Mac OS 10.5.2 = Apple Vista? (updated)

Mac OS 10.5.2 = Apple Vista? (updated)

Summary: I've heard many different complaints about Mac OS 10.5.


I've heard many different complaints about Mac OS 10.5.2 since it was released, from my own Skype/podcasting problems to issues with just about everything else, including: printing, third-party wireless routers, software freezing and problems with Time Machine. The Apple discussion boards are littered with stories about all kinds of crawlers in 10.5.2, and while hardly an epidemic, they're not exactly isolated incidents either.

Chuck Freedman from the PowerPage Podcast shares his problems with 10.5.2 on his MacBook Pro – he thinks it's the buggiest software update in years. So much so, that his friend Dennis (updated to give proper credit) coined a new term for 10.5.2 – "Apple Vista."

The picture below isn't a screen grab of the latest maze game, it's Chuck's MBP screen after a spectacular 10.5.2 crash.

Mac OS 10.5.2 = Apple Vista?

Read more about Chuck's tale of woe and check out six more gallery images after the jump.

Late in 2007 Apple began releasing its new operating system, Mac OS 10.5 (a.k.a. Leopard). With new hardware announcements in early January 2008 Apple began shipping this new OS with all new computers they sold, and wow, what an OS. There were tons of new features to knock your socks off. From then on, all Macs purchased came with Leopard pre-installed – life was supposed to be good.

During the early days of 10.5 Apple found a few bugs and tweeks and released an update to Leopard called 10.5.1, and again, all was well. I continued to operate my MacBook Pro running this new OS with near flawless behavior. I could go days (sometimes weeks) without rebooting my machine. I could run a dozen applications simultaneously and all was good.

In February Apple began shipping their Time Capsule backup appliance which allowed me to have a wireless network and shared network attached storage – something I'd been waiting for. Time Capsule allowed Apple's new Time Machine software to automatically back up my data to a shared network drive and restore it easily. A great concept, but it still needs some bugs worked out (that's a topic for another article.)

In order to get my machine to see, utilize and understand the Time Capsule, I had to upgrade my Mac to 10.5.2. Without hesitation, I did. From that day forward I've been running the worst operating system I've run on a Mac in years. My machine now runs slower and if I run more than a few applications at a time, it barely operates. It takes nearly six minutes to wake from sleep, and when it does finally wake, the mouse bounces around uncontrollably and requires a hard shut down to fix.

Again, time on my side, Apple released a keyboard firmware update to fix some issues. I applied the update, but didn't see any fixes. Shortly thereafter Apple released EFI firmware update 1.5 - well things can't be any worse (so I thought), so I applied it. Boy was I wrong. See the screen shots. Only days later Apple released EFI Firmware 1.5.1 which fixed more, but at this point my machine was dead. I've sent it in to Apple repair to get it fixed, and I'm waiting for its return.

If I wanted to run on a buggy crappy operating system, I'd pickup a PC running Microsoft Vista. I don't expect this from my Mac. Mac OS 10.4.11 (Tiger) ran great whereas Apple Vista just appears to be immature and needed more time to cook.

Also, I know that Apple wants to push sales of Leopard but I don't like being forced to upgrade because of some new piece of hardware is released. Rather than force 10.5.2 down my throat because I spent more money on a Time Capsule, why not just give me a driver or application to install. The OS should be hardware independent.

In the meantime, my Apple Vista machine is in for repair, and I'm writing this on my trusty Tiger machine.

Well, I guess the good news is that 10.5.3 isn't too far behind. It's pretty far along in testing with Apple developers and could be released to the public in the next two weeks.

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  • How do you know 10.5.3 .....

    .... is good news. it might just take off where 10.5.2 left off.
  • RE: Mac OS 10.5.2 = Apple Vista?

    OS X's problems PALE by a mile in comparison to Vista - this
    is a non-story.
    • What problems?

      "OS X's problems PALE by a mile in comparison to Vista" What problems does Vista Have exactly?? Tell us since you must use Vista, since you know it must have alot of problems, what problems are you having?
      • Obviouslly, the picture shows it takes only one

        problem to make a Mac nothing more usefull then a paper weight
        • Oops: Meant as a reply to systemx <nt>

      • None?

        Due to the lack of replies to the comment above, I guess there are no problems in Vista.

        Apart from the original ones that were fixed pretty quick...
        • Vista Problems Fixed???

          How do you 'fix' forcing your customers
          to upgrade their hardware to run an
          overly bloated OS? Did all these MS
          customers get cash rebates from MS to
          compensate them for having to buy a
          new machine?
          At least Apple has let users of older
          machines participate (so far) in the
          upgrading of the OS's. The day is
          probably coming soon where that will
          no longer be the case, but the G5
          people should still be pretty happy
          about things.
          • Hmmm

            I have an old 15" apple I book that I used to use just to keep up with the new flavors of OSX so that I can support the new features but that cant run Leopard so I guess that apple owe me a new laptop by your logic.
          • Free Apples

            Yes, I have an old PowerMac/60 at home in my basement. That won't run OS X anything. I've even upgraded the thing, lots! It's got a massive 64MB of RAM and a 3GB hard drive (up from 8MB and 1.2GB factory specs). That old Mac should run OS X, right?!? If not then Apple owes me a new one, right?!?
          • well... we all want new pc's anyways right...

            How does any industry make a profit after all.

            in a few years... hardware performance with vista will be a non issue.

            if you look on the bright side of things...

            its just an operating system before its time (a little bit anyways)

            hardware is catching up fast.
          • Hardware's already a non issue for me with Vista.

            I never had a problem with my home built box when I installed Vista. Most problems I have actually seen have been apps. Frankly I have more issues with my Mac and OS 10.5.x than I do with Vista. But that's probably my fault, because I can't make the best most intuitive OS do what I want without researching every little thing.
          • Older machines on Vista

            My son has an AMD 1800 using 1 GB Memory. He runs Vista Ultimate 64. The problems that are happening in Vista are more 32 bit problems. If you get rid of the crapware and run 64 on an AMD, you don't get problems.

            I suspect that if you look farther into the Leapard problems, they may be more because of the intel system than the OS. When Apple used there own chips, they had less problems because the design was compatible with the OS. They have gone down hill because of the change to Intel.
          • Pot calling the kettle black

            Did the G5 owners get cash rebates for having to buy a new Mac to run the recent versions of OS X?
          • G5 Cash Back

            My dual 1.8 G5 has no trouble with OS X 10.5.2, interesting it could be the case of the Intel processor being the problem. Has anyone checked into this being the case?

            From my reading, no. Speculation and bashing. The same old PC preachers against the Mac Choir.

            Oh, my G5 dual 1.8 with 4 gig ram, replaced my Vista Dual Core 3.0 with 2 Gig ram that never did run smooth. Now my wife wants a Mac to be rid of my old Vista machine.
          • Forced Upgrades

            MS didn't force me to upgrade anything to run Vista, it was the Ubuntu folks that forced me to upgrade! I wanted all the fancy cool Compiz visual effects, so I had to upgrade my video card and RAM to support Ubuntu. The video card required a bigger power supply, and then after all those Ubuntu upgrades my PC was ready to run Vista!

            Honestly, nobody has forced me to do anything (other than pay taxes). Vista has been a truly GREAT OS for me. I love it. It never crashes, and I can do so much more, so much faster, than previous versions of Windows. I've been running Vista since the BETA, and like I said, it's awesome. The people complaining probably haven't ever tried Vista, or they may not have given it a fair chance. Just like the upgrade from DOS to Windows, there is a learning curve. Once you learn it, you can use it. Once you use it, you might like it.
          • Unforced Upgrades

            You would have had to upgrade your video card and RAM anyway if you wanted vista's equivalent of Compiz. Heck, you'd probably have needed to upgrade the RAM just to run Vista itself.

            My 256mb RAM, 1GHz PentiumIII runs Ubuntu just fine.
          • And my

            4 mb ram 386SX runs DOS 5 and Win 3.1 without any problems. In fact 80mb harddrive installs all that apps that I need for the system.

            Did you even read his second paragraph? His argument was that he upgraded the hardware because he wanted to do it not because the OS forced him to do it.
          • If you are upgrading your hardware

            to only run a new OS then you're foolish. Why upgrade the OS when the current OS works with your hardware?
            I can see wanting to upgrade your OS if the apps that you use require the newer OS, but most app developers don't develop their apps to just run on a newer OS. They will generally write the app to support the last few OSes figuring that a majority of their users are still using an older OS.
      • Pale in comparison with Vista? what is vista?

        Hmm and all you windows enthousiasts are falling back to XP.
        By the way 10.5 was a disaster, 10.5.2 is flawless in my case
        • not so much pal, since sp1 i will upgrade

          Ive already owned a vista "home premium" new machine, and yes i like xp ALOT.

          Just like XP SP1 there were alot of growing pains also,

          remember 180 million copies of windows 98 were sold, and alot of people liked the old way of doing things.

          this is no different. Almost all products and hardware (recent ... within a few years) are vista compatible now, and all popular software too.

          I would be money the SP2 and Vista will knock peoples socks off, like the developers intended.