MacBook Pro orders queue up

MacBook Pro orders queue up

Summary: Like most people eagerly waiting for a new notebook to replace my aging PowerBook, I almost fell off my chair when Steve Jobs announced the MacBook Pro at last month's Macworld Expo keynote address in San Francisco.


macbook-pro-status.jpgLike most people eagerly awaiting a new notebook to replace an aging PowerBook, I almost fell off my chair when Steve Jobs announced the MacBook Pro at last month's Macworld Expo keynote address in San Francisco.

After the keynote was over I couldn't hit the refresh button fast enough on the Apple Store so that I could place my order for the first Intel-based notebook from Apple. As soon as the store opened I zipped through the options and slapped down the plastic for a shiny new 1.83GHz Core Duo MacBook Pro.

I placed my MBP order on January 10, 2006 at 11:02 AM PST according to the View order details button on Apple's Order Status page. Like Steve promised, the MacBook is listed as shipping in mid-February, on the 15th to be exact. What I don't really get is the delivery date. Even though I opted for the faster shipping service (for an extra US$18) which is listed as "2-3 Business Days" on the Apple Store, my delivery date is estimated to be February 23.

Then I got to thinking about it. When I cruised through the configuration screens on the Apple Store, I remembered that I had selected one option that wasn't included in the standard bundle, a larger hard drive.

120GB Serial ATA drive @ 5400 rpm [Add $100]

I couldn't go back to a 100GB drive after already having an (almost full) 120GB drive in my current PowerBook. As I wrote about in a previous article the new MacBooks use a Serial ATA (or SATA) hard drives, so swapping in the 120GB Ultra ATA/100 drive from my current PowerBook wasn't an option. So, now my MacBook Pro is technically a Configure To Order, or "CTO."

MBPRO 15/1.83 CTO

Could three little letters add an extra five days on the delivery of my MacBook Pro? Hard to say, but it's possible. A representative at Apple told me that the eight day gap between the Estimated Ship By and Estimated Deliver By dates is due to the fact that the MacBook Pros are "shipping from China." I'm not that worried though, Apple has a history of under-promising and over-delivering on their delivery dates. I just hope that they pre-built some in the popular configurations and that they don't get stuck in customs.

When did you place your order? What's your Estimated Delivery Date? Post yours in the TalkBack section below.

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  • HA HA

    I ordered mine at 10:55 AM PST and it's due in on Feb. 21.
  • One less in the queue

    I initially had one on order as well. I've since cancelled it. How
    apple can continue to ship a pro laptop with only a one button
    trackpad is beyond me. Even the iMac ships with a mighty mouse.
    This might be a little thing to a lot of people, but I'm sick of apple
    not addressing it. They've lost my business until they catch on.
    • Cancelling mine too

      That's the only way to teach them a lesson. I'm going to cancel mine because they STILL don't include a little piece of velcro on the power cord. I mean COME ON APPLE, the ThinkPads have it! And how about a CompactFlash reader!
      • Yeah right!

        So, you ordered an Apple Laptop then found out it STIll doesn't
        have a piece of velcro on the power cord. Right. Of course. That's
        the first thing I checked for. Of course you did.
        Stop trolling and get yourself a life.
      • Oh, how lame can you get.

        Neither my 2005 PowerBook or IBM ThinkPad have a CompactFlash
        reader, BUT they DO have USB 2.0 ports which allow me to use a
        little widget you can get at Radio Shack. As far as the velcro is
        concerned, I find that more of an annoyance. The Apple AC adapter
        with the pop-out prongs is MUCH more intelligent solution. It's
        obvious you don't have a clue about what you are talking about. (I
        smell Troll.)
  • CTOs cost time

    I ordered a 20" G5 iMac at 6 AM on the day they were announced
    and added AirPort and BT (they weren't standard on the rev a).
    When the G5 iMacs started shipping the ones with BT were delayed
    over a week. It might have been a delay in getting components or
    just Apple getting out as many stock iMacs as possible in the first
    week or two. The wait, however, was worth it!
  • And the Bitch-Fest starts ALL over again . . .

    Once these Rev.1 MacBook Pros are delivered the they will be
    lauded as the greatest thing Apple has ever created -- then the
    bitching and whinning will begin. "It runs too hot" "It's too thick"
    "It's too thin" "It's a crappy build 'cause it didn't survive a three-
    story fall onto pavement" "It doesn't run fast enough" "It runs too
    fast" -- and we get to hear ALL about it in glorious detail. Early
    adopters. You gotta know I love 'em!
  • long shipping

    It's a holiday weekend, so depending on where you ive, leaves on
    15th, wont move anywhere on sat,sun or mon so 3 days would be
    the 21st.... 23rd dunno
    John Faitakes
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