Mac OS 10.5.2 a lemon for music

Mac OS 10.5.2 a lemon for music

Summary: Long time colleague and editor of Peter Kirn confirms what I've been saying for a while: Mac OS 10.


Long time colleague and editor of Peter Kirn confirms what I've been saying for a while: Mac OS 10.5.2 is a dog. Granted, my issues with 10.5.2 were mostly with Skype audio, but they're audio-related nonetheless.

Kirn's piece today on CDM Leopard Audio Woes and Digidesign; 10.5.2 is a Lemon for Music? calls Apple out for audio problems in 10.5.2 with audio applications, specifically lagging Digidesign and M-Audio drivers. "The more we learn about Leopard, specifically 10.5.2, the worse it get" he says.

Kirn goes on to say:

Ironically, my household PC running Vista is now running music stuff just fine. Part of the problem as I see it goes beyond any one OS – audio performance is incredibly delicate, and no matter what Apple complains about “controlling the whole widget,” if desktop OSes are going to do multimedia well, the whole set of priorities and quality control needs to be reevaluated. It seems like it’s something no one is saying: for all the focus on the Web as the home of development, what we should start to expect from the actual OS is less eye candy and more conservative, long-term nuts-and-bolts reliability.

Read more about the issue on CDM:

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  • Well, there goes two OS's straight away!

    [i]"...what we should start to expect from the actual OS is [b]less eye candy and more conservative, long-term nuts-and-bolts reliability[/b]."[/i]

    There goes Mac OS X and Vista straight out of the window then!
    • reply

      Hello Linux....
      • As much as I love ubuntu

        As much as I do love ubuntu, finding a single media player to support all of my audio and video needs is next to impossible. I find myself using 5 different media players. They too need to rethink a few things.
        Doug Buck
        • For video...

          VLC plays everything I have ever thrown at it. But audio players leave a lot to be desired.
          • Amarok

            Have you tried Amarok? I personally find it superior to any other music player I've tried.
        • Ununtu Media Players

          I know I don't want an all-in-one media player. Audio and video both have different needs and trying to throw it all into one basket just makes things overly complicated and more prone to failure. The Linux motto has always been, "Do one thing and do it well". This needs to continue or we may end up with too much of Windows' problems.

          Rhythmbox has always proven suitable for my audio needs and Mplayer handles video like a champ. There are also other solutions out there such as the suggested VLC.
    • a beryl of laughs

      there is one worse culprit in the linux world...
  • Agreed

    I'm running Vista and I can't for the life of me see how half this stuff benefits me. MS put so much effort into the eye candy that drivers burned us in the MS world as well. Creative Audio was the worst culprit with crappy drivers.

    It's sad Apple dropped the ball too.

    I completely agree that consumers "just want it to work" and companies have to re-evaluate their priorities.
  • Ahh the echo chamber effect

    Where ten people shouting in the bathroom think they're a
    majority because they sound really loud.
  • Zero Audio issues here

    I have not seen *ANY* of the audio issues that have been mentioned here now or in the past. Neither have any of my friends which do audio recording for a living. Be it garage band, logic, Pro Tools, etc. Skype audio always works fine for me, as does recording audio for other uses.

    This sounds more like a small problem felt by a few people who want to make it sound like a large problem.
    • Sounds amazinglly like the people

      that have a problem with Vista:

      [i]This sounds more like a small problem felt by a few people who want to make it sound like a large problem.[/i]

      I guess it is like the news: "Bad news sells".
      • Yup

        A lot of vista issues are felt by a minority that just happens to yell about it in a very loud way.
    • Ditto here!

      Running 10.5.2, I have not seen any audio-related
      problems. And I agree: someone is hell-bent to
      make this into a bigger issue than it really is.
      'Skype' (or any audio-related app) works just fine on
      OS X 10.5.2.
      • I use a MIDI controller under 10.5.2

        I use a MIDI controller, an e-mu XBoard, under 10.5.2, and don't experience problems, and I've used it both with Garageband and Propellerhead Reason with good results.
        Ed Lin
  • This is why I hate blogs..

    95% of people aren't having problems with Leopard (or Vista
    for that matter). Look, every OS has its bugs that need to be
    ironed out. Bloggers love to hyperbolize!
  • RE: Mac OS 10.5.2 a lemon for music

    Actually just this evening we got patches through our mixer
    manufacturer with Apple's new firewire audio as a patch
    along with patches from the audio company. Looks like it has
    solved the panic issues we were having. Hurrayyyy!
  • RE: Mac OS 10.5.2 a lemon for music

    "M-Audio", "lemon" and "drivers" used in the same sentence should be no surprise to anyone who has suffered with their buggy drivers in the past. I grew very weary of snap-crackle-pop "M" audio and crashed drivers with every OSX security update long ago, and rid my studio of anything made by M-Audio in the audio path (I'm not a hater, they have some great products, except for audio interfaces). Give me a class compliant device any day!
  • No problems here

    In fact I'm astonished to learn that anyone is having
  • Depends...

    I know for a fact that high-end pro-audio apps
    like Protools will not function properly if a new
    OSX update is available ... causing serious
    instability issues, crashes, audio-core hiccups,
    sound output issues, incompatibilities, etc. OSX
    updates may possibly affect any of RTAS, VST,
    MAS and AU plugins as well.

    I am also a professional Protools user. I cannot
    just install blindly any update on my Mac Pro
    since I have all kinds of pro-audio apps
    installed in it.

    I have to do my research first.

    I would usually check Protools' support pages
    and forums first and to see if any new updates
    will be either safe to install or whether cause
    major instabilities on my system. I will install
    OSX updates only after which I get the green
    light from Protools and other company sites
    (which develop the rest of pro-audio apps
    which I use). Many times I have to wait for
    updates for my audio apps from such
    companies before i do anything else.

    As a matter of fact, once OSX updates are
    approved, I am then instructed that I should
    download OSX updates as standalone installers
    .... and NEVER to use/go through OSX's built-in
    auto Software Update feature.