Micro iPhone charger only in U.S.

Micro iPhone charger only in U.S.

Summary: Neal Hoskins and his UK colleagues are a little jealous of the iPhone 3G's tiny AC adapter. It appear that the new ultra-compact charger only comes with the U.


Neal Hoskins and his UK colleagues are a little jealous of the iPhone 3G's tiny AC adapter. It appear that the new ultra-compact charger only comes with the U.S. version. Tsk, tsk Apple!Micro iPhone charger only in U.S.

Micro iPhone charger only in U.S.Pictured at right is the decidedly horsey UK iPhone charger (from the UK iPhone specs page).

At left is the US version (from the US iPhone specs page).

Don't you think that Apple could have made the UK version a little smaller?

Topics: Mobility, Hardware, iPhone, Networking, Wi-Fi

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  • Scale the pics

    The two chargers looked to be about the same size. Could I recommend that a ruler of appropriate size be pictured next to each?
  • RE: Micro iPhone charger only in U.S.

    To be fair, the UK adapter:


    is intended to integrate with the world travel kit:


    Maybe Apple has decided that Americans aren't
    quite so... mobile?
    • I don't think it's that

      Many Americans travel out of the country on a relatively routine basis, both for work and play. You don't have to hop the pond to find a wonky outlet, either. Mexican outlets aren't compatible with US plugs. On the same note, many Americans never go out of the country. Think about it - for someone in Spain, going to Germany is like someone in Florida going to North Carolina. We are talking about a 6,000,000 square mile landmass with every climate and landscape one could want. Many never need to leave, and many never have the desire to leave. But pretty much everyone has been to Canada, Mexico, or the Carribbean at least. :)

      However, adaptors are sold at Radio Shack and are dirt cheap. Better have something sleek for home, and then go get a cheap adaptor when you need it IF you need it.
  • RE: Micro iPhone charger only in U.S.

    Not really, the UK plug is bigger than the US plug. The third pin is compulsory, and compared to other standard plugs, rather far away from the two pins. Would really tax apple design team to come out with a smaller one.
  • RE: Micro iPhone charger only in U.S.

    Don't be so quick to be jealous. While we don't have specs
    on the US charger itself, it may not be capable of power
    conversion. As best I can tell, one must have the $29
    Universal iPod/iPhone USB charger in order to be compatible
    with the Worldwide Adapter package, which runs $39.

    Using a power charger not capable of 240v AC in Europe with
    a cheap adapter will burn out at least the power adapter, and
    potentially the iPhone itself.

    So $68 out of your pocket to take the iPhone overseas?

    Be glad you've got one that is compatible and can be stepped
    down to US levels if you come visiting here! My trip to
    Germany this summer just got a bit more expensive!
    • Or

      You can spend $15 on this:


      Like I said before, when converters are this cheap, opt for the sleek one until you need it, IF you need it.
      • except

        That is an ADAPTER and does not convert the power from
        110 to 240 volts. You would still need the bigger Apple USB
        power brick that IS 110-240v adaptable!

        All your suggestion would do is reduce the need for the
        World Traveler package. Still, that IS a savings... but I am
        sure I could get something similar at Radio Shack - without
        the shipping charges!
  • RE: Micro iPhone charger only in U.S.

    The chargers are the same size in both countries. Too bad the Brits still use huge clunky plugs (think Brigitte Jones' knickers) from the late nineteenth or early twentieth century.
  • They should have made it a bit bigger

    As everything is big in the UK (Databases with innocent
    people, surveillance camera's more than all other European
    countries combined) and lost data, the should have made it
    much bigger, so their civil servants cannot forget it in a
    public train.
  • RE: Micro iPhone charger only in U.S.

    Actually, I spoke with Apple Store reps this

    The small Micro iPhone Charger IS 110-220v
    compatible, and only needs an adapter to
    use European power.

    One does NOT need the larger USB Power
    charger in order to travel overseas!

    So truly, all one needs is a cheap adapter to
    allow the charger to plug into European

    Travel just got cheaper!
  • RE: Micro iPhone charger only in U.S.

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