MacBook RAM grease

MacBook RAM grease

Summary: A picture cropped up from a MacBook user claiming that it's thermal grease that leaked onto his RAM strips.

TOPICS: Hardware

This picture cropped up from a MacBook user claiming that it's thermal grease that leaked onto his RAM strips.

...the thermal grease applied to the internal components has leached into the RAM slots on my motherboard and have 'soiled' the DIMM's with thermal grease.

Apple notebook users get anxious over pictures like this because of the whole thermal grease over-application fiasco that plagued the MacBook Pro back in May 2006.

It turns out that the compound is actually a non-conductive, lithium grease that's applied to ease the installation of RAM chips and it's totally harmless. Some claim that the grease was added because MacBook RAM slots are slightly too thin for the chips.

Topic: Hardware

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  • Weird

    Even if it is harmless, it looks bad.
  • Grease

    Just bought a MacBook today and upgraded the RAM to 1GB. The two 256MB DIMMs had the same white stains on them. Havent touched them yet though. Any buyers out there?
  • Ugh


    My mother bought a refurb 1.83 GHz MacBook several weeks ago. I
    remember what a pain in the rear it was to swap out the standard
    RAM in favor of aftermarket chips totalling 2 GB. It took hours to
    get the chips properly seats so the MacBook would run.
  • Slightly too small?

    So Apple/Foxconn custom designed and made a special RAM
    slot that's slightly too small? Seriously people, there's WAY TOO
    much paranoia floating around. I remember having customer
    complains about brake jobs when I worked as a mechanic. "You
    smeared grease on my brakes so I'll have to replace them early!".
    The 'Grease' was anti-squeal compound used to dampen brake
    vibrations. Even when the customer was informed about it that
    didn't mean they dropped the 'Grease' complaint. I'm directly
    equating 'Macbook RAM grease' to this same behavior. Hopefully
    media outlets will alter their reporting being that they are aware
    of this? (Nah, won't happen.)
  • RE: MacBook RAM grease

    'non-conductive, lithium grease' is used every day to help prevent corrosion between electrical contacts. Those who have ever changed a light bulb on their car quite likely have encountered this. Even some brands of exterior Ethernet Cable are infused with this grease to help keep moisture from being a short contact issue. My first thought was some form of fungus growing on the copper contacts as the MacBook I was servicing came from a greenhouse, but upon getting some on my fingers I quickly thought lithium grease. As this is the first time I have encountered this on ram, I thought to research this further. I consider this to be a tribute to the care Apple puts into its manufacturing process. As I have encountered bad contact on ram due to corrosion before, (Often resolved by placing a thumb on the ram and rocking it firmly between the contacts of the slot), this is an elegant preventative measure.
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