Making Apple's Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard work in Windows

Making Apple's Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard work in Windows

Summary: A recent Apple Support Note says that "certain features" on the new Magic Mouse and the Apple Wireless keyboard are having trouble in Windows on Boot Camp. A fix was posted for downloading late last week.


Update Mar. 9, 2010. Readers pointed out that I should have said that this fix is for the only Apple-approved Windows solution, BootCamp. However, I understand that a hack at Uneasy Silence will work on Windows XP installs. DM

A recent Apple Support Note says that "certain features" on the new Magic Mouse and the Apple Wireless keyboard are having trouble in Windows on Boot Camp.  A fix was posted for downloading late last week.

Certain features such as up-down scrolling on the Apple Magic Mouse and brightness controls, volume controls, the Eject key, and the key combination Control-Alt-Delete on the Apple Wireless Keyboard (2009) may not work with Boot Camp.

The fix is the Bluetooth Update 1.0 for Windows and must be downloaded to your copy of Windows XP or Vista running in Boot Camp. Hey, not a word about System 7.

Topics: Wi-Fi, Apple, Hardware, Networking, Operating Systems, Software, Windows

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  • System 7? You mean Windows 7

    Has anyone tried the update on Win 7? Let us know!
  • Why in gods name

    Why in gods name would i want apples mouse and keyboard,what i have makes it look like tech from the 30,s Oh i see this is an article from an appletard,makes sence now LOL
    • 1930s Technology
    • ?????

      If you mean it makes you think of the "futuristic" movement back in the
      30's, I disagree.

      For that, it would HAVE to look like brushed stainless steel, and it

      The shape does kinda have the sculpted look though.
    • Apple and technology

      Apple leads everyone follow. There are more companies taken note of Apple
      innovation and stlye. Like JD Power... First the funny remarks then the coping
      design. You must be still living in the 30's if you haven't notice these changes.
      And like all things, change is good just give credit where credit is due.
  • RE: Making Apple's Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard work in Windows

    LOL, System 7 was Apple's OS (old os)
    saying that OS was very weird.
  • I may be a proponent of Apple, but the mouse and chiclet keyboard are AWFUL

    Of course, medical specialists who deal with carpal tunnel might appreciate them, however... :| :D
    • agreed. apple mice are just terrible

      yeah why is it that apple can't make a comfortable mouse. I've owned the puck mouse, a mighty mouse and magic mouse through different macs and they've all given me cramps. thankfully you can plug in just about any brand mouse into your mac these days.
      I don't care if apple mice look cool. getting RSI is not cool.
  • Issues with the Magic mouse can be resolved!

    I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate on my new iMac 27" with all
    Apple hardware and have found no compatibility issues at all. If
    you dig deep on the Apple support site you will find a bunch of
    new updates for Windows through Boot Camp that make
    integration very smooth indeed. At present I am running the two
    systems (Mac OS X 10.6.2 and Windows 7 Ultimate with all
    updates) as if they were all one seamless system. I can run
    Assassin's Creed for example, at the highest settings, using all
    Apple hardware as if it was a native of Windows specific

    As for the Magic Mouse even the Mac OS has certain issues with
    it. For example the top system default tracking speed is really

    Fortunately there are several freeware apps available for solving
    that issue.

    Try MagicPrefs...

    Amazing, in depth and free. What else could you ask for.

    What's more it has a plethora of user enabled settings so that you can
    set defaults for each of your favourite programs. It has, for
    example, for those of you who play games, specific preference
    settings so you can customise your games to work seamlessly
    with the Magic Mouse. Something by the way Apple should have
    done from the start.

    Useful URLs:

    What's more by the way Magic Prefs seems to unlock the MM's
    hardware, because after changing it's settings on the Mac OS it
    speeded up on Windows too!!! Well I don't know this for a fact I'm sure
    some of you out there can tell us more about that.

    I am a graphic designer and work with the Adobe suite (CS4)
    and many other apps for graphic and photographic work, and I
    play a lot of games. Mac games, Windows games, Cider ports,
    Wine ports and so on... Almost everything runs as if it belongs.
    (There are a few games that cause incompatibility problems
    because the makers have not bothered to optimise them, but
    I'm sure they will. Generally on the Mac OS they all claim they
    are waiting for 10.6.3 to do their updates!)

    Windows also has several issues, usually as far as games are
    concerned they are to do with the confusing DirectX updates.
    For example my Windows 7 System profile tells me I have
    DirectX 10, but in fact I have DX11, whereas the majority of the
    package is in fact DX9c so go figure. As usual Windows is a
    mystery unto itself.

    Anyway (sorry for the very long winded message!!!) there are
    very few real problems with running a Windows partitions on
    Mac that you will not encounter with any PC made for MS
    systems. That is because, in spite what PC believers would insist
    (very loudly and all the time and often as offensively as Stan57 above
    *appletard* indeed. I have never understood why PC heads are so
    offended by Macs, are they perhaps threatened by the fact that Mac OS
    works and Windows mostly doesn't?!) it is simply not deniable that
    Macs and Mac OS are much better built and by far more stable than
    any PC. (Sorry but it is true, I speak as someone who works all
    the time with both!). So for what it's worth I would say if you
    want it go ahead and buy it and stick on your PC. The Magic
    Mouse does have issues, but once you've used it you will find it
    really hard to go back to any other mice. And it is, as usual with
    all Apple products f@#&ing gorgeous to look at. Out strips the
    design of any other product out there.

    Once more sorry for talking too much... But it needed to be said.
  • RE: Making Apple's Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard work in Windows

    Thank you for the great infomation. It is great pleasure to read this. At first I was a little on installing this apprehensive on my new laptop. but after I installed it, and told the computer to reconnect to the mouse, it works a treat, all functions of the mouse works fine on my PC. thank you!
  • RE: Making Apple's Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard work in Windows

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