MacScan releases free Mac trojan removal tool

MacScan releases free Mac trojan removal tool

Summary: With the arrival of yet another trojan targeting the Mac, antispyware vendor MacScan on Tuesday updated and renamed its trojan removal tool.


With the arrival of yet another trojan targeting the Mac, antispyware vendor MacScan on Tuesday updated and renamed its trojan removal tool.

The previous version was called the iWorkServices Trojan Removal Tool, and SecureMac changed the program's name to the iServices Trojan Removal Tool.  The company said the updated tool is also a free download and detects and removes the new variant trojan found on pirated versions of Adobe Photoshop CS 4 for Mac OS X.

This trojan is working its way around various P2P networks and with various packages as the vector for infections. The first version was discovered in copies of iWork 09, which was introduced at Macworld Expo earlier this month.

According to MacScan:

Like its predecessor, variant B obtains root privileges, and notifies the remote host of the infected computer's location on the Internet. It is recommended users avoid downloading pirated copies of these programs. What's more, it is anticipated that new variants will be discovered in the coming months in other software packages distributed by third parties over the Internet.

Topics: Malware, Apple, Hardware, Security

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  • This is REALLY bad news for Apple

    The #1 reason for switching is now gone. Before, idiots could safely download anything they wanted in OS X, run it, give it root permissions when it asked for it, and everything would be okay because no one wrote malware for OS X. Those days are gone. There is now no incentive for [b]anyone[/b] to spend twice as much for a Mac since they no longer get any extra safety for their $$$$$$$$.

    However, this is also REALLY good news for Apple! It does mean that their marketshare has grown. Too bad that marketshare growth hasn't gone unnoticed by the "bad guys". :) :) :)
    • Are you sure that it wasn't Apple who released this Malware?

      It might sound ridiculous but it's also profitable for them to do so.
      • How so?

        [i]...but it's also profitable for them to do so.[/i]
      • I was thinking

        the exact same thing, since the trojan logs the IP of the user. It would be
        an easy way to send out cease and desist requests to the user's ISP.

    • Not really bad news for Apple per se

      The reason I say that is if anyone grabs software from an untrusted source and provides admin access to the OS to install it they are going to get it irregardless of the OS - Windows, OS X, or Linux.

      None protect against user stupidity. ;)
  • Message has been deleted.

    • Message has been deleted.

      • Destruction!!!

        Sure, that works, as long as you don't mind DELETING EVERY
        FILE ON YOUR ENTIRE SYSTEM in the process. Sort of like killing
        the mosquitos in your backyard with a nuke.

        Talk about abusive posts.

        Hopefully nobody is dumb enough to actually do it.

      • Shameful

        It was evil what BillyBadAss suggested to destroy your system

        But it was shameful when NonZealot back that up

        It just goes to show you what kind of people they are. You better take a good hard look at yourselves. What goes around comes around ...
      • DON'T DO IT!

        This will delete EVERYTHING.
      • Very very low; even for your standards NZ.

        Your posts are usually pretty lame, though I must admit
        that I have had the occasional laugh at some. Sometimes
        the way you twist words and arguments is a little comical.
        But to back up a post that instructs the destruction of
        systems is in no way funny at all. It is stupidity at best.

        Remember, not all people that read ZDNet are techies.
        Some are just people that enjoy the blogs and want up to
        date info on their system. I really hope that nobody
        followed the advice and just took you for the dim-witted
        fool that you are.
        A Grain of Salt
    • ZDNet, please remove post: it instructs people to delete whole system.

      A Grain of Salt
      • Don't just delete the post

        Delete BillyBobBadAss' account as well.
      • Doesn't it seem...

        ...that the more successful the Mac platform becomes, the less secure some people get? These security annoyances are just severe enough to remind people to Be Careful Out There - generally sage advice in [i]any[/i] situation. They also remind anybody who's paying attention that these are [i]annoyances[/i] at most; people have to do deliberately stupid things, usually multiple deliberately stupid things, to cause themselves any grief. Worried about your Mac connecting to unsavoury places? Get Little Snitch and be done with it. Problem solved in minutes that takes prolonged, sustained effort to mitigate on That Other Platform.

        People who don't yet have a dog in this fight see the way one platform treats security in a fairly casual and cavalier manner, and seems to get away with it regularly. They then see the permanent panic state and perpetual Whac-A-Mole activity of That Other Platform, with the continual media-fed hysteria that somehow just never finds traction on the Mac side of things and ask themselves one very sensible question:

        "Why the frell should I put myself through all that when all I want is to surf the web, play games, do some writing, blah blah blah?"

        And the response from the IT industry, with a large vested interest in encouraging that customer to join the herd, is raucous panic and misinformation. When he asks the question again, slowly, in words of one or two syllables, the answer is...

        (Cue crickets chirping)

        The "problem" is that, as more people do this (as evidenced by the increased sales of the Mac), people who have an emotional and psychological attachment in addition to a financial interest in the knock-on effects of That Other Platform start to feel insecure - there are people who [i]aren't listening to them![/i] Given the depressingly juvenile mentality that the PC industry has had for the last 30 years, they're reacting as you'd expect - more shouting, more name-calling, more obfuscation, smoke and mirrors.

        We've never had our Rodney King moment. We've never had industry media buy into the idea of "can't we all just get along?" There has to be blood. There have to be "winners". And for That Other Platform to have its salespeople as "winners", somebody has to be the "loser" - even if that's the entire computer-buying public.
        Jeff Dickey
    • Message has been deleted.

  • No biggie!

    According to the documentation with the software, only X4.11 and higher is affected. So I am safe, they say!
    Master Dave