY[/b] your mobile phone bill;)
  • Hmm...Someone did this before...hmmmmm

    I seem to remember another company that "bundled" software and caught major hell from people cause they said the company was stifling competition. I guess when Apple does it, its ok though right? I am trying to remember that company's name.....hmmmmm....oh yeah! I got it! Microsoft! First ya bash MS for doing it, then do it yourself. Great Copy Cat move. :-)
    • You're comparing Apples to Lemons

      The point you are attempting to make is futile. There's something called market share, and something else called monopoly. When a company has >90% market share, there are additional laws to abide by. Regardless of how poorly our country enforces existing antitrust laws, they get broken all the time by U.S. corporations.

      You obviously have no understanding of these deeper issues, preferring to skim the scum off the surface via sarcasm and Gatesian fanboyism - and your effectiveness reminds me of the security level in Microsoft's products... In other words, not so good.

      But hey, you thought you had a clue, so you ran with it.
  • Death to Pages

    The only reason I have a copy of iWork is it was a gift. Keynote is decent, but not worth $80. Pages is totally worthless. Apple would be better served to kill off Pages and release Keynote as open source. Adding the work in Keynote to OpenOffice would be the biggest contribution to open-source Apple could make. Also, if Apple would help with improvements to OpenOffice, it would then have the kind of mainstream backing to make it a better, more powerful application (not just for Mac, but also for Windows and all of the open-source operating systems out there).

    Until then, I'll keep using MS Office 2001 and 2004 for Mac and MS Office 2003 running in an emulated VMWare Windows 2000 Pro environment.