Meizu miniOne: A dead ringer for iPhone

Meizu miniOne: A dead ringer for iPhone

Summary: The Meizu M8 is almost an exact clone of Apple's iPhone and it's sure to be raising some eyebrows in Cupertino's Infinite Loop.


Meizu M8The Meizu miniOne is almost an exact clone of Apple's iPhone and it's sure to be raising some eyebrows in Cupertino's Infinite Loop.

First reported by Engadget in late January, the Meizu M8 (as it was known then) is reported to measure 57 x 105 x 11.5mm with both a GSM and Chinese TD-SCDMA 3G radio, 3.3-inch 720x480 pixel display, Bluetooth, 3 megapixel camera and an ARM11 CPU capable of recording video at 30fps at full 720 x 480 resolution.

Gizmodo added that Meizu miniOne runs WinCE 6.0 and has a TV output.

And how about those icons? Look familiariCal icon?

If the user interface and industrial design of the miniOne weren't enough to get the ire of Apple, Inc.'s ferocious lawyers, there's a couple of icons that Apple is sure to take issue with. Not only is the calendar icon a dead ringer for iCal, but the third one in the top row looks suspiciously like Apple's forthcoming Time Machine.

Time Machine logoI'm sure that Apple legal already has the paperwork drafted and that it's being review by Steve Jobs himself this morning. C'mon Meizu, you didn't really think that this was going to slip under the radar, did you? 

[Via Engadget and Meizu Me

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  • China

    This iPhone clone will never see the light of day in any country other than China, a
    country well known for piracy, clones and fakes. In fact, there was a special on a
    news program a while back on how the Chinese were manufacturing fake
    prescription drugs and selling them in the U.S. One of them was even made with
    the same ingredients found in yellow road paint. People have died taking these
    fake drugs. They are also well known for making counterfeit electronics, such as
    game consoles. If you think that this doesn't affect the United States, you're
    wrong. I recently purchased a GameBoy Advance cartridge. I owned it for weeks
    before I realized that it was a counterfeit. After taking it apart, it was obvious, as
    the guts appeared to be man-made. Sure, I'd love to see Apple sue this thing into
    the ground, but I don't know how the legal system works in China and whether or
    not it would do any good. In a country where 90% of software is counterfeit,
    intellectual property obviously doesn't mean jack.
    • If Meizu has friends...

      ...well-placed in the Beijing political hierarchy, Apple is doomed if they think they can stop this.

      After all, it would be a [i]crying shame[/i] if some Ministry of Anti-Foreign Corporations would have to swoop in and shut down all of Apple's Chinese partnered factories in order to investigate some mysterious and vague complaint over human rights violations amongst the iPod workforce.
  • Clearly an Apple knockoff...with better tech than the iPhone!

    This definitely looks like an iPhone knockoff and I doubt it will ever manage to get a
    commercial release-but isn't it a bit sad that this iPhone clone has a 3 Megapixel
    camera and a 3G radio and the iPhone doesn't?
  • Poor crippled iPhone

    The hilarious thing about this is that the clone has 10X the functionality that the iPhone does. You [b]will[/b] be able to sync wirelessly, you [b]will[/b] be able to install apps on it, you [b]will[/b] be able to sync to all known mail and PIM applications known to mankind, you [b]will[/b] be able to use it with more than 1 carrier, etc. iPhone what? HAHAHAHA!!!
    • What!

      You got all that from this story?

      Talk about "reading into the story".

      Let us know when you have reviewed it on your site.
      • Read the story

        [i]Gizmodo added that Meizu miniOne runs [b]WinCE 6.0[/b][/i]

        and then read up about WinCE 6.0. Then you'll figure it out. :)
    • Exactly 10X ? - It does all these things! - Talking through your hat - NT

      • Although he is clearly exaggerating

        he's essentially dead on. All they have to do change the icons to something more unique (people aren't going to eschew this device simply because the calendar icon isn't that same as an iPhone's) and they'll have a perfectly marketable iPhone clone with more capabilities than the original.
        Michael Kelly
        • Vapor vs. vapor

          My vapor is more powerful than your vapor! Your vapor sucks because my vapor can
          do what your vapor can't.
          • In this case, my vapor IS more powerful

            Even if WinCE 6.0 is never released, WM5 has all the capabilities I mentioned in my OP. Apple's iPhone, if it is ever released, will have less functionality than any Windows Mobile powered phone ever released in the last 4 years.
          • CE 6.0 is relased, but isn't yet the basis for Windows Mobile

            Windows Mobile 5 and the newly-released Windows Mobile 6 are both based on CE 5.0. CE 6.0 itself was recently released, but Windows Mobile isn't yet based on it. Sounds like this phone uses a custom OS built on top of CE 6.0.
  • Don't think Apple has a chance

    Don't think Apple has a chance of stopping this...

    First and most importantly, how can it be a clone of Apple's iPhone if iPhone hasn't been released yet? Granted it may borrow ideas from the iPhone, but don't all software makers do that?

    There's also another one out this month, OpenMoko, an open-sourced version of a touchpad phone.

    Don't know the development cycle of Meizu, but OpenMoko has been in development for some time and will be first to market this month before the iPhone. I don't think Apple can combat this in court if their product hasn't even been released yet.

    To allow Apple that much power would be to stop the free-form competitive development that makes technology so great.
  • look at how this phone looked before macworld and how it looked after...

    ... it was an ipod clone an then turned into an iPhone clone. simularities is one thing, borrowing is one thing but zeroxing is another...

    the CEO is even saying they kinda, sorta knocked it off..
  • Get ready for more

    Like them or not, Apple opened the gates for new designs with the
    iPhone and the competition is going to rush through in droves. We've
    already seen the term "iPhone Killer" enough times to know that
    Apple's design will be the overall goal and there will be a mountain of
    additional features - most of them not used by the average

    Overall it's not a bad thing as there will be better choices for the
    consumer. Stepping on Apple's toes will, however, bring the wrath of
    Apple Legal down. Basically that means that companies get close to
    those toes without stepping on them.